The Curry Coastal Pilot

Raising of sign improves visibility


I would like to give the Curry Health Network an "Atta boy" for raising the entrance sign at the Curry Medical Center on Fifth Street.

It no longer blocks the view of traffic coming up Fifth Street when you are exiting the facility; in fact now you can see all the way down to the intersection of Fifth Street and Highway 101.

I even think the sign looks better raised up; good job guys, handling the safety issue. Now if you can work on lowering costs and publishing what you charge for each of the Health Care Common Coding Procedures (HCPCS I and II), we all can do some comparison shopping between you and other regional facilities.

After all, no one ever spends large amounts of money on anything except doctors bill without first shopping around for the best bang for their buck, be it a car, home or an education, so why not find out just what that new hip will cost before you get the bill.

Gary Maceachern


Question to all tea party, GOP people


This letter is a question to all Republicans and tea party people.

Where is all the angst over federal timber money being sent to Curry County? I have not heard one rant about the port getting federal money for tsunami repairs either. The silence is deafening.

You "anti-tax at all cost" folks apparently don't want your ox to be gored, but it is okay if others have theirs gored.

The hypocrisy on the right is totally incredible.

Finally, our nation is NOT Christian. And, I don't think Christians are imperialistic. But, we sure kill a lot of folks around the world. Why don't you try defunding the six wars we are in?

Mike Schrum


Unrealistic plans for airport land?


I read with casual interest the article about Commission Chairman Rhodes' statement to quell rumors about his intentions regarding the Cape Blanco airport property. (Pilot, July 6.)

I applaud his emphatic denial that he was engaged in private negotiations that would benefit him personally, and also the fact that he is "excited about the opportunity to create a revenue source for the county, spurring economic growth," a commendable pursuit.

He is also quoted as saying, "To date, four development companies have expressed interest in the proposed county park."

The article goes on to say that the airport has a direct road that would give access to the proposed park. "Without it, we would have to access from the north, which is cost prohibitive."

Something about that sentence rang a bell in my memory bank.

Isn't that the same location accessed through the gate at Cape Blanco Airport where the mystery 16 large pits were illegally dug along eight miles of a hiking trail with an excavator, and then backfilled in?

Wow, what a coincidence, imagine that.

As an aside, the referencing of two private-public partnerships that are successful is not a very convincing argument. Though, admittedly, I have not researched it, I would bet there are others that have not been successful.

The premise that "If you build it, they will come" was a very entertaining movie, but it was fiction. But, then, this may the exception.

Joe Doherty


Great support for aquatic center


Food, Family and Fun on the Fourth! We certainly hope that everyone who attended the Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center's Family Fourth of July BBQ and Field Day event in Azalea Park had as much fun as we did.

It was wonderful to share in an opportunity that resulted in our community gathering together to celebrate America's 235th birthday, spend time with family and friends as well as help us raise funds for something at will benefit every member of our community: a sustainable indoor community aquatic center.

This event would not have been possible without the support of many extraordinary people and businesses. We recognize many other worthy causes in our community and are overwhelmed by the support our new non-profit has received. It is with tremendous gratitude that we recognize our sponsors, our silent auction donors, our tireless volunteers and the many generous participants of our Fourth of July event.

I would also like to recognize the contributions of all the FBHAC Board members who made our Fourth of July event the success it was: Mike and Laura Irish, Chuck Weller, Ron Griswold and Gail Hedding. This is truly a wonderful group of community members volunteering their time to further our mission of developing a sustainable indoor community aquatic center for all to enjoy.

We appreciate your continued support of our efforts and welcome your feedback at

Juliane Leighton, M.D.

Chair, Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center (FBHAC)

Pledge comment tongue in cheek


My apologies to Dom Petrucelli, Sue Morro and anyone else who was offended by my recent letter.

I should have made my statement more clear, but I assure the comment about substituting the American's Creed for the Pledge to the flag was strictly tongue in cheek, a dig at those who insist on removing God from every phase of American life.

Ask anyone who really knows me: I'm one who tears up every time our American flag is carried in a parade or when the pledge is recited, I choke up singing the national anthem andndash; and get very angry when people, for whatever reason, dismiss Christians as stupid fools who believe the Word of God.

And, if you regularly read the letters to the editor section, as I suspect you do, you should know that both my husband and I periodically sound off at the foolishness and stupidity that's going on in our government. We deeply love our country, we love and seek to serve God faithfully.

God bless America.

Doris Roepke


Youth surf camps need your help


Curry County youth could really be thrown a bone right about now.

At school they face teacher cuts and class size increases which is no good for any student. They are also looking at extracurricular activities that have been reduced or eliminated. Combine those school issues with a depressed economy and parents who may be stressed out about money and you have some kids that really need a healthy outlet. An activity that while doing it they can forget all about life's trials and tribulations.

4-H and Surfrider Foundation are partnering to provide an opportunity for the youth of Curry County in the form of surf camps. The 4-H Surfrider Stewardship Surf Camps intend to foster a healthy respect for our oceans, waves and beaches through surfing. Campers learn about tides, how waves are formed, weather forecasting, conservation and all while enjoying the physical exercise of surfing.

These camps are volunteer run and are in need of donations of wetsuits, booties, leashes and boards. If you have any old surf equipment that you are willing to donate please call me or the 4-H office in Gold Beach at 541 247-6672.

If you don't have any surf equipment that you want to donate please consider a small monetary donation. These surf camps are a great way to connect Curry County youth to our amazing outdoor splendor and get excellent physical exercise, but really it's all about the fun!

Dave Lacey

Port Orford

Taxes from therich is their oxygen


The Democrats have finally gotten Anthony Weiner pushed aside so now they can get back to their dream of higher taxes.

The spin and lies the current administration exhibits will undoubtedly lose the White House for them and I expect the Senate will also go Republican.

Democrats love the thought of big government because it's like a breath of fresh air to them, and more taxes from the rich is their oxygen.

I hope a good strong conservative like Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry gets the nomination because if they do, you will see our country rebound into a robust economy. The Democrats will be set back like the Carter regime was. The difference is if the spending is cut enough that our debt shrinks at a good pace andndash; the White House will go to conservatives for many years.

Tom Bozack has challenged me citing Leon Panetta, our CIA director, at a time when he admitted enhanced interrogation was one of many ways information was gathered to get bin Laden. Waterboarding was a part of the method andndash; not torture. Tom, you probably feel that smacking your 2 to 3 year-old on the back of the hand while reaching for someone's treasure is torture. I sent the Pilot a copy of Panetta's quote and it's on file for you to observe if you're not afraid of the truth. Tom, don't doubt me when I quote someone; I will have the proof.

George Soros sponsored outlets like NPR, (National Public Radio) and Media Matters can't be trusted, but Fox News would never tell it wrong without an apology and a correction.

Have you noticed every month how the mainstream media says our downward- spiraling economy and no new jobs is unexpected? Where is James Carville when you need him?

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Our county is in real trouble


It's time for the County Commissioners to put on their big boy pants and make the cuts I recommended during the budget meetings.

The budget they just approved has over half a million dollar deficit because of the federal cuts they were just notified about. I warned them during the budget meetings that they should not count on any more money coming from the federal government because it is trillions of dollars in debt.

The budget problem cannot wait until next year. The county now operates on the 6 million dollars we saved in the eight years I was commissioner. Without that money, you would have felt the cutbacks needed before this.

It isn't fair that they are not telling you the truth about how bad it will be. It isn't fair to the citizens to feel like everything is OK. We must realize our county is in real trouble. If we want good public safety, which we all do, we will have to pay more taxes. There is no free ride anymore. I really think we'll have to reorganize the county in order to be less costly to run.

A few years ago I was opposed to being a Charter County but now I think we have to reorganize if we want to still be a county and not become part of Coos County. This means we will need a Charter so we can run our county the way we want to and not have to follow the laws for a General Law County.

If you want part-time commissioners, or districts so commissioners would be elected from all parts of the county, or if you want less elected officials we have to have a Charter. The commissioners should appoint a committee or citizens can form their own committee to draft a Charter to put on the ballot for us to vote on. There are a lot of Charter Counties in Oregon that the committee could look at so they wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

Marlyn Schafer

Gold Beach