The Curry Coastal Pilot

No food bank without volunteers


Without the tremendous support of our volunteers, there would be no food bank! I wish that everyone could witnesss what happens daily from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m at our local community food bank.

We have seen our food distribution to families quadruple this last year and without the dedication and unwavering support of these lovely ladies and gents, we could not serve the needs of so many in this fine community we live in! They work side by side with the clients in a turn-style fashion to ensure they receive the types of food they will use to feed their families.

The volunteers are always bantering with each other and the mood is always upbeat. They let the clients know that they are there to serve and to show the community that we are not a hand out andndash; we are a helping hand and everyone is welcome and feels welcome when they arrive.

So, to Gloria, Carolita, Maureen K., David, Bob, Kathy, Barbara, Barry, Al, Maureen S., Lita and Kelsie, I take my hat off to you because you are the best of the best!

Paul Pedersen


Community Food Bank

Who decides which areas OSP patrols?


Last year the voters of Josephine County were asked to approve a law enforcement levy, much the same as the one which will be presented to the voters of Curry County next month. Dire predictions were made should the levy fail to pass in Josephine County, such as loss of funding to the District Attorney, inability to maintain the juvenile justice facilities, closure of the jails, and curtailment of Sheriff patrols.

Needless to say, the levy went down to overwhelming defeat. The biggest difference I have seen since the defeat of this levy is the absence of Sheriff patrols in the county. Grants Pass has it's own city police force, but Cave Junction seems rarely to have any law enforcement visibility.

So I have this question. Who decides which areas of the state are to be patrolled by the Oregon State Police? In Brookings, which is already saturated with law enforcement vehicles, you will see at least one OSP car every day at any time of the day or night. In Cave Junction, which is also a part of the state of Oregon, I have yet to see a single OSP vehicle on patrol. Would it be possible to ask the Oregon State Police to assist some of the distressed Oregon counties in maintaining the law.

Alan Jensen


Good service, friendly faces


I attended the Garage Sale Saturday last weekend. I made it to a dozen sales and at every one I was treated with friendly faces, generous bargaining, and helpful people ready to deal. One older gentleman, after seeing how packed my car was with treasures, helped me bungie cord my newly purchased baker's rack to my trunk bumper. A young lady at the high school carried my new plates to my car and another offered to store my new vintage sewing machine until I could pick it up.

I wondered, what is making everyone so kind and generous? Maybe it was the liquid sunshine or maybe they were all dog lovers as I had my cute little yorky with me, or maybe it was because I was buying their "stuff." Whatever it was, I was the recipient of this attitude throughout my day.

Lunch had been on my mind for an hour or so and I remembered seeing an ad next to the Garage Sale Saturday map in the Pilot. So, I stopped at a local eatery where the chef, who took my "to go" order, delivered it to me while I went next door and checked out the jewelry at a re-sale gift shop. She was serving pastries and coffee so dessert wasn't a question for the ride home.

I found a brand new black dress with tags for a bargain price and it fit perfectly. A perfect ending to my Brookings shopping adventure. The only obstacle as I was driving home was where to stash all the treasures I purchased before my husband got home!

Thank you Brookings for all the good service, friendly looks and genuine concern shown me.

See you next year!

Laura Smith

Gold Beach

Robinson on ocean dumping, energy


An independent voter. The facts I found about Art Robinson.

He supports "Ocean Dumping?" Yes! Published in his newsletter Access to Energy. His premise is that most of the ocean is "barren" and therefore dumping would have little effect. He also states that the oceans are "starved for crude oil" and nuclear and other waste should be dumped there. He has done no research in this field (see

Art is president and professor of chemistry at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine in Cave Junction. Founded in 1980, it has never had any students and has as it's assets his entire property and buildings as a non-profit institute. The other listed faculty are Martin Kamen (died in 2002), Bruce Marrifield (died in 2006), Fred Westall, Carl Boehme, Jane Orient, and his sons Noah and Zachary Robinson.

Art is senior author of the "Oregon Petition," designed to prove that a large number of scientists do not accept global warming. There is skepticism about many if not most of the signatures on the petition. When questioned about the signatures, even Art had to admit he had no control over the validity of the names or that they were even scientists.

In an article written by Art (Jan. 8, 2009) titled "Power Plants are Batteries," he labels wind and solar power as "boutique power sources." He concludes in the article that "the nation needs to build new hydrocarbon and nuclear production capacity not waste its scarce resources building wind and solar plants" (see http://

Jack Worrall


Many make 9/11 memorial great


Thanks to our great community for a memorable 9/11 memorial at Azalea Park. As president of the Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our wonderful community of Brookings-Harbor for the wonderful support of this year's 9/11 memorial and candlelight vigil.

There were over 40 different businesses that supported us either by donations or by displaying their banners or both. All of you have made a tremendous difference in our ability to manage and support our mission statement.

Having a community event of this importance required months of planning and the all important help of our Red Shirt members as well as support from many other patriotic organizations in our area. I want to thank Carolene Archuleta and all the members of the Emblem Club No. 265 for their wonderful flag folding ceremony. It was beautifully articulated by Areta Schock and performed by the Emblem Club members. We were proud to have the Marine Corps League Detachment 578 perform a firing and taps and simultaneously, a fly over by the Civil Air Patrol. Thanks to our host of speakers including Jim Thebaut from the VFW, Curry Country Sheriff John Bishop, Rev. Jim Schultz, Rep. Wayne Kreiger, Lucie La Bontandeacute; and Veteran's representative Frank Van Meter. Thanks also to Pam Carrier for her wonderful patriotic songs and beautiful voice. She had the whole crowd singing with her.

A special thank you goes to our Coast Guard who posted and retrieved the Colors. If there was a prize given out for spirit, cooperation and enthusiasm, it would go the Brookings-Harbor High School Cheerleaders who not only volunteered to help with selling hot dogs and cookies but also put on an impromptu dance and conga-line as Jurassic Country and company filled the night with music. Thank you cheerleaders from all of us. Freedom is alive and well in Southern Oregon.

Frank Muller


Red Shirts

Get a smile from Portside humor


Portside humor.

To whomever puts up the joke of the week on the reader board of

Portside Suites, thank you. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets a

smile out of the weekly puns you continue to put up, rain or shine!

Adri Ochoa


Is support there for satellite shelter?


The Oasis Board of Directors and I are engaging in preliminary

conversations about the possibility of Oasis opening a 'satellite'

shelter in Brookings. Oasis has a track record as well as the training

and experience to run an emergency shelter (Oasis has been operating a

shelter for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault since 1994

and has had 501(c)3 nonprofit status since 1991). With this experience,

it makes sense to us that we consider taking on the responsibility of

opening a shelter in Brookings.

One of the biggest questions we have is andndash; will we have the financial

support of the community to take this on? We are looking for community

input for all aspects of this possible endeavor. If you're interested in

being part of this on-going conversation, please email me at . We will review your input at our next Board

Meeting and will send out a summary of our discussion via email. If you

prefer, you can contact us by mailing a letter to PO Box 932, Gold

Beach, OR 97444. There will be an opportunity for an open, in-person,

committee meeting in the future.

Lea Sevey

Executive director

Whose writings do you believe?


This is in response to the letter of Joyce Rodgers which appeared in

the Sept. 25 edition under the heading "Check out writings of Art


I would like to suggest that Ms. Rodgers actually "check out the

writings of Art Robinson" instead of "checking out the writings of Peter

DeFazio about Art Robinson."

What is truly scarey is that she apparently believes Peter DeFazio!

Allan Stewart


Caregiver support group is here


Caregivers, family and friends of care receivers, please know that the Caregiver Support Group is here for you.

At the next 2 p.m. meeting of the Caregiver Support Group on Monday,

Oct. 11, we will gather at SOCC (call 541-469-5017 for directions) to

find out how we can get ready calmly for the holidays in plenty of time

to celebrate with our care receiver, family and friends. This workshop

will be presented by Stephanie Polizzi, a family and community health

educator with the Oregon State University Extension Service,

specializing in heart disease, diabetes, weight management and

coaching. Polizzi is a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetic

Association, and holds a Masters' degree in Public Health Nutrition from

Loma Linda University.

The program will deal with preparing holiday meals on a budget,

reducing your food budget from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day and

learning strategies to harness the eating frenzy at the holidays.

Family caregivers in need of respite are encouraged to contact The

Time-Out Adult Day Care Program at The Chetco Activity/Senior Center,

541-469-6822. This weekly respite program is offered at no cost to

eligible participants. New caregivers, you are invited to attend to

find out how the group can help you.

Anyone who is a caregiver, whether they are caring for a friend,

neighbor or family member down the street or someone across the country

is welcome to attend the Caregiver Support Group gathering on the second

Monday of each month at 2 p.m. for free support and information.

Studies have shown that access to social support and respite can result

in greatly improved outcomes for both caregivers and their care

receivers. You are always welcome to visit the group.

For information, call 541-251-0498 or e-mail .

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell


How did politicians do this to us?



Almost half of every dollar our government spends is borrowed money.

We are becoming so dependent on foreign creditors that we are losing our

national sovereignty.

How did our politicians in Washington do this to us?

Robert Theobald contributed this piece to the New York Times on May

24, 1970: "Frogs will permit themselves to be boiled to death. If the

temperature of the water in which the frog is sitting is slowly raised,

the frog does not become aware of its danger until it is too late to do

anything about it."

And that is how they did it.

C.K. Wood