The Curry Coastal Pilot

The forecast calls for wind and rain today through Christmas week, but that won't stop many people, especially visitors to our area, from heading out to enjoy our wild Southern Oregon beaches.

School's out, too, so there's bound to be a number of temporarily emancipated students enjoying the outdoors.

All of them will marvel at the beauty of the ever-changing shoreline and enjoy the thrill of beachcombing and wave watching, but such experiences come with a risk of danger. That's why we urge that beachgoers practice extreme caution during their adventures.

So far this winter, there have been no reports of people in Curry County being swept from the beach by waves. However, several people in Crescent City have lost their lives recently after waves swept them off rocks or jetties. High surf and dangerous beach conditions will remain a constant along our shore through spring.

If you visit the beach to witness the wave action yourself, please practice a little common sense. Sneaker waves can sweep people away in the blink of an eye.

To help avoid tragedy, we offer the following tips when on or near the ocean:

Never turn your back on it. Stay off jetties or any low flat beach. Stay away from edges of cliffs, headlands and rocks where waves are breaking nearby. Never climb on driftwood, especially when waves are high.

The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place in winter. It's also dangerous. Please be careful while enjoying our wild, wonderful coast.