The Curry Coastal Pilot

Kolb family needs community's help


Brookings resident Richard "Rick" Kolb was critically injured in a quad accident on Saturday, April 2.

He suffered a skull fracture, crushed clavicle, broken ribs, lacerated spleen, broken cheekbone and brow bones. The accident happened in his hometown of Sutherlin. Rick was airlifted to Redding, where he is surrounded by family. Rick worked for many years for Dave Kitchen Construction and is employed by CTR (Curry Transfer and Recycling). He has no insurance.

Please contact his wife, Diane Kolb at 541-254-0082. Donations needed andndash; this is a family of seven, and "Papa Bear Rick" became a grandpa in December. He is loved by everyone.

Diane Billot


No longer the 'nice little town'


They drove through Brookings, looked around and said, "What a nice little town! I think this would be a wonderful place to live."

A year later, they moved to this "nice little town" and paid more than the asking price for their new property. Then they looked and said, "If my neighbor would quit burning his trash, it would be a nicer little town. They also decided that dogs and children were of lesser importance in their aging lifestyles. Then they needed fancier things to buy, so they had a large store come into town, even though it hurt the small business owners. But it made this little town that much nicer. Now, if they only had a large golf course in their little town, it would be so nice! Hmmm, perhaps a college would help keep this little town nice? And since they moved here with aging health, perhaps a large medical center would be nice in our little town. Oh, since we are adding a college campus, how about a large shopping center and another large store for our "little" town.

They continue to make things so "nice" for us and we really appreciate them bringing this to our backwards, but "nice" little town.

A few years later, another couple drove through and said, "I bet this was a nice little town once. Sure glad we dont live here." Bigger is not better. That is why most of us live here.

Shane Stephens


No more bail outs for the unprepared


At what point does personal responsibility begin?

I am a retired California Law Enforcement officer, so I am familiar with devastation and tragedy. I have insurance on my car, home and life. When I worked and responded to a traffic accident, my responsibility was to see that the victims were treated for injury, transported to the hospital if necessary, and the accident scene was cleared so traffic could resume.

My job was not to financially bail the victims out, replace or repair their vehicle, nor was that the responsibility of the government. That was up to the victim and their insurance company. It seems to me that the damage caused by the tsunami should fall into a similar category. I'm not sure why this responsibility should be shouldered by the taxpayer (FEMA). This seems to be the Katrina mentality of wait for the government (taxpayer) to bail you out because you failed to plan for such an event.

One thing that bothers me most is that local, state and federal Republican and Democratic politicians see nothing wrong in the redistribution of money confiscated from one group of people and given to another group that failed in their responsibility to protect themselves.

I guess this government behavior shouldn't surprise anyone. The Curry County Commissioners have known for at least the 11 years I have lived here that the OandC money from the feds was ending and knew to prepare for that day. They did nothing but allow county government to grow and grant large benefit and pay raises to the union employees, then included themselves. And now we find out our county government is not insured.

The chickens have come home to roost and the public is fed up.

Ralph Martin


Stop generalizing, focus on the issues


Re: "If you're Republican you oppose:" (Pilot, April 6) I really don't like someone to presume to tell me what I oppose or am for.

As a Republican I am my own person and refuse to be put in a box by anyone. If I wrote "If you are a Democrat," and put the following, would this author agree?

For example, if you are a Democrat you are for higher taxes to fund free medical care for everyone, you support free services for illegal immigrants, you want open borders so anyone can come here that wants to, you want the rich to pay all the taxes and be limited to how much they can earn, you want to take away guns from everyone, you support unions even if it means their demands close down a company, you say you are for tolerance of ideas, but call names and shout down anyone that disagrees with you, and you want anyone earning below a certain level to have welfare and food stamps forever.

Now, do all Democrats agree with all the above? I think not. So, while I can't speak for all Democrats' beliefs don't presume to speak for mine! Disagree with Republican positions, but do so based on facts and with well thought-out statements. We need a good dialogue over issues in this country. That's why we have a two-party system. So write about issues and quit generalizing.

Myron Whiting


Thanks for all the memories


Over the last 16 years we have had the good fortune and pleasure of

welcoming thousands of visitors and shoppers to our store in Downtown


From Paris to Redding, Sydney to Salt Lake City, Crescent City to

Gold Beach, they are the reason for our success. Little did we realize

that so many would become friends, and we have enjoyed watching their

families grow, returning year after year.

It is to all of these people that we offer our sincere thanks!

We have lived "The American Dream" and now look forward to

rediscovering our wonderful surroundings! Hope to see you at the beach!

Dan and Mary Friesen


I offer an apology and more


I apologize to Mr. Bozack for the serious mistake I made in writing

that he "says" there have been "few exemptions" to the Obama "Health

Care" bill. I am sorry for that error. But my other statements are


Apparently what he objects to is the claimed number of "exemptions."

However, "waivers," the proper term, are in reality "temporary

exemptions" from specific regulations, so it is not a "lie" to say that

large corporations and labor unions have been granted these "exemptions"

temporary or limited as they may be.

Mr. Davis writes that the Obama bill "will become a great change in

how we deal with health care" so how could "a retired pastor" oppose it.

Because the change will result in poorer health care, especially for

the aged, with the European programs being proof.

In England fewer people survive cancer than in our country andndash; it takes

longer to see specialists andndash; even life-sustaining treatments are denied

(if they cost too much andndash; also true in the Oregon system), and in Belgium

many of the nurses involved admit they had administered euthanasia

"without request or consent," that is, killed patients, especially

elderly persons, whom they decided should not live any longer (UK Daily

Mail, 10/6/10) andndash; all because their plans are financially unsustainable.

Our system needs improvement, but the Obama way is not the right way.

Theodore Allwardt


Mrs. Carnahan, we all love you


Mrs. Carnahan was the person that everyone in this community loved and cherished with all of their heart.

I was her paper carrier for a certain amount of time and no one knew

her better than us. She welcomed us into her heart and spoiled us with

so much love and caring and joy that we didn't know what to do. She was

family. I still think we took that all for granted.

We can not even begin to describe how much sorrow there is in our house now. Rest in peace, Mrs.Carnahan. We all love you.

Brian Whalen