The Curry Coastal Pilot

How about laying off those with pensions?


It's with interest I read all of the comments about what our county is considering regarding our current budget issues.

There are suggestions about pay cuts, suggestions about staffing cuts, and suggestions about being fiscally conservative. Allow me to suggest another area to consider; how 'bout staffing cuts for those that are already receiving state and county pensions. Those person that retired and who the county has re-employed for whatever reason. Then there is the sheriff's substation in Harbor that would save money if it were closed. What about county employees using county vehicles while off duty for personal use? Staffing, pay, and fiscal conservative.

Bruce Warren


Be assured, Tea Party letters are wrong


The Pilot published a public forum written by several Brookings-Harbor Tea Party members (Feb. 23).

In a letter to the editor (Pilot, March 16) I pointed out the article was full of misstatements and misrepresentations of fact. In other words, lies.

Mr. Clyde Burke and Mr. Theodore Allwardt chose to defend the tea party's article with more misstatements and misrepresentations of fact in letters to the editor published on March 16 and March 30. Space doesn't allow me to fully respond to their accusations, but be assured they are wrong.

I encourage you to visit the link Mr. Burke provided andndash; andndash; to justify the Brookings-Harbor Tea Party statement that McDonald's and unions are exempt from the federal health care law. Note that this web site doesn't address exemptions, but rather, temporary waivers. In fact, the term "exempt" in any of its forms appears nowhere on the page.

Mr. Allwardt quoted me as stating that there are "few exemptions" to the health care law. Mr. Allwardt fabricated this quote. I stated no such thing in those words or others. In fact, over 3,000 organizations are exempt from the Affordable Care Act (and other federal social welfare programs), all of which are granted on religious grounds. None are unions as Mr. Allwardt and other tea partiers contend.

Mr. Burke stated that I "did not research the difference between total employees and total government payrolls" in my refutation of the tea party's contention that "payrolls" increased 13 percent in the past two years. This is false. I addressed total payroll increase in terms of both number of federal employees and total compensation. These together don't come close to the 13 percent increase claimed by the Brookings-Harbor Tea Party.

Tomas Bozack


Rural fire district needs volunteers


The Upper Chetco Rural Fire Protection District, (UCRFPD), which basically covers the areas up North Bank between Musser Hill and Loeb State Park, up Garden Ridge to about Palmer Butte, is a volunteer based fire protection district. There is concern about the safety and cost of living in our district.

Safety first, if you have ever had an emergency at home, you understand how valuable it is to have quick local responders come to your aid, be it a fire or health emergency. At present, only three men have stepped up to volunteer as firefighters in our district. Thanks, guys! More volunteers would improve the rate of response by trained individuals with the necessary equipment.

Next the money...The ISO (an insurance service organization which works to provide insurance companies ratings for areas based on water availability and firefighters servicing a district, along with other finer-detailed factors) reevaluated our district last year and down graded our rating from 8 to 10. The ISO cited the fact that we have less than four firefighters with two years experience. This undoubtedly will be having an effect on the cost of home insurance.

Perhaps some of our neighbors will read this letter and volunteer. Our department trains with the Brookings Fire Department Monday nights, one night a week. Bill Sharp, the Brookings fire chief, would gladly speak with any potential volunteer. Give him a call, 541-469-1141. Volunteers, working as a part of the community, improve the quality of life in the community, and certainly do make good neighbors. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns.

Christina Lamb, UCRFPD board member, Lori Wraith, UCRFPD board member,

Bets Byrtus, UCRFPD board member

All of Brookings

Celebrating 5 years of Kans 4 Kids


The Brookings-Harbor Lions Club has been collecting and recycling cans and plastic bottles every day since 2006 and celebrated our fifth anniversary on April 1.

The Lions wish to thank the community for supporting our Kans 4 Kids service project by dropping off their recyclable cans and plastic bottles at the following containers: Ray's Food Place, Fred Meyer, Brookings Elks Lodge 1934 and Cape Ferrelo Fire Station.

Other locations save their cans and plastic bottles for the club: Pacific Laminates, Brookings Resort Inn, Ralibertos Taco Shop, The Hungry Clam, Oceanside Diner, the port and Driftwood RV Park.

The club receives a nickel for each redeemable can and bottle, but we do not collect wine bottles, milk containers, glass, plastic bags or tin cans.

Seventeen months ago our club recycled our millionth can and are well on our way for the two-millionth can. The funds are used for: eye exams and glasses, hearing aids, clothing, scholarships, camperships and many other local projects that help our youth and our community.

If you'd like to join this active club and help with the Kans 4 Kids program call Areta Schock at 541-469-4428.We meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the VFW Hall. We Serve

Areta Schock

Brookings-Harbor Lions Club president

Looking for a few good recipes


The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts are looking for a few good recipes.

"While We Were Gone" is a cookbook fundraiser, sponsored by the

Brookings-Harbor Redshirts. It will be compiled of recipes "most missed

by our military." We are collecting recipes from all present service

members, veterans, mothers and wives of our military. The cookbook will

have your recipe (feel free to send more than one), the name and rank of

the service member, and the person responsible for the recipe. You can

also send a picture, in uniform, where you were stationed and a short

note telling why you missed this recipe so much. Sending in recipes will

help us to make this fundraiser a great success to help us continue our

mission to send packages until they all come home. This can be done by

email or regular mail.

Deadline for recipes is June 1. email Sharon:

Address: Brookings-Harbor Redshirts C/O Sharon Hitzman 15821 Highway 101

S. Brookings, Or 97415 any questions: 541-412-8968.

Sharon Hitzman


Can county risk not being insured?


Pilot report (March 30) "Fire destroys Sheriff's newest patrol car" displays an irresponsible policy at Curry County.

The vehicle was "self-insured." I realize this is an option for large

fleet owners who can cover the cost of replacement of damaged vehicles.

Sheriff Bishop tells us that he may not be able to replace the car at

this time.

We are told frequently in this newspaper that Curry County does not

have sufficient money to operate its services. So they are not

self-insured andndash; they are uninsured. So the taxpayer will at some time be

required to replace this sheriff-department vehicle. $36,000 is not a

huge sum but it could have been worse.

There are risks to running any law enforcement department. Risks to

the public which can result in expensive law suits. Curry County needs

to consider if they can afford to not insure their risks.

Roger Mitchell


Exalted ruler offers an apology, of sorts


I sincerely want to apologize for spelling the word divine wrong in my last letter.

Spelling that word wrong was a disgusting and unforgivable thing to do.

I also apologize for insulting such great presidents of the past like

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. What a travesty for me to criticize a

great man like Ronald Reagan; he was in great movies like "Bedtime for


So people don't like it when I give Barry Obama a hard time. Obama is

doing a great job in Libya. Who cares that he bypassed Congress and

that there is a lot of the rebel fighters who fought against us in


Thank you Obama! This is great to be on the same side with al-Qaida

in Libya! We should put Osama bin Laden in charge of the rebel troops in

Libya; he did such a great job against the communists in Afghanistan.

Barry Obama is a great president. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

were great presidents. It is also true that Sylvester Stallone won the

Vietnam war all by himself in "Rambo 2." Osama bin Laden and Sylvester

Stallone killed all the commie bastards in "Rambo 3," so what if

Stallone was on steroids? Khadaffy Duck is the perfect villain for

"Rambo 4."

This Libyan-based sequel calls for him to be killed off by Sylvester

Stallone, Barry Bonds, and Osama bin Laden. This movie will be produced

by the CIA and will be dedicated to the memories of Ronald Reagan and

John Wayne. This great production will make me forget all about $4

gasoline and the economy being in the toilet.

Mission accomplished.

Joe Thomas,

exalted ruler of the Pacific Northwest


Republicans need to take responsibility


Republicans need to take some responsibility for our economic problems.

First Bush hired 1.1 million people. The first 850,000 went to

Homeland Security. Why? Because Bush didn't pay attention to the NSA

(National Security Agency) after the election and then Rice slow-walked

the memo Clinton left on her desk stating "al-Qaida determined to strike

inside U.S." Bush needed to cover his butt so he created the largest

government bureaucracy in history. Then he didn't raise taxes to pay for

it. The next 150,000 private contractors were hired to support the Iraq

and Afghanistan wars. The private contractors make three times what the

average soldier makes. We actually paid for 600,000 soldiers but we

only got 300,000 people there. Bush again didn't raise taxes to pay for

the wars. Next Bush hired over 100,000 thousand private contractors for

the federal government, again he didn't raise taxes. When Cheney said

"deficits don't matter." Bush proved it by taking a $500 billion surplus

and turning it to a $1.5 trillion deficit. Next, the Republican

senators held America hostage for another trillion dollar deficit. At

the end of 2010, we went from $14 trillion deficit to a $15 trillion

deficit in one day. Then when the tea party came in they did nothing

about reversing that $1 trillion deficit that was just added to the


We will never get out of this mess until Republicans admit that everyone needs to pay their fair share.

Dominic Hammon


No complaints from the bubbleheads


I find it very interesting that none of the right-wing bubbleheads

have complained about the possibility of Brookings getting federal

disaster money to rebuild our harbor.

Where are the complaints, so called conservatives? The silence is deafening! Hypocrisy reigns!

These are the same racist, bigoted folks that are constantly writing

vitriolic letters about our president and Democrats as a whole to the

Pilot. You lost folks! Get a grip. We vote for our elected officials, in

case you have forgotten. It seems that you do not care for your

country; you just want to whine and cry when your side loses.

If you need to write attack letters, like you did Wednesday, (Pilot,

March 30), why do you never offer a solution? Look at the your

Republican lackeys in Washington. If the president doesn't do something

fast enough, he is wrong. But, if he does do that something, they are

against it. They are a bunch of "flip floppers", with no interest in our

country, or its people.

Why do you little people support the likes of General Electric: no

taxes paid? Why are you for eliminating the freedom of workers to

organize? If I want to start an organization, will I have the "freedom"

to do it?

The gentleman that thinks the government has "death panels" is sadly

mistaken. Insurance companies, hospitals and doctors are the current

"death panels" and will be as long as there are uninsured Americans.

Mike Schrum


Kite Festival seeks public participation


The Southern Oregon Kite Festival Committee is busy gearing up for

the 19th Annual Kite Festival which will be held July 16-l7 at the Port

of Brookings-Harbor.

This free, fun-filled event features some of the best kite flyers and

kite makers in America demonstrating their skills and displaying their

creations. The weekend's activities include children's kite-making

workshops each day of the festival. Local vendors set up their booths

for the spectators' enjoyment, providing great eats, treats, and crafts.

We invite you to become an integral part of one of our community's

most unique events by volunteering during the kite festival this summer.

Assistance is needed with positions such as manning the headquarters'

tent, assisting with the children's workshop, and traffic control.

Please contact Peggy Freeman at 541-469-2444 or respond to if you have a few hours to volunteer on July 16-17.

Volunteering is a great way to use your unique and individual

talents, make a difference in your community, and have fun. As Martin

Luther King, Jr., said: "Everyone can be great because everyone can


For more information about the Southern Oregon Kite Festival check out

Steve Blasdell


Just say 'no' to incendiary letters


The First Amendment can be a two-edged sword, for as in the March 2,

2011 Supreme Court decision allowing the Westboro Baptist Church to

continue protesting at funerals of fallen soldiers, we must tolerate the

opinions of those with whom we disagree. But there is a fine line

separating disagreement and hate speech, and I am appalled by a recent

letter published in these pages on March 30, 2011. This letter called

for violence (slashing "like a wrathful scythe") and death (poison by

"spray with Ortho") against people who hold different political views

than the writer. Had this writer used these exact words against groups

now protected by Hate Crime laws, defined as "race, religion, gender,

sexual preference, place of national origin, or other improper

classification", she would have been prosecuted by any District Attorney

for exhorting violence.

Unfortunately, people with different political views do not a

protected class make. One could also argue a pretty good case for

prosecuting the editors of this paper under Title VII of the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 for tolerating hate speech at the workplace. Please,

enough with the hate already. Shame on you, letter writer, for

inciting violence and death against people who simply think

differently. And shame on you, editorial staff of the Curry Coastal

Pilot, for being accessory by printing her incendiary remarks.

Timm Rolek


Kudos to those at senior living facility


Many kudos go out to Kathy, the activities coordinator and staff at Sea View Senior Living Community.

Last Monday I dropped by to visit my mother who lives at Sea View and

to my great surprise Sea View was hosting a special birthday party for

all the residents who celebrate their birthdays in March. So I took my

Mother to the soda shop located on the second floor for the celebration.

Kathy made a delicious homemade carrot cake topped with ice cream. The

residents who were celebrating birthdays were give beautiful quilted lap

quilts made by a local Christian group.

What a special treat for all those celebrating birthdays. Thank you

Bobbi Osborne