The Curry Coastal Pilot

Here's a project worth supporting that started right on this page. Last June, Noreen Foster sent a letter to the editor asking if volunteers could be found to repaint the welcome sign at the north entrance to Brookings.

Her idea caught some attention, and grew beyond just repainting the old sign. Volunteers did indeed step forward, but they decided to work on replacing the old sign near Carpenterville Road.

Sometimes forming a committee can be deadly to an idea, but not in this case. The Brookings Welcome Sign Committee has taken on this challenge with the hopes of getting a new sign in place for the upcoming summer visitor season.

In the eight short months since Foster's letter appeared, the committee has scoped out a new location, invited public participation and designs, made a final design selection, secured state and city approvals, produced a scale model, estimated construction costs, and set up a fund drive.

Yes, the $12,000 price tag sounds high andndash; until you understand that this is much, much more than your standard highway sign. The very attractive display features two larger-than-life stainless steel seagulls and a 9-foot tall fiberglass fir tree on an 18-foot-wide stucco wall with surrounding plantings. It will be on a small knoll overlooking the ocean between Rainbow Rock condominiums and Deer Park Road.

It's more than a sign, and we believe it will become a proud symbol of Brookings for years to come.

The last hurdle is collecting tax-deductible donations of cash, services or materials. You can drop checks at Chetco Federal Credit Union, made out to Brookings Welcome Sign. You can contact the committee for other donations by calling the Manley Arts Center at 541-469-1807.

And when the sign is finished, you can congratulate everyone involved on a job well done.