The Curry Coastal Pilot

Helping hands for Habitat for Humanity


Curry County Habitat for Humanity would like to thank all those who attended and helped at the Brookings-Harbor Home Show 2011 at Kalmiopsis School last Saturday and Sunday.

We also would like to thank the participants in our prize drawings and Bags in a Jar game. The following is the result of the drawing:

andbull;Black tote bag, Ed Kelly;

andbull;Red pot with napkins, Jean Miller;

andbull;Patriotic windsock, Peggy Goergen;

andbull;Black indoor-outdoor rug Clair Pieper;

andbull;Beige indoor-outdoor rug Ana Banta.

We made $37 in ticket sales. These will be delivered this week to the winners.

Bags in a Jar contest winner of the $20 gift certificate from Onion Grill was McKenna Davis; she guessed 76 bags and the actual total was 54. We made $18.28 in ticket sales

Also, we wish to thank all of the volunteers that manned our booth for two days: Brenda Fields, Barb Boner, Don Dougherty, Jim Collis, John Bischoff and Joe Donahue. We couldn't do these events without all of you andndash; thank you so much for your volunteerism.

And last, but not least, thank you Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce for letting us have a space at this event at no cost.

Darlene Thomas,

Fund Raising chairman


Efforts to solidify corporate rule


Did you know that the Wisconsin governor left his university in disgrace after committing fraud in a student government election and now does the bidding of the richest in the country?

Worse yet, that playbook, endorsed by radical right-wing funders, is being used nationwide to solidify corporate rule.

In state after state, the blueprint is to take away the ability of the bottom 80 percent of the country to organize through labor and professional unions, so as to solidify control by those in the top 5 percent who have substantially increased their share of the wealth over the last 20 years.

There is now a tension, a tension that the oligarchy hopes it will win. The Koch brothers and there kind, Rupert Murdoch and his FOX Channel, ideologues and Limbaughs on the right-wing, and Wall Street and banker fat-cats are betting that people will get tired, the rallies will fade away, voters will forget, workers will become afraid of losing the little they still have, and all will go back to "the new normal."

This is a movement that began realizing we can't rely on Obama and Reid. At best we can cheer the "Wisconsin 8." For this is a movement of the majority. There are more workers than there are bosses.

It's a movement that must sustain itself with the anger, frustration, heart, and soul that unites people, whether they consider themselves working or middle class. They are united in a fight, not against each other andndash; not straight vs. gay, white vs. people of color, or men vs. women andndash; but against those who are shifting the country's wealth from all of its people to a select few who can only hide in their gated communities for so long before those who enable and literally guard them say: "No more."

Gordon Clay,


The lies of the liberals continues


As the Obara "health care" bill passes its first anniversary, the lies of liberals about it continue.

Tomas Bozack says (Pilot March 5) that there have been "few exemptions" and mostly "for members of religious organizations" and "None are unions." Checking government released facts shows there have been more than 1,000 exemptions, many of them for labor unions.

Other false claims by liberals in defense of "Obama Health Care:" "no funding for abortions" andndash; and "no death panel." But in July 2010 three states andndash; (Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Maryland, andndash; wrote regulations to fund abortions through the federal plan. Of course, no section of the law is titled "Death Panel," but the "independent Payment Advisory Board" will meet every two years to make "recommendations to slow the growth in national health expenditures" which the Secretary of Health and Human Services will use to implement "quality and efficiency" measures which will determine if even a life-saving procedure for a patient will be approved or denied; and, if it is denied, the patient will not be allowed to pay for that procedure even with his/her own money. So in effect the truth is that the equivalent of a "death panel" exists in the Obama bill.

Fortunately, the American public, as a whole, seems to be seeing through the lies of the liberals and are pressing politicians to find sensible ways to solve our national problems instead of continuing liberal policies which are resulting in more and more government control over our lives, so that we will have less personal freedom, especially in respect to our health care.

Theodore Allwardt


We have a puppet as president


Wouldn't it be great if we were allowed to think on our own?

Just think how we could fix and repair things without having to get permission from some official. We could make things right here in this country and not rely on China for the basic things that we need.

We have a president that is no help when we Americans decide to accomplish something. He is the first one to say that in order to "protect" us we have to get an OK from the government.

I think that Louis L'Amour said it best and I quote: "Folks can't seem to realize that it isn't a smooth talker we need in there, but a steady man with judgement. Any medicine-show man can spout words if they are written for him. It takes no genius to sound well. To act right and at the right time is something else again."

We have a puppet in there as president and I worry about who it is that tells him what to do and what to say.

God Bless America

Bob Covey


Stinkweed sown by progressives


As I watched media muckety-mucks begrudgingly pooh-pooh Obamanomics,

professor so-and-so trotted out the (ta dum!) backward swinging pendulum


"Puh-leeze," I harrumphed. His rinky-dink non sequitur was a

knee-slapper since government (duh) inexorably spreads like a noxious

weed. While contemplating spraying D.C. with Ortho, it hit me. So-and-so

was right! Pendulums reciprocate. So why does the aforementioned dingus

dangle lifelessly like a teensy bronzed corpse and whodunit? If this

were an Earl Stanley Gardner mystery it would be titled "The Case of the

Petulant Pendant." Is Washington so bass-ackward criminal that natural

law and Adam Smith are snuffed? Where dogs like cats and Marxism is as

American as mom's apple pie?

I crave equilibrium. I want Fido to chase puddycat. I want the

pendulum to swing backwards like a wrathful scythe, slashing through the

accreted stinkweed sown by Post-Marxist Progressives. Then we spray

with Ortho.

Grace Laskey


Heartfelt thank you from Relay for Life


The totals have been calculated for the Relay for Life's first two major events, and the community has been very supportive.

The first event was Pack The Pavilion Night that took place on Jan.

28 at the basketball games at Brookings-Harbor High School. Your three

dedicated athletic coaches, Daryn Farmer, Chris Schofield and Jon Young

get the credit for this successful evening to benefit the American

Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Curry County. Between prize drawing

tickets that were sold, T-shirts sales donated by the Farmers and half

of the gate money generously donated by the district, this event raised a

total of $1,190.71.

Our Trivia Night on March 12 was another huge success. We had 13

teams with a total of 94 participants that played the game very nicely!

The top three winning teams were:

andbull;First place, the Curry Coastal Pilot;

andbull;Second place, BHHS Knowledge Bowl (which is a group of high school students);

andbull;Third place, First American Title Co.

A total of $2,300 was raised with this event. There were several

positive comments made and many participants committed to return next

year! A special thank you is owed to Ron and Darlene Wheeler and

Jennifer Romero for organizing the event.

You, the community, have raised nearly $3,500 between these two

fundraising events to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay For

Life of Curry County! Please know that the money you've raised is

lifesaving, and is much needed to continue cancer research and

ultimately find a cure for cancer. This is why we Relay! To each and

every one of you we extend a very heartfelt thank you!

Rhonda Gardenheir

2011 Curry Relay For Life Event chair

Doctors have lots to mad about


An interesting group came to town on Monday night. They call themselves the "Mad as Hell Doctors."

What are they mad about? Well, for starters, they're mad because (I took notes):

andbull;59 million people in this country went without health care in 2009;

andbull;45,000 Americans die prematurely each year because they are not insured;

andbull;The suicide rate for Americans has doubled;

andbull;Over 60 percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. involve medical bills;

andbull;Too many families have to choose between paying their mortgage or insuring their family andndash; they can't do both;

andbull;Our current health-care system is making some people rich, and many

more people poor. Even now, with some reform, 30 cents out of every

dollar spent will go to paperwork, marketing and insurance company

profits andndash; not actual care.

andbull;Perhaps, though, the saddest reason was outlined in a story told

about the father of an uninsured family who was told he needed an

expensive operation to save his life and refused it because it would

have meant the loss of his family's house.

These things should not be. No, not in this country. These doctors,

who are doing this on their own dime, by the way, are advocating the

passage of Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Act (HB 3510/SB 888).

This act would establish a publicly funded and privately delivered

Oregon (single payer) healthcare system. For more information go to

website Don't let the insurance companies' scare tactics

work; get informed and get involved. It's going to take all of us to

turn things around.

Eileen Sorrels


What is U.S. using for brains?


Given Obama's and the U.S.'s attacks against Libya's Gadhafi, one has to wonder what the U.S. is using for brains.

Polls indicate that around 60 percent of Americans support the

attacks, but have they thoroughly evaluated the entire issue? Despite

the fact that the U.S. government monetary deficit is a staggering $3

trillion, the U.S. military are launching Tomahawk missiles at a

reported cost of $800,000 to $1.1 million per copy as if they were

firecrackers being used at a Chinese New Year celebration. This is

against another country which since Gadhafi changed his tune a few years

ago has posed little if any threat to the U.S. This is while many

people complain about Congress funding programs which help our own

people and even our schools. Then there is the element of hypocrisy andndash;

again! The rulers of Bahrain and Yemen, U.S. allies because they sing

Obama's tune about al-Qaida, are using the same tactics against their

citizens as is Gadhafi. But no action is being taken against them. It's

all enough to be cause for collective head-scratching, yet again!

Jim Hansen


Our families are broke and broken

Dear Editor:

Children and families in our county deserve our support to meet the struggles that life brings along.

April gives us an opportunity to remember this with Strengthening

Families and Early Learning Awareness Month. Curry County is home for

3,296 children under the age of 18. It is our job to protect these

children from abuse and neglect and promote a positive learning

environment. These children are the future parents, teachers, business

owners, employees and leaders of this community. Whether these children

will achieve their full potential and develop into healthy, productive

members of our community depends largely on each of us.

The current Curry County unemployment rate is 11.7 percent. 24.3

percent of Curry youth live at or below 100 percent of the federal

poverty index. Poverty is the single best predictor of child abuse,

neglect and future learning problems. Our families are "broke and

broken." They can't fix it alone. In 2010 there were 133 child abuse

incidents reported and 89 children in Curry County experienced at least 1

day of foster care. These numbers have been on the rise since 2007.

They cannot turn around until we as a community, step up to support

these families and young children in their time of need.

You can show your support for children and families by volunteering

or donating to several organizations that support children and families.

We are sponsoring several family events throughout the month, for more

information on those events and how you can make a difference in our

community call the Commission on Children and Families at 541-247-3307.

Myrna Barber, director

Commission on Children and Familie

BHEF donates to SWOCC fund


The Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation (BHEF) recently donated

$733 to Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) GED program

through our Pay It Forward Fund.

The Pay It Forward Fund was started by a former student who was so

happy to earn her GED that she wanted to help others do so. This fund

helps students with limited income to pay for the GED exam fee that is

currently $75.

The local Soroptimist clubs also support our GED students by paying

the GED exam fee if a student writes a letter asking for a helping hand.

Many times students would like to purchase their own instructional

materials so that they can study at home, but they do not have the

financial resources to do this. If you would like to extend a helping

hand to make this possible for them, please contact Kay Jones, GED

instructor, at 541-813-1672 or by email at Thank you

BHEF and Soroptimists for your ongoing support to our GED Program in

Curry (County).

Kay Jones