The Curry Coastal Pilot

Good, honest 'clean' debating


To us, a debate has always been a date, a time, a place and a basic

agenda agreed upon by all the candidates running for that position.

If a candidate has a prior commitment and there are only two people

running for the office for which the debates are being scheduled, change

the dates to fit both candidates' schedules.

Only good honest "clean" campaigning. You don't have it anyway, and

imply your opponent is a "chicken" for not showing up to face you. Dirty

pool, rotten eggs; if it looks like it and smells like it, it must be

the type of campaign you and your people are endorsing. Preschool

antics, not even! We were born at night but it wasn't last night.

Bob and Betty Mears


What GOPers say vs. what they do


GOP is shorthand for Republicans and Tea Bag folks.

Republican and Tea Bag folks' complaints about not following the

Constitution: when the document doesn't fit what they want, they demand

to change it. Remember the 14th Amendment cries from the Right? The

Constitution is not a menu. GOPers always need a group to hate. Several

months ago it was Latinos, now it is Muslims. Anyone remember the Nazis?

GOPers hate for American Muslims now trumps freedom of religion.

GOPers say they want smaller government, but they want the government

to take control of a large area around ground zero. (Newt Gingrich)

GOPers want to extend tax cuts for the rich, but like Senator McConnell

said, "we don't know how to pay for the cuts.". (Must borrow $700

billion over 10 years)

GOPers want to reduce the debt. What? How does that work? GOPers like

to "borrow and spend" as opposed to "tax and spend." Tax and spend

means "pay as you go." Borrow and spend equals debt. GOPers' credit card

is maxed out. GOPers like war. It pours our treasury into the military

industrial complex. They say they honor our military men and women and

then send them off to senseless imperialistic wars. The money they've

spent could have protected our shores and borders 10 times over.

(Estimate) GOPers are obstructionist. They are bereft of ideas. They

only want to gripe. Boehner, for example, only complains, but has no

plan. Don't give the keys back; we can't afford it.

Mike Schrum


Don't play politics with this money


Curry County residents pay less than 60 cents per $1000 in assessed

value. The state average is $2.80 and the highest around $8.70. So

we've been fortunate, but not very bright. We knew the OandC money

would not be around forever. It's gone.

So, if you have a home worth $100,000 dollars that means you pay $60 a

year to run our county. Let's try that again, $1,000 dollars goes into

$100,000 dollars, 100 times. So, 100 X .60 cents is $60 dollars.

That's $5 bucks a month to run the county.

Get your tax bill out and read it. See the NET TAXABLE line, that's your assessed value for last year and this year.

The Law Enforcement Levy will increase your County Tax to $2.87 per

$1,000 dollar assessed value. (60 cents plus the levy of $2.27 = $287)

So for a $100,000 assessed value, 100 X $2.87 equal $287 dollars per

year, or $24 bucks a month. But $2.27 goes directly to the most

important mandated expenditure of the county law enforcement (sheriff's

office, jail, district attorney, juvenile court). No one could play

politics with the money, especially for entitlements.

I'm retired; my income is limited, so just for the record, I don't

like taxes any more than you. However, we made the mistake of not

looking to the future by accepting the OandC money without plan B. Not


Phil Colozzi

Port Orford

Vote Chris Teller for state treasurer


Oregon is facing a budget deficit of over $2.5 billion dollars next

year. The reasons are numerous and fingers of blame can be pointed in

all directions but that something must be done is a certainty.

Here's a radical thought: A big step would be to have a state

treasurer who is, at the very least, an accountant, but ideally a

certified public accountant (CPA). Chris Teller is that person. In her

various public positions as state senator, serving on a city council,

and as school district budget chair, Chris continually fought for more

detailed accounting of public resources to hold government responsible

and reduce over-spending and double-spending. I believe that Chris will

work to ensure that legislators don't try to balance the state budget on

the back of future Oregonians, our children and grandchildren.

Congressman Greg Walden has said, "Chris Telfer has the background

and experience to ensure our state's financial resources are

well-managed and properly safeguarded. As a CPA, she's made a

successful career of doing it for families and businesses and she's

ready to do a great job as our treasurer."

Let's get someone who really understands money, how to keep track of

where it goes and how to deter legislators from slipping unnecessary

projects in where hopefully they won't be noticed by the taxpayers.

Chris is certainly getting my vote and, I hope, yours.

Doris M. Roepke


Facts about League of Women Voters


Several recent statements in the Pilot about League of Women Voters-sponsored Candidate Forums are inaccurate. A nonpartisan organization, the League (which includes men as members) never endorses or opposes any candidate or political party, at any level of government.

The League has existed for 90 years at federal, state, and local levels. Their forums or debates may have different formats in different places, but are always neutral regarding those running for office.

Here in Curry County, we have conducted Candidate Forums for many years, for Primary and General Elections and Special District Elections, inviting candidates who face opposition. We call them forums; they are not debates.

Candidates have three or four minutes to give a statement presenting their positions and personal information. Order of speaking is determined by lot. Most of the forum is devoted to questions asked by audience members, allowing voters to determine issues the candidates will address. Questions are written on cards, collected, and delivered to a screener who checks for duplication or personal attacks on candidates. Questions then go to the moderator who reads them aloud. The moderator does not know what questions will be asked.

A candidate gets one and a half minutes to answer a question; other candidates running for the same office get one and a half minutes each to answer the same question, if they wish.

The League of Women Voters of Curry County will hold a forum 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6, in Brookings at the Chetco Public Library. Come and participate.

Sara and Albert Wilson, Co-presidents,

Shirley Nelson,

Voter Service Chair

League of Women Voters of Curry County

Bid farewell to my four-legged friends


Hello friends, I am sad today because the oldest member of my walking group, Sam, has passed. He was always the first one to run to the door when he knew we were going on our walk. He loved me beyond any imagination; he helped me when my mom died, he never left my side and he allowed me to cry while I snuggled him and held him tight.

He always welcomed new dogs to our group, always wagging his tail when he approached a new friend. This is so hard to write. I miss him terribly. Don't underestimate the power of that four-legged friend in your house. I have seen the power of love. I have seen it in senior care facilities as the residents light up when they see one of these dogs come in the building and jump up on a welcoming lap for that magical hug. When you see us walking, honk and wave. Sam will be there with us. He was the one in the back, next to our Joey.

Ede Speedy Viale


Democrats show their true colors


The Democrats, including President Obama, have just outed themselves as liars.

For seven-plus years they have been saying that President Bush cut taxes only for the rich. Now that the Bush tax cuts are about to expire, the Democrats are considering whether to extend the middle class portion: the tax cuts they've denied existed all these years.

The media has joined in the debate, ignoring a blockbuster story: Democrats Finally Discover Middle Class Taxes Were Lowered By The Bush Tax Cuts. No one in the media asks how the Democrats came to figure this out after almost a decade of bludgeoning President Bush and the Republicans over it. Did they know all along and purposely lie to the people? Did they just got around to reading that Bill?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Diane Daniels

Gold Beach

Stop the madness, plan for the future


"You want to build what? Where?"

I don't get it, oil peaked in 2008 and has since dropped and extraction has flattened out, the economy is in a depression it might never recover from as economic "growth" has ended while population growth continues.

Too many of our jobs have been outsourced to slave wage countries and won't be coming back anytime soon, and they will be very different jobs from today.

Our "planners" still want to build a tourist resort and golf course in the middle of nowhere in a area that's chilly, windy and isolated.

You're kidding aren't you?

Tourism is a declining industry and who will want to play golf while fighting the chill and the wind?

There is very little infrastructure in our county, no large cities or even towns, no "world class" restaurants, no malls, no amusement centers for the kids, there is little to attract the quality of tourist who would visit a resort and golf.

Aren't there better ways to spend our money than on another "white elephant"?

Don't we need to consolidate our businesses so that they can be in a one stop, covered, shopping center and remain viable when fuel costs rise again and they will.

We must plan for our future, not the past.

Sheila Chambers


Dog story begs for more questions


You've got to be kidding! Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010, has a front page article by Adam Madison, Wescom News Service, titled, "Man says dog fished him out of Smith River." The article continues on Page 2 where it says that, "Zoolu is even trained to pull Angel's tongue out of his throat if he swallows it during a seizure."

Fact: It is impossible to swallow one's tongue. How would the dog do this if it was impossible and how would the animal train for such an event?

The reporter needed to ask some questions.

Don Major


Want better service? Go to the top level


About a year ago, I wrote a letter to you, and anyone who would listen, about the level of service we were getting from the local Post Office.

This was after I had several conversations with the postmaster and supervisor, about the our lack of service in certain areas.

Thankfully, I got some backing from other folks who had problems that weren't being dealt with.

Now, I will thank the local postal folks for getting the message, and improving the service we all pay for. As a many-year employee of the Postal Service I knew what service we should expect.

I don't frequent the lobby, so don't know if the service time has improved there. Out on the rural routes, it has.

Folks, if you want anything to improve you have to talk to supervisors or senior management to even be heard.

While I'm complimenting the improved service I've had, may you feel differently about your service.

Let's all communicate our experiences, and thanks to the Curry Coastal Pilot, we can.

Jack McMahon


Increase jobs, increase taxpayers


Mr. Obama wants to raise federal revenues for cool projects like rebuilding the nation's infrastructure.

The least painful way to increase government revenue is to not raise taxes, but to raise the number of taxpayers. That is painless for current taxpayers, many of whom strongly feel that they are over-taxed already.

The best way to increase the number of taxpayers is to increase the number of jobs. More jobs equals more taxpayers.

Dr. Robinson, like Mr. Obama, wants to increase the number of jobs. One proposal that Dr. Robinson has for increasing jobs is to lower the cost of energy. That could really boost our economy and free us from expensive and dangerous dependence on imported energy. Cheaper energy equals more jobs.

Dr. Robinson is a scientist and an expert on energy. His plan to create jobs makes sense. That is why this Democrat has bumper stickers on his care reading "Art Robinson for"

Tom Anderson


White elephant sitting on highway


I have observed the Oregon Department of Transportation in action since I have lived in Oregon for the past 15 years.

My first reference is the errors made in the design of the Constitution Way project. The road design was not practical for the larger vehicles such as semis and buses, and had to be redesigned, costing the taxpayers additional money, not to mention the delay in the completion of the project.

My second concern is the weigh station on Highway 101 South. I recently discovered that although it took months to complete, disturbing the flow of traffic and delays, it is not being used. I found out why: They haven't the staff to keep it open full time.

Secondly, if they were to post a schedule the truck drivers would get wind of it and perhaps reschedule their trips. Therefore, there would not be a check at all. So we're back to square one.

So where are we? A white elephant sitting on the highway not being used. Taxpayers are bearing it, with disputed lane changes that are perhaps detrimental to drivers.

Ray Kornell