The Curry Coastal Pilot

An area to retire and raise a family


I thought I would give you and your readers something to aim at.

You mentioned that you thought that the Brookings-Harbor area would "simply become a place for the rich to retire."

My husband and I are moving to Brookings this fall to retire and we are not rich by any standard. So if I were to have a say in persuading the readers to do something for the future of their community, it would be to keep Brookings-Harbor an area where anyone can come to retire or to raise a family!

Thanks for being on the internet.

"Success is not for the chosen few, it's for the few who choose." andndash;Mary Kay Ash

Barb Redding


The outreach clinic saved my life


I first heard of St. Timothy's Outreach Clinic in early November, 2010.

To this date, I credit the clinic with saving my life. I hadn't been feeling well, so I went to be checked out. My blood sugar was 596. Any diabetic would be shocked. I'm a Type II diabetic and have high blood pressure.

I go there on Tuesdays for lunch, then the clinic to check my sugar. It is my one hot meal for the week, as I'm homeless and sleep in my son's van. My son sleeps in a tent.

St. Timothy's clinic and soup kitchen have been a life saver for me and countless others.

Please, as citizens of this town and area, continue to support these projects and those like them. God bless you all.

Pat Fitzgerald

Age 62

Recently from Texas

A shiny, new facility at our expense!


The Curry Health District, CHD, is diligently working towards getting another tax on the ballot in May. The areas of the county, and Brookings, not currently in the CHD, will be asked to join and share the "risk." The reason they will be asking to dip into your wallet is because they believe the clinic cannot sustain itself.

My question is: Why was ground broken knowing they could not make it work financially?

Furthermore, they already have a clinic across the street. If someone owns a business and wants a new building and realizes after it's nearly completed they won't be able to pay their bills, should we bail them out? Are you, the taxpayers, willing to underwrite this kind of crazy planning? I'm not.

A Pilot article listed all the marvelous things, and people, they will bring in. Skilled medical personnel are not going to give up high paying jobs in the cities to move here. Then there is the new equipment costs. The Emergency Room CHD keeps talking about is a non-starter. Oregon law does not allow ER's in clinics. Duh. Are you willing to delay in Brookings before going to a hospital? I'm not. And, who pays for the extra ambulance stop? I want trained EMT's to take me straight to a hospital ER. If someone dies due to an unnecessary stop, the lawyers will have a field day.

CHD's business will not change much. They are just increasing their overhead, so they can have a shiny new building at our expense.

Mike Schrum


Time, labor make holiday show a hit


Once again, I have seen an outpouring of love and caring, backed up by manual labor!

Nature's Coastal Holiday was made possible again this year by the wonderful people who donate their time and services to make things "brighter" for others!

We dedicated this year's celebration to our friend and leader, Don Tilton, who passed from us on Thanksgiving. We all felt that he was watching and guiding us through the process and he was so very proud of the folks who donated their time and talents!

First thanks go to Gail Hedding and Debby Phillips for their 14 years of dedication! The cider, donated by Matt Galli of Fred Meyer, was delicious! It was such a joy to have people new to town call and volunteer because they wanted to be a part of "one of the best Christmas celebration ever!" The folks that put up and took down the lights are to be highly praised!

The groups that worked the park were from Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce (2 nights!), School District Employees (two nights!) Salmon Run, Rotary, Vietnam Vets, Sutter Coast, Chetco Shrine, Brookings Medical Center, Leadership (3 nights!), P.E.O., First American Title, Board of Realtors, Garden Club (2 nights!), Sea View, Southcoast Friends, Soroptimist. CFCU, Cal-Ore Life Flight (2 nights!), Lions (2 nights!), KURY Radio, Curry Coastal Pilot, Manley Art Center, Chase Bank and Santa's Elves on Christmas Eve. No, I didn't forget Santa and Mrs. Claus.

They made the festivities really "come to light!"

Thank you all,

Your Natures Coastal Holidays Committee (a truly shining group!)

Moira Fossum


Rent art to support region's artists


Pelican Bay Arts Association wishes to thank all the companies who participate in the art rental program. Companies can rent art work for their walls and are billed on a quarterly basis.

If you are interested in supporting the art community and decorating your walls with art from local artists contact Manley Art Center.

Violet and Len Burton


Letters give humane society shelter hope


I would like to give a big heartfelt thank you for all the support all of you have shown to the South Coast Humane Society.

All those who have walked the doggies and are standing with us. There is no way we can thank all of you enough who have come in and given your time and shared it with the doggies; it has helped so much. We know the walkers will not let us down and will continue to help the doggies until this all can be fixed. Maybe this is helping you keep your new year's resolution to walk more andndash; and you are helping the doggies at the same time. It's a win-win situation. It is a total shame that one person can be so negative, while all we are trying to do is contribute and give to the community we all live in. We only want to help animals that can't help themselves, and to find them loving and caring homes. How can anyone find fault in that?

Thank you again for all of your support and for writing letters in the paper to express your support for us, and more importantly, for the animals. Those letters give us hope andndash; so keep them coming.

Beverly and Forbes Duncan

Volunteers at the South Coast Humane Society