The Curry Coastal Pilot

Appalled at what is given to students


My son brought home a flyer from his daughter's first day of school, entitled "Kids and Bicycle Safety." It shows that it is jointly published by Oregon Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Please note: First page, first line: "Bicycle riding is FUND." Hmmm, shouldn't that be "fun"? Third line: "It's vehicle." Where the "a"? Second bullet, second line: "3- to 4 inches is a mountain bike." Did someone forget the "if it" in front of "is"? Second page, first line: "injusy." How about "injury"? Second bullet point: The word "in" should be "is." Under the heading "Sidewalk versus Street Riding," first line: "bicycles" should be "Bicyclists." All throughout the document, commas are used after series of words and before the word "and" andndash; a punctuation faux pas.

You would think that someone in either one of these huge organizations could read and write.

I am truly appalled that this would be handed out to school children. What message are you sending?

The publication dates on these show April 2006 and July 2008 andndash; hmmm andndash; hopefully you have corrected these by now. If not, shame on you!

A very concerned grandmother,

RK Bernhardt


Time to sweep these candidates away


If you haven't picked up on Ron Wyden's television commercials, then you don't watch much T.V. I have neer seen a member of Congress run as many political spots this early in a campaign as he has. New England states have just finished their primary on Sept. 14, and Mr. Wyden has already run hundreds of commercials on numerous channels.

Every commercial so far has him telling everyone how far right he is yet he voted for Obama's health bill without reading it. Now that he's seen the bad news it was reported last week that he wants Oregon to have the option of backing out. What a great guy he is!!! He votes for 85 percent of the Democratic bills, which have put this country on the brink of financial ruin, but can't take the responsibility himself. If I were a Democrat and support Obama's policies or not, I would vote against this guy just like I voted against Gordon Smith for saying the war was lost in Iraq. If these politicians can't stand up for what they have done then sweep them away.

If you're interested in talking about bait-and-switch this puts anything I've ever seen to shame.

Tea Party advocates are turning heads everywhere they go and you should all pay attention. Rhino's no, conservatives yes.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

La Bontandeacute; works for people, not herself


Re: Jim Collins' Sept. 8 letter on having more experience.

There is no doubt that Jim Collins will find excuses for people to vote for the other person. Jim Collins has been putting up Itzen banners since the primary, so his letter saying he has to think of reasons to support Itzen is amazing. Let's looks at the real truth.

The OandC Counties have just unveiled a permanent solution to the County's financial problems just like Lucie La Bontandeacute; said would happen during the primary. This is not a hand out. La Bontandeacute; has on-the-job experience handling the county's financial problems. In 2007 she came into the budget workshops announcing that she would only approve a budget spending half of the OandC funding, so there would be a reserve for the down years. That is the funding the county is now functioning off of. Thank you, Lucie La Bontandeacute; for being involved in managing the county government, and keeping it that way.

La Bontandeacute; assisted the Cape Ferrelo Fire District and Port of Gold Beach when they needed experienced management in emergency situations. She was the watchdog for the county for many years and knows the system. Mr. Collins think again!

La Bontandeacute; knows the county infrastructure very well. She has been attending meetings since February. Itzen has only attended county meetings when they are for his family's benefit: land use change PUD slice and dice. Vote for La Bontandeacute;! She works for the people, not self interest slice and dice land development.

Gary Davis


Proposed welcome sign not welcomed


One of my favorite things about living here in Brookings is the beautiful view as I head back home, north of town on highway 101.

After nearly 14 years here, I still get a thrill seeing the sunsets in the evening and the beautiful cloud formations all times of the day. Now as I make that drive up 101, I'm met with an ugly orange rectangle, the latest location for the welcome sign andndash; smack in the middle of my beautiful sunset. Please try it somewhere else. I'd strongly recommend putting it on the inland side of the road, or else in a location where It doesn't block our view from either direction.

Don Carr


Red Shirts, keep doing a fabulous job


This is for the Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts:

Thank you for inviting us to play for your 9/11 event! We had a great time and we hope to be invited back!

The cheerleaders' routine was great and brought some joy to the festivities. Keep doing the fabulous job y'all are doing.

Thanks again!

Jurassic Country and Company


Robinson not worth my time or vote


I was in the process of reading up on Art Robinson's political stances and beliefs, when stories started to emerge about his fake debates with Congressman DeFazio. Upon discovery of this news I immediately ceased research into Mr. Robinson, as he's just not worth my time or vote. Now, I don't agree with Mr.Robinson politically, but even if you do, you shouldn't support him. If Art Robinson is wiling to lie and manipulate the voters now, just imagine what kind of shenanigans he'll pull once in Congress.

Robert Bautista


Bring Pastor Chuck back to mission


Dear Community, I'm writing this letter as a plea to you all. It was a sad day when Pastor Chuck Fidroeff felt he needed to leave the mission. He is a great man and his calling that God has bestowed on him is mighty. Pastor Chuck needs our support!

He has done a wonderful work for our mission and community. God has blessed him richly. Trusting in God and taking the steps, walking in Faith that only God can work in us andshy;andshy;andndash; by listening to Him and Him alone andndash; Chuck is a pure example. The mission has suffered greatly since Pastor Chuck left.

I plea to you all to bring Pastor Chuck back to where he should be. Taking charge of our missions and helping them grow back to where they were before and much more.

God Bless you Pastor Chuck. All our love and prayers.

Jack and Diane Carter

and family


Great music equals great event!


The third annual Gold Beach Brew and Art Fest was a big success and we have great musicians to thank: Horst Wolf, Lon Goddard and Aura Wright, the members of Cedar, Jefferson State Boondock Band, Apropos Musique, Robert Richter, Rogue River Jam, and The Ferguson Brothers Band.

It is their generosity in donating their talents for our event that made it a fun time for all!

Tammy DeLaney

Gold Beach

Bring troops home, legalize marijuana


Health care providers across the United States are facing tremendous challenges in the delivery of health care. My eye doctor has expressed his concern about how much longer he will be able to serve Medicare patients because the cut backs expected in Medicare/Tricare. Cardiologists that come from Medford will no longer provide service in Brookings. Medicare will only pay them in their Medford office. This means people on the coast will have to drive to Medford.

The Nation's deficit "took off" when our troops were sent to Iraq because of the fear that there were Nuclear weapons that really weren't there. There were numerous reasons justifying marching into Afghanistan which added to the growing deficit.

Thousands of lives killed or have been effected in some form or other by this "unwinable" war. Our present administration has spent the last year taking actions that appear to be extreme to some folks. However, the U.S. would be in even worse condition with greater unemployment, more foreclosures and more people living in poverty if these actions had not been taken.

To correct our nation's deficit and get states like California back on their feet, plus reduce taxes, the following is suggested: End the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring the troops home, including those in other foreign countries, and legalize marijuana. Billions of dollars and lives would be saved, the deficit would be rapidly reduced, unemployment would be reduced, consumers would be spending more, small business's would take off, the economic fear that is effecting the stock market would no longer exist, and taxes could be reduced for all of us.

Walt Edwards

Gold Beach

Vote for La Bontandeacute; andndash; someone who cares


Lets get on the bandwagon for a "Candidate who cares" andndash; Lucie La Bontandeacute;!

Lucie is hardworking, honest and forthright, always putting Curry County's best interests ahead of many other tasks.

Not only does she attend all the commissioners meetings, she shows up at most all local events, and travels miles, on foot, to go door to door to meet our citizens and tell them, in person, about the many important things our Curry County has on the agenda, and just how she will help.

We're sure you will know her, when she knocks on your door andndash; just look for the bright red hair, and the big smile she wears.

Make your vote, a vote for Lucie! She cares!

(She's got ours!)

Chet and Barb Frazer


God called Chuckto run the mission


We are writing this letter in response to the article written in the pilot titled, "Love the hungry, hurting and homeless" by Chuck Fidroeff.

We have known Chuck for 12 years and respect his integrity, generosity, spirituality and loving character. Under Chuck's guidance, the Outreach Gospel Mission prospered, ran smoothly, and had great promise of sharing God's forgiveness, charity and love to people in need. Chuck understands that the Outreach Gospel Mission and His Haven of Hope belong to God and that he is God's humble servant. Chuck's attitude has always been that of a servant, diligently working to bring the lost to the Lord, and provide them support and guidance in times of trouble. Who can condemn a man for wanting to spend his life doing God's work and helping others gain control of their earthly and spiritual lives?

It is our belief that God has called Chuck to run the Outreach Gospel Mission. He is qualified and has 12 years of experience. He is willing to do fundraising that will promote and support His Haven of Hope, there by, providing a place for women and children to go while they get back on their feet.

It is our hope that Chuck will be allowed to form a new board, and get back to the business of glorifying God through ministering to those people in Brookings and Harbor who need assistance and support.

In His Name,

Ron and Susanne Griswold


Red Shirts salute community spirit


The Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts would like to thank everyone in the community that supported our 911 Concert and Candlelight Vigil.

To all of the participants and sponsors: you are so awesome and we appreciate everything you have done to help us send packages. Although the paper reported that there were only 50 people in attendance there was actually over 200 people. We are very pleased with the turn out and appreciate everyone that came. It was a really nice event. The Candlelight Vigil was outstanding. If you didn't come this year try for next year it will be even better.

The big winne's of our raffle, Cliff and Doris Parks, have a son, Joseph Bingham, and grandson, Kyle Mills, who are both in Afghanistan not Iraq as reported. The Red Shirts just sent them packages on Thursday. Our wish is that they stay safe and return home unharmed. What a great patriotic community we live in. With our greatest gratitude,

Sharon Hitzman and

The Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts


Thank you for Stuff the Bus donations


We are grateful to the Brookings-Harbor community for continuing the tradition of Stuff the Bus. In these difficult economic times, the Brookings-Harbor School District would like to thank all of you for your support and generosity. Your contribution of school supplies truly makes a different to our students. We are all fortunate to live in such a caring and beautiful community. Again, thank you for helping many students start the year in a positive way. A special thanks to both Debby Phillips and Lori Botnen for using their strong backs and muscle to help unload the bus.

Brian Hodge Superintendent Brookings-Harbor School District 17C

Ignore drummed up fears and lemmings


Does anyone else find it hilarious that those who are screaming about wanting government completely out of their lives want the government to criminalize abortions no matter what the circumstances and make us worry about anyone who is not Christian? How about barring gays from serving our nation no matter how well educated and dedicated? Did I mention the freedom thing? That's when people are guaranteed rights, including the pursuit of happiness, justice for all; you know all that written down stuff that makes us Americans. Religious freedom is in there, big time. Nobody who escaped religious tyranny said, "Let's set it up here."

Want to abolish Planned Parenthood, the Department of Education, Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Benefits? If you worked and paid taxes, you paid into accounts, money available to you should you need it in your old age. How many of us put that much money into a personal saving account? Not I. Also, if you worked you paid into unemployment benefits. You can use that money when you can't work or are let go and can't find work. How many of us prepared for that? We're not much good at saving and are always encouraged to spend andshy;andndash; it's good for the economy.

I don't have all the answers and I'll bet you don't either. Yes, Government is extremely complicated. I wish there was a magic wand that would make everything lovely for everyone.

I hope we can back away from drummed up fears and keep from following the Lemmings off the cliff.

Shirley Hyatt


Generosity benefits outreach clinic


On the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 5, you probably noticed an unprecedented number of satisfied-looking people driving spotlessly clean and shiny cars around the Brookings Harbor area. That's because they donated their vehicles to the St. Timothy's Outreach Clinic car wash fundraiser.

We want to thank the more than 30 contributors who stopped for a car wash and together donated over $600 to the free clinic that opens its doors on the lower level of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church every Tuesday afternoon, between 1 and 4 p.m. We also want to recognize three bands whose musicians provided lively entertainment that afternoon. We heartily thank The State of Jefferson Boon Dock Band, Spectrum Sound, and The Joyful Noise Band for their generous contributions of cash, time and talent, and for putting the "fun" in fundraiser. More thanks go to Roger Gilbert, head chef at St. Timothy's Soup Kitchen, for his expertise in organizing the fundraiser and for his grilled chili dogs that were beyond compare, and to Elvis who, despite a tight schedule, was able to make a brief personal appearance.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and volunteered to the Outreach Free Clinic, and Soup Kitchens at St. Timothy's Episcopal and Seventh Day Adventist churches. Your generosity and commitment to those in need in our community exceeds all expectations!

Jan Krick and South Coast Friends