The Curry Coastal Pilot

A little trick to killing fleas in your yard


Most of us are fascinated watching deer roaming around our yards and lying on the lawn.

Unfortunately, deer carry fleas.

During wet weather, rain controls the fleas by washing away their eggs and larvae. During this extended period of warm dry weather we have been enjoying, fleas abound in our yards. Have you noticed itchiness on your lower legs lately?

I did an Internet search to learn the methods to kill fleas. I found that the best method, and the most environmentally friendly, is the use of Diatomaceous Earth. This is a fine powder you sprinkle around the yard which will not harm people, their pets, the landscaping, or the deer. But it will kill fleas within 72 hours.

For anyone who has flea concerns, I suggest they search the Internet for information regarding this product. There is a wealth of information available.

Alan Jensen


Yes, one nation under God


In 1954, President Eisenhower signed legislation putting these words in the Pledge of Allegiance.

He stated, "In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future. In this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country's most powerful resource in peace and war."

In this nation, Mrs. Roepke, you are not required to say those words. There is no Pledge Police who will put you in jail for not saying them. You are free not to say them.

The majority in this country do, however, want to say those words. The courts have found them to be constitutional. You are in the minority, so please do not try to force the majority to remove those words.

There is no freedom of Selective Hearing in the Constitution. Please respect the fact that we the majority believe that this nation was founded as a Christian nation, built on Christian principals, and guided by Christian beliefs.

I respect your right as a member of the minority not to say those words, please respect my right as a member of the majority to say, One Nation Under God.

Dom Petrucelli


'Student seeking work' ads work


I want to thank the Curry Costal Pilot very much for the free "student seeking work" ad. I've had several jobs since my article was first printed and have more jobs planned.

The free ad offer is a great resource and I'm telling my friends about the opportunity. Thanks again!

Matthew Bensing


Plenty of good places to eat!


I can't imagine what John Foley is talking about (letter to the editor, Pilot, June 25).

When his friends come to town and want advice as to a good place to eat, there are numerous good restaurants in Brookings. All he has to do is read the local papers, get out and about, and he will find them; i.e., Sebastian's, Bluewater Cafe, O'Holleran's Onion Grill, Art Alley Grille, Hungry Clam, Nautical Inn, etc., with meals available in all price ranges.

As far as wishing for a real American restaurant, all of the above feature "American" food. You may even find buffalo meat on the menu. Can't get more American than that.

So, what is his definition of a real American restaurant? The American cuisine has developed throughout the years from the Indians, colonists, pioneers and many different nationalities entering the United States from Europe.

So stop being embarrassed, Mr. Foley; be adventurous, get out and enjoy an American meal.

Bon appetit.

Barbara Wieneke


Business as usual for Brookings


Saturday, June 25, was a strange day; very normal for Curry County and Brookings, but downright crazy for normal people.

I have now spent 27 hours trying to figure out what an "American Restaurant" is. I know about Chinese American, Mexican American, Irish American, Italian American, German American and the Golden Arches. I've been to Burger King, Wendy's the Colonel and Taco Bell; I skipped White Castle 'cause I thought it might be English. To tell the truth, if Brookings had one top quality restaurant, I wouldn't care what nationality it was.

More important, please spend $75,000 and get the ice plant going. If Florence spent $359,000 on an ice machine that still doesn't work, $75,000 is a bargain.

Please! Someone explain to me why there is only one person in Curry County who can make deposits and pay bills. If the commissioners can't do it, why do we need them. Why do we have to re-hire someone to do basic accounting.

Moving on, I for one am delighted the Port has finally, Fitzgerald has said he loves the job. For $10,000 in one month, I would kiss every dead fish in the harbor.

Please, just hire Mr. Fitzgerald, pay him a reasonable salary and let him do the job.

I am sorry, Carolyn Fulton, the fireworks started 10 minutes after someone translated your letter for those who can't read.

Sinkholes, eight million gallons of water and a pint of pee next time.

Clifton Siemens

BrookingsFreedom is a gift we give each other


I want to reflect on events of the past year and perhaps a misunderstanding of what freedom means.

It seems many people think their freedom supersedes all others. That "their" free will is unrestrained and without accountability. In this nation's philosophy, there are truths that we hold self-evident. The first of these is that all men are created equal. Indeed, we all have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but not at the expense of our neighbor's rights.

A good example of this might be Carolyn Fulton's letter to the editor on June 25. No Ms. Fulton, animal rights do not supersede the right of a nation to celebrate its birthday. Other examples, I've seen or experienced this year are people who think it's okay to turn a residential lot into an off-road vehicle park. People who think their right to own a pet includes the right to let it run loose to defecate on, or damage other's property. Teenagers who think their rights include turning the stereo full blast at 3 in the morning. And! The worst I've seen, people letting their dogs run loose on Sporthaven Beach to attack other animals and defecate where children are playing.

No, freedom is not a right devoid of moral and ethical accountability. Freedom is not a prize to be won, or exclusive to any one individual. Freedom is a gift you give to your fellow countrymen.

Stephen Hagerman


Applaud efforts of local police officers


I would like to thank the Brookings Police Department and the Oregon State Patrol Officers for their diligent work.

In a time of economic and political turmoil for our country, these folks go very unrewarded in print.

In our era of cutbacks and underfunding, I appreciate the amount of time, effort, and honor they give to enforcing safety on our highways and streets. In these days, having a safe place to live is a privilege.

Thank you, officers, for a safe Brookings-Harbor and Southern Oregon Coast; paradise with a Pacific Ocean view.

It is summer; with all the tourists, drive carefully!

Gene Chickinell


Turning area into a garbage dump


Citizens of Harbor are concerned about the litter problem along Highway 101.

Transients begging at all locations in Harbor. They put up shelters right off the highway and litter is everywhere. We have been complaining for the past 10 years but nothing is getting done.

It's about time someone or somebody do something about this problem. Transients have found a home in Harbor because of the lack of enforcement so, if we don't voice our opinion, this will continue to be the dumping ground for litter.

It's sad to see our community turn into a garbage dump.

Jerry Hartzell


God bless United States of America


By way of answering Doris Roepke's suggestion (Pilot letters to the editor, July 2) to substitute the "American's Creed" for our Pledge of Allegiance based on the fact that this "Creed" does not mention "God," I would offer that Ms. Roepke will find herself in company with NBC who deleted the "under God" part of the televised Pledge of Allegiance during a recent golf match and could not quiet the roar of disproval from citizens across the country.

If the mentioning of God is so offensive to Ms. Roepke in our Pledge of Allegiance she should know that God is mentioned more than once in our Declaration of Independence.

God bless the United States of America and save us from those who would destroy us from within.

Sue Morro


Serving community with love, kindness


This is a special thank you to our tremendously patient, hard-working volunteers with the South Coast Humane Society.

Recently I went to the Low-Cost Clinic held once a month at the Shelter thinking that if Rosie and I arrived early we would beat the crowd. That was definitely not the case, as not only was the parking lot full, the cars and trucks overflowed into the street and into the parking areas of several businesses nearby that were closed for the weekend. People and pets were everywhere and the waiting/reception area was standing room only.

In spite of the huge volume of folks and their pets; the efficiency, kindness, humor and hard work of Bev and Forbes Duncan who were handling the enormous piles of paperwork and fees, the entire process was amazingly smooth and effortless on those of us waiting our turn.

My appreciation and thanks also includes Audrey and her helper and the veterinarian who quickly and efficiently met the needs of each and every beloved pet with patience and kindness.

Thank you all for your willingness to serve our community with such loving kindness and hard work.

Marci Kitchen