The Curry Coastal Pilot

Accountability and the Constitution


I'm not sure what flavor of Kool-Aid the people are drinking who defend the actions of the current and previous administrations.

Both have one thing in common: They are, and were, run by progressives. George and Dick showed the current administration how to skirt the Constitution with things like the Patriot Act and the oil war in Iraq that we paid for. Yes indeed, ol' George was progressive. So maybe when Obama and Pelosi/Reid went around the Constitution with "health care reform," the Republicans didn't have a leg to stand on. Only when America showed up at the tea party did we get their attention. Now the progressives on both sides of the aisle are tryin to figure out how to get control of the movement.

The progressive Democrats, with the aid of the lame- stream media, have tried to first ignore and then to name-call anybody who showed up by labeling them racist, radical gun proponents and Bible idiots. The progressive Republicans on the other hand are telling the tea party goers, we hear ya brothers, we believe exactly that too.

We make our politicians take an oath and it is the same oath that all soldiers take. It says we'll uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. This is a blood oath sworn before God and has no expiration date; it's for life.

I encourage all Americans to take this oath and then remember it when you vote. Hold whoever you vote for to the oath of office, then the Constitution and Bill of Rights will again be safe from the enemies of America.

Van Butler


Cell phones and the law


I just don't get it. I see people driving around every day with their cell phones glued to their ear. What is up with that?

I don't want to hear the reason like, "Well I have to use it, it is for my business. ..." I drive for a living and my business depends on the use of cell phones; however, I will NOT pick up a ringing cell phone unless I pull off the road.

Distracted driving is just that! We get all upset when we see stories about kids killing other kids because they were busy texting instead of paying attention. Well, to that I say, what kind of example are adults setting by picking up that phone in the middle of traffic?

I was poised to pull out of a parking lot last week when a car came and stopped on the road I was facing, cell phone glued to one ear, other hand on the steering wheel, then waving me to pull out. ... I guess she couldn't operate that blinker because she couldn't put that cell phone down long enough! If you can't operate that blinker, what makes you think you can operate that car?

Our city and county are going broke. If law enforcement started pulling offenders over and ticketing them they could collect a lot of revenue they are crying for!

Again I say, What is up with that?!

Kathleen Merrill


Bigger government and loss of freedom


During the past two years we have witnessed a real increase in the power of the federal government, beginning with the bailout of banks and continuing on to an economic stimulus, government ownership of auto companies and a health care law that the majority of Americans did not want.

Last month the president signed a 2,000-page financial reform bill that excludes the mortgage guarantee companies who were complicit in the crash of home finance and the housing industry. It's no wonder that conservatives are gaining in the polls and in recent elections. But regardless of polls and politics, fear and uncertainty dominate the landscape. Companies are sitting on trillions of dollars of cash and consumers are saving, not spending. This is justified.

The thousands of pages of new laws will be translated into bigger government, more regulation, with a corresponding loss of freedom. Amid all of this, I see posters around town where a seminar on the Constitution called "The Making of America" will be presented in Brookings on Sept.18. Maybe it's time to revisit why and how it was written, and what it means today.

Carol Richardson


DeFazio missed chance to debate


Where was Congressman Peter DeFazio Aug. 28, 2010? The editorial (Pilot, Sept. 4) stated he was doing his job in Washington D.C. (Eugene) reported he was in Eugene and described his activity as follows: That was just before the Slug Queen made her appearance, smiling and waving at her adoring fans while Representative Peter DeFazio followed behind as her "slime scooper." This is the Eugene Celebration Parade

If he was in Eugene for the parade, could he have arrived in Harbor in time to take part in the debate at 6 p.m.?

John Sowell's article in The News-Review, Douglas County, Oregon July 27, stated:

The two candidates running for the 4th Congressional District seat are trading salvos over a debate schedule, or rather, the lack of one.

One would think a cooperative schedule could have been arranged in time for a debate in the Brookings area on or near Aug. 28.

I hope this letter does not tarnish the good relations between the Pilot staff and myself. I feel the public needs to know as much about these two candidates as we can learn between now and November. I attended the meeting referred to in the Pilot article. I was very pleased to see members of all parties present. I am very sorry Congressman Peter DeFazio was not present. We, (about 200) who were present, missed an excellent opportunity to evaluate both candidates.

Larry Aslinger


Three make world a better place


Thank you so very much to the honest gentleman who found my VISA card in the Ray's Food Place parking lot. I am so grateful to you dear sir!

Cam Lynn, you are a beautiful police officer, my friend. Thank you for sticking up for our valuable, brave men and women law enforcement officers. All of our law enforcement officers should be respected and thanked for their care and dedication to duty. We would be in terrible straits without them! Thank you Cam, for all your many years of devotion to your profession. Brookings Police Department is so fortunate to have a jewel as Cam Lynn on their roster.

Ira Tozer, you are a most special human being. Thank you for your beautiful smiles and waves.

Thank you to all three of these wonderful gentleman. You make the world a much better place for us all. God Bless you.

Kay Atwell


The hard work is greatly appreciated


This summer the forest service had the pleasure of partnering with Curry County Juvenile Department and local youth participating in the county's Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (OYCC) program.

Over an eight-week period, 19 young adults and four crew leaders from local communities such as Port Orford, Gold Beach, Brookings and Agness, worked diligently on projects throughout the Gold Beach Ranger District. The youth crew program was supported in part by a Forest Service grant to OYCC through the Oregon Youth Employment Initiative, a project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The crews worked with our Botanist removing invasive plants such as Scotch broom, English ivy and tansy. They contributed significantly to hazardous fuel reduction and wildlife habitat improvement programs by constructing firelines in preparation for upcoming prescribed fires. Meadow restoration projects included manual removal of small trees encroaching on several meadows and collecting native grass seed for future seeding projects. District engineers were very appreciative of their accomplishments on projects important to public safety such as vegetation clearing adjacent to bridges and other bridge maintenance activities. Crews worked on numerous recreation projects in campgrounds and at other recreations sites enhancing conditions for local residents and visitors. Other projects were completed; all were important to natural resource programs in the area.

Throughout the summer county personnel, crew leaders and crew members were dedicated, hardworking and upbeat. I wish everyone in Curry County could have seen the quality work that these crews performed!

I speak for the entire Gold Beach Ranger District when I say thank you to the Curry County Juvenile Department and each OYCC participant. Your hard work is appreciated!

Alan Vandiver

District Ranger

U.S. Forest Service

Gold Beach Ranger District

Business as usual at Shabby to Chic


Although His Haven of Hope has closed its doors, our store Shabby to Chic is still open andndash; business as usual.

We are still accepting donations Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Proceeds will help reestablish His Haven of Hope at another location.

The community Garage Sale Saturdy is almost here. This is a busy time for the Outreach Gospel Mission. As always, we accept donations of clean re-sellable items with gratitude. We are unable to accept exercise equipment, TVs without remotes, and computer equipment. Please call ahead to book a pick-up or bring items Friday, Saturday, Monday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to the donation area. at Outreach Gospel Mission, 541-412-0278.

We thank you for your continued support and generosity.

J.D. Edwards,

Administrative assistant


Thank you for your loyalty


I wish to thank all my loyal customers who came in to help relieve me of my extensive inventory at my price reduction sales.

It sure made moving out a lot easier. Then to my friends and family who did the physical move out, I thank you: Dewey Tromblee, Peggy Nelson, Bud Halliday, Duke Wilhelm, Steve Braun, Pat Munds, Leila and Phil Bolster, and Bev and Wes Lyall.

The BNF Buyer's Club is now forming.

Joyce Tromblee, owner Brookings Natural Foods, Brookings

Getting to know Art Robinson


I'd like to thank Anne O'Dell for her letter (Pilot, Sept. 8).

She opposed Art Robinson and gave her reasoning as follows: Mr. Robinson does not believe in "climate change," which I'm guessing alludes to the current global warming debate. He wants to eliminate the board of education. And lastly, he believes in Christian-based schooling for his kids.

Climate Change: As this issue has already proven to be politicized nonsense I can't fault him for his belief. In the 1970s we were starting a new "heating up". Really? Look around. The Earth simply goes through cycles.

Next he'd like to eliminate the board of education. Does anyone really think the board of education is helping to provide quality education for our kids?

And lastly, he likes his kids schooled by a Christian-based curriculum. I don't know if anyone's told Anne this, but America was founded on these same Christian-based principles. I figure if these principles were good enough for our founding fathers, they are certainly good enough for our kids today. Beats the heck out of some of the nonsense they're forced to accept as "fact" these days.

So I'd like to thank Ms. O'Dell for bringing Mr. Robinson's positions to light. The more I hear about him the more I know he'll get my vote this year!

Mike Wiley


Defending Art Robinson


Dr. Art Robinson is a scientist and an expert on nuclear energy.

His views, as expected by him, have been misrepresented in the press. In fairness, let's set the record straight.

Although Mr. Robinson is an expert on nuclear power, he does not believe that the federal government should favor or disfavor any form of energy. This is an even-handed approach. Dr. Robinson maintains that our economy needs inexpensive energy. He also maintains that we could become an energy exporting nation instead of our current and expensive dependence on foreign energy. This is hardly an extreme view.

Dr. Robinson has addressed the issue of nuclear waste. He points out that France has nuclear power plants and deals with nuclear waste by recycling 97 percent of the waste back into the nuclear energy power plants. He advocates re-cycling, not dumping into the ocean, as a smear campaign against him maintains.

The question still remains as to what to do with the remaining 3 percent of the waste not recycled. One approach is to contain the waste in underground storage. This is reasonable safe but the search is on for an even safer approach. In theory, the radioactive materials are only dangerous in concentrated form.

One idea being considered by the nuclear scientists is to store the 3 percent of nuclear waste in the deepest oceanic subduction trenches. This is not dumping. It also is not dispersal. The containers might eventually be subducted into the molten mantle of the earth. If leakage did occur, it would be diluted to harmless levels of concentration. It is an idea being thought about, not a plan, not policy and not anything Dr. Robinson would implement if elected to Congress.

What Dr. Robinson would bring to Congress is an expertise on energy.

Tom Anderson