The Curry Coastal Pilot


andbull;The headline for a letter in Saturday's issue incorrectly called the Vietnam Veterans of America "VFW." The correct abbreviation is VVA. The Pilot regrets the error.

andbull;In a letter in the Oct. 6 issue Fred Juarez should have listed Pam and Steve Deraita as the owners of Hearing Health Care.

What happens on the golf course ...


Very recently, a well-respected senior golfer was accused of having a tissy fit on the 12th hole at Salmon Run.

The witness spread rumors that the golfer smashed his 5-iron on an alder tree limb which resulted in the breakage of the iron.

This rumor is not quite factual. What really happened was the experienced senior golfer hit a very strong swing and clipped the alder limb which slightly damaged the 5-iron and was a little upset because the ball entered the unplayable area which caused frustration.

Enough said, the senior, since this incident, has been suffering undo pain from grins, smirks, and outright laughter from complete strangers and fellow golfers. Remember the motto "what happens on the golf course stays on the golf course."

Bill Smyth


Kidney dialysis center needed


I have lived in wonderful Brookings for more than 20 years, and unfortunately now have to be at a kidney dialysis center for the rest of my life.

I must go more than two hours away, which is very rough to do. We must somehow rectify this problem with a dialysis center here in Brookings. With two hospitals and a new medical clinic about to open, why is there no center in this area? Brookings is a retirement community, and as one gets critically ill we should not have to travel far or move out of town to receive the medical attention needed.

I am not the only person here that is needing dialysis. So, please, let's get the ball moving so I and others can stay in my beloved Brookings.

Lloyd Costa


A proven advocate for change: Itzen


We need commissioners at the county level that have led companies and know what it is to meet a payroll.

David Itzen is a businessman with 25 years experience in the fields of agriculture, land development and housing. He is a financial conservative, and has helped successfully lead the Boards of Brookings-Harbor School District and Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative out of periods of financial difficulty. He is a proven advocate of change that gets the job done.

Join us in electing David Itzen as Curry County Commissioner.

Warren Roepke


La Bontandeacute; can get the job done


Over the years as both a volunteer for many state, federal and local committees, Lucie La Bontandeacute; has shown leadership.

She was asked to run for (Curry) County Commissioner in 2000 after a successful career in port management at the Port of Gold Beach. Before working at the port, she was instrumental in many fish issues including developing watershed councils and working to assist in the preventing of two fish listings: chinook and steelhead, which would have devastated the Curry County economy. La Bontandeacute; has run a small business and government entities. Being a county commissioner not only takes knowing the differences between running a business and a government entity but also takes leadership on difficult issues. It takes a person who sees what is coming and addresses those problems with solutions. In the primary, La Bontandeacute; was the only candidate who showed faith in the OandC leaders who have now unveiled a permanent solution to the county funding problem. She was there before and knows how to work with people from both parties to find solutions. Vote for the candidate who can get the job done! Vote for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for county commissioner.

Arlene Mary Jones


Hostile voices getting us nowhere


No party - not even the Tea Party - has an exclusive claim to patriotism and love of country, although you'd never guess it from the hostile voices so often heard on these pages.

We're getting nowhere like this.andensp;Maybe, before we start accusing our fellow citizens of treason and worse, we should remember that Democrats and Republicans alike gave up their lives on Normandy's beaches, in Vietnam's jungles, and now in the bloody wastelands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In what may be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we need to start working together instead of against one another.andensp; To grow strong again, we must look to our common challenges and seek out solutions that help us all. To paraphrase Ross Perot, we need to open the hood and fix the engine. Who cares what party the wrench belongs to if it helps us get the car running? Americans used to be known for pragmatic common sense, getting the job done, and getting it done better than anyone else. That's a legacy worth preserving.

Some actually benefit from all this hatefulness. It feeds the ratings (and wallets) for so many talk show hosts! They profitably fan our anger while the daunting challenges we face keep growing, while the whole world waits for us to lead the way. What if, right here in this beautiful town of Brookings, we opted to have a genuine dialogue rather than wallow in a poisonous stream of insults and silly accusations? Maybe we can start something good. It's up to us.

Richard Carey


P.A.W.S. of Curry County says thanks!


So many people to thank, it's like the Academy Awards!

P.A.W.S. of Curry County, Feline Spay/Neuter Fund, would like to thank many people for supporting our garage sale.

First and foremost, thank you to Ang and Arvis who worked tirelessly

for weeks putting this sale together. There's a lot that goes into a

garage sale, but even more work when you have to solicit and collect

donated items.

They did it all!

And thank you to all the people who so generously donated their

unwanted household items. Without you, there wouldn't have been a garage


Thank you to Arwyn Rice for writing about the P.A.W.S. sale in her

article on Garage Sale Saturday, and thank you to KURY radio for all the

announcements. We sincerely appreciate your telling the community about


Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by the sale and make a

purchase. All the money collected from this sale will be used to help

the overpopulation of cats and kittens in Curry County by spaying or


So please take advantage of the spay/neuter assistance that P.A.W.S.

is offering. We will pay for half of the cost of the surgery and pain


Call Town and Country Animal Clinic: 541-469-4661, for an appointment, or: 541-251-1771, for more information.

Thank you to all.

P.A.W.S. of Curry County

Vicki Cooley

Carol Faron

La Bontandeacute; has far more experience


Recently in Brookings the League of Women's Voters sponsored a

public forum with Wayne Krieger, Eldon Rollins, Dave Itzen and Lucie La


I have to say that Lucie by far has more experience in county

government and, when asked questions, she was very professional and you

could hear and understand her answers. Her opponent Dave Itzen, when

speaking, was unsure of many of his answers and held onto the coat tail

of Wayne Krieger's opinions, and his history as board member of CCEC,

which he resigned from abruptly.

Dave, along with two brothers, tried to build out Emerald Coast

Estates while one of the brothers got placed on the planning commission

while the property was being developed. It is now only half completed

and sold to a Southern California company, walking away from trying to

be land developers.

Dave now says he has 26 acres left to sell to anyone that wants to

purchase it. That was his highlight in the question asked. So Lucie is

by far the better choice.

By the way, Dave Itzen supports most anything that will raise taxes,

while Lucie feels we have enough funding to continue the county on a

restricted budget.

In closing, if Wayne Krieger wants to retire he should go ahead and

forfeit his run for representative and go after the special programs he

wants to complete - basically become a lobbyist, giving Mr. Rollins the

go ahead.

And to Dave Itzen: Think about just staying home and be an armchair politician.

Gary Davis


La Bontandeacute; is most qualified for job


I am voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for county commissioner because of her

experience promoting and supporting sport fishing and tourism as an

important part of Curry County's economy.

Lucie has been involved in advocating sport fisheries out of

Brookings and Gold Beach for more than two decades. She has been

involved with the Klamath Management Zone Fisheries Coalition and Oregon

South Coast Fishermen to urge state and federal fishery managers to

give Curry County sport anglers fair and equitable seasons. Her contacts

with state and federal agencies, and record of fighting for the people

of Curry County are among her assets to local residents.

Lucie's experience, dedication and desire to work for all county,

residents make her most qualified for a seat on the county board of


Andy Martin


Business as usual in politics


Business as usual in politics. We will not get our tax bill until

after we vote. Remember, last year our "total value" was recognized as

"down 17 percent." Assessed value went up 3 percent (because they can).

Tax dollar totals were up 8.6 percent. Brookings' "urban renewal" was up

17 percent. The 17-C bond was up 11 percent and the City of Brookings

bond was up 365 percent.

Since then, the county wants to stop paying for law enforcement, but

is still hiring. The state gave 5 percent raises to most union

employees. The state and county want to give $40,000 to the airport in

Del Norte, followed by more federal funding. Gas tax goes up in January.

DeFazio wants to tax oil companies more. He shows himself to be

ignorant of the fact that a business tax is always passed on to the

consumers. This hurts the poorest the most in two ways: direct higher

prices, and loss of jobs.

Remember this when you vote this year.

Michael Cosgrove