The Curry Coastal Pilot

Whoever is elected will levy taxes


No one likes to pay taxes; I certainly don't.

But, whether we like it or not, we still have two long and costly wars to pay for. While I was not very enthusiastic about our invasion of Iraq, I feel we owe it to our honorably serving sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives, who have made and continue to make incredible sacrifices for us - to belly up to our obligation to share in that sacrifice. I would think that those who helped elect the administration that initiated these undeclared wars would feel a particularly high sense of obligation to pay up, but based on the rhetoric coming from the tea party folks and the Republicans, no such sense of obligation exists. And, as with all wars, it should be noted that the folks with the largest portfolios likely made considerable profits. That has always been the way of things.

By the most conservative estimates available, we've already spent over $700 billion on Iraq alone, all of it borrowed, with long-term impact on the debt expected to exceed $2 trillion. Whatever waste there is in existing federal outlays, it doesn't touch these war costs with which we've burdened both present and future generations. Dogmatic rhetoric won't get us out of this. We all own a piece of this debt. Simply cutting spending won't cover it. We must do what we're morally required to do: Pay the bills.

I predict that - read my lips - whoever gets elected will be forced to levy taxes.

Richard Carey


Krieger or Rollins? The choice is clear


After listening to the candidates for state representative at the recent League of Women Voters' forum, I can see that the choice is clear.

Eldon Rollins understands that a healthy economy is built by supporting hard-working middle class families, while Wayne Krieger continues to insist that we need to keep taxes low for businesses and corporations, hoping that this will trickle down to create jobs.

We've been waiting for the Bush tax cuts to trickle down these past 10 years, but they haven't been effective yet. Rather, they've left us with the worst recession since the Great Depression. The corporate tax cuts haven't included any requirements for added jobs, so the profits resulting from these cuts have stayed with the corporations and CEOs. Meanwhile, the middle class is left with higher costs of living, fewer jobs and fewer families with enough purchasing power to boost our economy.

Since Eldon Rollins understands the need for our state to support policies that lead to robust, living-wage jobs for middle-class families, I'll be voting for him when our ballots arrive. Mr. Rollins knows what it takes to move our state forward toward a vibrant, healthy economy in which middle-class families can flourish.

The choice is clear: vote for Eldon Rollins for State Representative!

Linda Bozack


I urge all citizens to vote no on law levy


I just looked at my property tax bills to see the effect of the proposed Law Enforcement Tax on my rapidly shrinking pocketbook.

Property owners currently pay 60 cents per $1,000 of Assessed Value (AV) into the county's General Fund. If approved by voters, the new $2.27 Law Enforcement Tax will increase the county's revenue to $2.87 (per $1,000 AV), a 380 percent increase!

I own a vacant lot in the county, on which I currently pay $130 into the General Fund. If the Law Enforcement Tax is passed, I will begin paying $630 per year, a 380 percent increase! Wow, how much law enforcement does my vacant lot need? This proposed tax is not fair to vacant land owners.

I then reviewed the impact to my home in Gold Beach, to find that I currently pay $180 into the General Fund. Passage of the new Law Enforcement Tax will increase my annual county contribution to $870 per year (again, a 380 percent increase). This is not a reasonable increase, considering we citizens are struggling to survive the greatest economic wasteland in our lifetime.

Government's primary responsibility is to provide safety to its citizens, and I support law enforcement having adequate resources. However, the proposed Law Enforcement Tax is not fair, it is not reasonable, and it must be defeated. I urge all citizens to vote "No" on this tax.

John Truesdell

Gold Beach

Is 'same old, same old' the solution?


Consider this: Does our county government need to change direction-fiscally speaking?

Do you believe that the "same old, same old" is the solution to our county heading back towards financial stability?

If you answered the first question "yes," and the second question "no," I would strongly encourage you to vote David Itzen, County Commissioner-Position No. 1.

Itzen, a fiscal conservative (I personally can attest to his penny pinching prowess), has been involved running family and various businesses for over 25 years-having to ensure that expenses didn't exceed income, meet payroll obligations, make hard choices sometimes necessary, and layoff people, and has had a myriad of experiences in the arena of land use laws and regulations.

Itzen has been a teacher, vice-principal and principal, thusly seeing unions from that perspective. Also on the school board he was part of a team that worked together to negotiate with the unions for fair and equitable solutions for all. He was instrumental, while on the Board of CCEC, (Coos Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc.) in putting together a team that helped turn the company's financial situation around and got it headed back in the right direction.

It is imperative that commissioners work together without acrimony. In his experiences, David has worked with teams of people and has been able to do so in an effective manner that gets the job done. Wherever David has worked he has brought about positive changes that have helped solve many problems. Please join me in voting for David Itzen-Curry County Commissioner, Position No. 1.

Lyn Boniface

Pistol River

Democrats, leave middle class alone


The Democrats continue to play the class warfare angle in their politics, which equals socialism.

Now they are trying to suck in the middle class with this nonsense. I guess I am what is considered middle-class, and I just want you Democrats to know that you do not represent me! So, stop acting like you do with your ads. I am not a socialist. I don't have a problem with rich people, and I have always had more money with lower taxes and fewer social programs!

Curtis Deneau


A closer look at the insanity of it all


Holy mackerel, the sheriff is right, crime is getting out of hand in Brookings.

There are vandals plastering "Art Rubinstein For Congress" stickers on innocent people's car doors all over the town. I challenged the old bluffer to a debate last Thursday at Fujita's bombsite and he didn't show up again, yet here he is with his name glued all over the horizon. Why can't the law stop this willful damage to people's personal property? Aren't there enough policemen?

We may be a tiny little harbor, but the state of Oregon has lots of water everywhere and Rubinstein is dead in almost all of it, so why should folks way down here have to take the rampant pasting of these unsightly placards everywhere? Oh sure, let's all vote for Artandhellip;that's Art with a capital "F," lol. But it really does look like the sheriff needs a tax levy to keep this area under control. Be warned, you miscreants, he's got your number. Better not try running when he catches up with you, either. The sheriff and his men, being bulky, will probably have to shoot.

Lon Goddard


Just another way to legalize marijuana?


This letter is in response to the article (Pilot, Oct. 13) with regard to medical marijuana use and Measure 74.

I have no problem with someone with a severe illness, who cannot be

relieved of pain through conventional drugs, using marijuana as a pain


However, is there anyone who really thinks the vast majority of users

have any medical issues? It was noted there are 3,500 doctors in Oregon

writing prescriptions for marijuana; does anyone really believe there

are multitudes of "sick" who need relief to justify such a large number

of prescriptions, or is this really just another way to legalize the


A family member of mine brags often about the "trees" in his back

yard. He has no medical issues and cannot possibly smoke all that he

grows. He, and the majority of users like him, simply pay the money to a

corrupt doctor (not hard to find one obviously) and have the blessing

of the law to grow the drug.

Helping those who really need TCH (the drug in marijuana) is great,

but let's call this measure what it really is-just another way for drug

abusers to avoid a penalty for drug use through legalization.

Mike Wiley


Who's accountable for county's errors?


Recently, I read a Comprehensive Report (CR) written specifically for

Curry County back in 2004 (six years ago) by a firm outside the state.

I'm not sure of cost, but I heard about $40,000. In the private

sector, they're called a business plan, but with the same purpose; to

advise those in charge how to develop future revenues and prevent a

financial decline or bankruptcy.

I'd like to know if the general public is aware of this report. It

spells out in detail what had to be done back in 2004 to possibly avoid

what is happening soon, financial chaos. Who was in charge then? Was it

placed in a drawer, or under the rug? Was any part of the CR published

in any of the papers for public viewing? Were any of the suggestions

ever implemented?

Here's the shame of it. Those in charge at the time were not savvy

enough to understand the importance of this valuable administrative

tool. The much needed Law Levy, which will drastically raise taxes to

cover our expenses, is in jeopardy. Smaller tax increases over a

period of time would have been easier to adjust to and more acceptable.

In order to prevent further erosion of our county's stability, we

must elect individuals who are experienced in financial matters and

administrative duties. In the meantime, who should be held responsible

for all the financial and management errors of the past?

Phil Colozzi

Port Orford

The GOP's 'Pledge to Con America'


Congress has three major accomplishments-the economic stimulus, landmark health care, and financial reforms.

But the GOP (Grand Opposition Party) has blocked about everything

else. Twenty-nine miners died in West Virginia, and people are dying of

contaminated foods as they block safety measures.

Let's take a look at the GOP's "Pledge to Con America."

Concentrate on jobs, though their track record over the last 65 years has been dismal.


Repeal (not adjust) the health care law so 2.4 million children who

just got on it get kicked off, and another 46 million people never get a

chance to get on.

They rail against government spending for the least privileged as

they try to block programs for small business and the extension of

unemployment benefits for those looking for work, while they propose to

lavish a $2.3 trillion stimulus package in tax cuts over 10 years

favoring the most privileged. (See:

They claim continuing the tax cut for individuals clearing over

$200,000 would add jobs. If that were true, how come the tax cut they

are enjoying now isn't producing jobs? See the answer at

Freeze hires everywhere, including health and human services and public safety, but no freezes for the war department.

A vote for the GOP is a vote for no-progress, and continued gridlock

in Congress, as well as a return to Bush era economic policies that got

us in this mess in the first place. That's something they really hope we


Gordon Clay


Itzen will get the job done for all of us


I am supporting David Itzen in this election.

Why? Because Dave is the best man for the job andndash; because Dave has proven his worth in his work in Curry County!

David is a businessman in Curry County who has over 25 years

experience in agriculture, education, and land development. He has

successfully helped lead the governing boards of Coos Curry Electric

Co-op and the Brookings-Harbor School District out of times of financial

difficulty. As a county commissioner he will help form a team that will

work together without emotionally charged bickering. He will work for

all of Curry County. Wherever he has worked he has successfully helped

solve problems. He will make sure that the job is done!

Vote for David Itzen for County Commissioner No. 1. David is the man

who will get the job done for all of us. I'm voting for Dave. Join me!

TV Skinner,

former Curry County Commissioner

Gold Beach

A vote for DeFazio is a vote for reality


The difference between rhetoric and reality: Peter DeFazio voted for a

bill to allow disabled veterans to receive both their VA and DOD pay;

equal treatment for Widows of Wartime Veterans Act; Fair Care for

Military Families Act; Combat PTSD Act; Troops Soft Landing, Employment,

and Rural Transportation Act.

He supported local veterans by fighting proposed cuts at the Roseburg

VA hospital and demanding independent reviews. DeFazio voted for the

PAYGO Act, requiring legislative changes that would increase the deficit

to be offset by equal spending cuts or revenue increases.

DeFazio supports revising the Northwest Forest Plan to protect old

growth and provide a predictable supply of timber to rural mills. He was

instrumental in extending the BLM contract, "a safety net" in 2007 and

again in 2008 when he helped pass a four year re-authorization. He

supported the ban on log exports.

He opposes unmitigated implementation of the West Coast Groundfish

Fishery Catch Share, which, as written, could lead to market

consolidation and loss of fishing jobs.

DeFazio has called for the repeal or renegotiation of NAFTA, the

World Trade Organization, and most-favored nation trading status for


He voted for the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,

because it would rein in Wall Street, end taxpayer bailouts of big

banks, and create a consumer financial protection bureau.

DeFazio supports renewable energy and capping emissions with

consistent EPA regulations, not Wall St.-led wind-falls. DeFazio's

opponent wants to "roll back" taxes and regulations. Get real. Instead,

reelect someone who knows how to use them.

Ginney Etherton


Curry County does not need La Bontandeacute;


Curry County does not need someone who previously sat on the board of

commissioners while this snowball of economic catastrophe was building

in our county.

I moved to Brookings in January 2001, and as far as I could tell from

the local media, Lucie La Bontandeacute; was doing nothing substantive to help

avert the obvious coming crisis. She certainly should have been aware

during her term in office that we would eventually have to pay the

piper. However, I never heard of any long-term solutions being presented

or attempted to be carried out; just the same old Democratic line

including "let the feds bail us out, again." And again and again.

Inexplicably, we heard it every year at budget time. We need

commissioners who have led companies, met payrolls; who have had to

solve problems because there wasn't any "fed" to bail them out.

For this reason, I'm voting for David Itzen, a financial

conservative, who successfully helped lead the Coos- Curry Electric

Co-op, as well as the local school district, out of financial crises in

the past. He has been a successful businessman, farmer, and educator,

and a fosterer of teamwork to get the job done. Curry County, don't get

fooled again. Vote for David Itzen for County Commissioner.

Carol Richardson


World government? We already have it


We don't need another world government, we have one right now.

It's called the United Nations (UN). Some of its dubious accomplishments:

andbull;Supported the Korean War that ended at the exact spot where it started, but with a much larger North Korean Army.

andbull;Just watched as a terrorist army dug in and hid behind the UN

forces' lines in Lebanon, and then protected them while they attacked

Israel. The UN then called Israel the aggressor.

andbull;Just took notes as a terror regime in Africa committed genocide, until some UN troops decided to take part in the horror, too.

andbull;Appointed genocidal regimes to head the Human Rights Committee.

andbull;In the evil committed in the breakup of Yugoslavia, did nothing, causing the U.S. to take action.

andbull;Allowed so-called national leaders to attack the entire Western

world from the UN podium to the cheers of non-western representatives,

sort of like the imperial senate in "Star Wars."

andbull;Provided no disaster relief in the world, leaving it to donor nations.

andbull;Provided ample opportunity for graft, theft and self-gratification for connected representatives from many countries.

andbull;U.N. Security Council members have veto rights over any important

action that might interfere with their money or political ambitions,

making it impossible to ever accomplish anything of world value.

No, we already have a failed world government, and one is enough - or even too much.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

For those who want to know the truth ...


This Congressional election is too important to the future of our

country to allow dishonest accusations against any candidate to sway our


Those who really want to know the truth can check the website of the

Federal Election Commission to see the official accounting

of the sources of Robinson's campaign financing versus DeFazio's


Robinson's is 90 percent from individual contributions, with almost

all of the rest from his personal funds. DeFazio's is 59 percent from

PACs, (Political Action Committee) with 97 percent of the PAC

contributions being from out of state with lots of unions represented.

Robinson's actual positions can be found on his website (not the special website DeFazio's

campaign put together to discredit Robinson). On Robinson's website, he

answers all of DeFazio's smears fully.

Please take time to find out the truth. Art Robinson is a highly

principled scientist unafraid of taking unpopular positions, and is

running only in response to the need to turn this country around before

it is too late.

Nancy and Ed Dowdy

Port Orford

Fear what resort will do to the area


My husband and I are really distressed about the proposed Pistol River golf resort.

We've been coming to the Brookings-Gold Beach area for years, and

when we retired a year ago, we began our search for property in the

area. What we value is the unspoiled and uncrowded beaches, relative

quiet and natural beauty. We've spent many days wandering the Pistol

River beaches. Having a huge, garish resort located on this beautiful

piece of coastline along with all the traffic, noise, congestion, waste,

etc., sounds like a nightmare.

If this monstrosity proceeds, I think it will have a much bigger

negative impact than people anticipate. Sadly, we must reconsider our

move because we're afraid of what it will do to the area.

Irene Schmidt

Mount Horeb, Wisc.

Now you're asking us to vote Republican?


We had eight years of Bush and Cheney, and America suffered for it.

You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and

appointed a president. You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed energy

company officials to dictate energy policy. You didn't get mad when a

covert CIA operative was outed. You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act

was passed. You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that

posed no threat to us. You didn't get mad when we spent over $600

billion (and counting) on said illegal war. You didn't get mad when over

$10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq. You didn't get mad when

you found out we were torturing people. You didn't get mad when the

government was illegally wiretapping Americans. You didn't get mad when

we didn't catch Bin Laden. You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible

conditions at Walter Reed. You didn't get mad when we let New Orleans

drown. You didn't get mad when we gave a $900 billion tax break to the

rich. You didn't get mad when a budget surplus was turned into a budget


Illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, are all okay with you.

And now you're asking us to vote Republican?

Michael Pitts-Campbell


We need Itzen as next commissioner


Having been involved professionally with both candidates for (Curry)

County Commissioner on various boards, committees and commissions, I

would recommend David Itzen.

In leadership, he has helped resolve a number of financial concerns. We need someone of caliber and abilities as a commissioner.

Gary Doran

Port Orford

Itzen's performance speaks for itself


Yes, David Itzen abruptly resigned from the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC) board of directors after several terms.

As a board member, he helped reform the business model to ensure CCEC

prospered in the future. As a board member, he backed the CCEC, CEO,

CFO, and Chief Engineer recommendation to the board to extend the new

electric transmission lines to Brookings-Harbor.

The CCEC board did not accept his recommendation, and he resigned

before his last term was up. Then, as a member of an independent group

of Brookings Harbor residents, he helped persuade the CCEC board to

complete the last six miles of transmission line to Brookings-Harbor.

This resulted in reliable and efficient electricity, and a $4 million

under-budget savings for Curry County residents. How is that for a

demonstration of commitment, and for the good of Brookings-Harbor and

Curry County?

Yes, David Itzen developed an age-restricted community and sold this

community before it was completely occupied. He decided to pursue the

county commissioner position and felt that it might be a conflict

interest if he still owned the community. In this, he demonstrated

commitment to a principle. He also sold 26 acres of land for the same


Let me point out that he developed this community with considerable

thought and effort. Take a look at this outstanding and affordable

community. You will notice accommodations for the physically challenged,

including walkways without steps and indoor heated pool accessibility.

Oh! He also implemented fair housing aspects.

David Itzen's performance on the Brookings-Harbor School Board speaks for itself.

James Keith Ott