The Curry Coastal Pilot

Just say 'Bye' to Bi-Mart


I've lived in Brookings since 1999 and made about five trips to Walmart in all that time.

While I do buy a few hard- to-find things online, I do all my shopping locally. It may or may not be more expensive, but I am committed to our local merchants. These are my friends and associates and they have a stake in our community. No matter how Bi-Mart wants to spin its purpose here andndash; profit is the bottom line. Oh, they will throw funds at local causes and hire some folks, but in the end they will do more damage to local businesses than good. And they will be gone quicker than a coastal snowflake if things aren't sufficiently profitable. I say "BYE, Mart!"

Cathleen Witt


Do something before dog attacks again


In the first weeks of December, 2010, an 80-100 lb. pit bull attacked and killed Tupandeacute;, a 15-pound Chinese Crested, of advanced age.

Immediately after the attack, the pit bull was spirited away by the owner and has not been seen since andndash; and the owner has not been forthcoming as to its whereabouts.

Tupandeacute; had lived at his house for the last three years; the neighbor's pit bull was a relatively new resident. Conflicting statements by the owner indicated that the pit bull had never been a problem before. These are the facts and they are undisputed.

A single incident of this kind does not necessarily mean a death sentence for the dog. Someone who would hide this dog is of questionable character and their truthfulness must be suspect. There could be other attacks.

For all their bluster, the Brookings Police Department and Curry County Animal Control have not exhibited any interest in pursuing this matter. The responding officer that day told me "no crime was committed." Sure sounds like a crime to me.

Nothing will bring Tupandeacute; back, but we, as concerned citizens, can make our voices heard and, in the process, save someone else's pet or maybe a child, when the dog attacks again andndash; and it will.

Dirk Fowler


Why is traffic school not an option?


A question for Curry County Circuit Court: Why is traffic school not an option, like other counties?

I did get a speeding citation on Hwy. 101 recently and will be paying the fine. I was shocked and very disappointed, upon calling the courthouse, finding that Curry County doesn't acknowledge qualified traffic school enrollment and completion. That gives no option, except to damage an otherwise perfect driving record.

Please consider the benefits, Curry County Circuit Court. It's a clear cut case of "win-win" with traffic school. Thank you.

Sheryl Johnson

Gold Beach

The restorative powers of Jesus


I own a small landscape maintenance business based in Harbor.

A while back, I noticed the lights on my trailer weren't working like they were supposed to. I wanted to operate legally, so, with the help of a friend, we set out to fix them ourselves. After about an hour of trying different things, the lights kept getting dimmer, until they went out altogether. We reluctantly decided to take it to the shop, and let them try.

The next day, I told the mechanic what we did the day before. I left my truck with him and left the shop to call my wife to pick me up. Before I could get off the phone, the mechanic told me my truck was ready. He told me there was probably a loose wire on my trailer, causing the fuses to burn out. Boy, did I feel dumb for not checking that first.

Later, I started thinking about it. This is what Jesus came to do for us. Our sins had severed our line to the power source andndash; God. Jesus came to restore it. We can give to charities, be kind to folks, even go to church, and these are all good things, but they won't work as intended as long as our connection to the power isn't restored. We have to want the repairs, though. That's what free will is for.

David A. Stephens


Thank you, Mark, for your generosity


On Nov. 11, I lost my husband in a fatal accident. Members of the LDS church, of which my husband was a member, all got together to help in this hour of need.

One of the things that the church was going to do was to prepare a luncheon for all the people who attended the service. There was quite a large group of people as my husband had many friends. Two ladies from the church were shopping for what they needed to prepare the meal.

At the register they met someone known to them only as "Mark." The ladies and Mark got to talking about why they had such a large amount of food in their baskets. When he found out the reason they had so much, he asked the clerk to charge it all to him.

When he found out who the person was that the service was for, he said it was even more reason to charge it to him. I don't know who Mark is. However, I do know that he is a mortal angel somewhere here in Brookings. Maybe someday I will meet him and I can thank him personally. In the meantime, my family, all the Lewis family, and I, thank you Mark, for your generosity. God Bless you.

Marge Lewis