The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thank you all for returning our Chloe


Aug. 16th Chloe was returned!

I want to thank the Brookings-Harbor community for all their support.

Special thanks to KURY Radio, (Steve, Debi and all the DJs), the

Curry Coastal Pilot, and Crescent City radio stations, Rhonda Cornelius

for her perseverance and moral support, Chloe's grandpa Norris Pierce

who was the one who picked her up. Sheriff John Einsley and Catherine at

Gold Beach Humane Society.

Marci at Puppy Love who cleaned her up, Chloe was in bad shape!

Miracles do happen! And thank you to the people who returned her. Gold Bless.

Rebecca McFarland and Norris Pierce


Not impressed with Robinson's views


I went to the Art Robinson event; one that he "pretended" was

scheduled as a debate, all the time knowing that DeFazio was not able to

make it.

So what did I learn? Art does not believe in "climate change";

however, he is in the minority. Everything I found on the Internet

(wonderful invention that!) says most "climate scientists" believe it is


Art wants to eliminate the Department of Education and I guess put it

back into state control. Great; then states with racists and bigots

(they do still exist!) can discriminate against people different from

themselves. And I guess that means he has no respect for any school

teachers. (Thanks, Art.) Gee, I do and I think they get poorly paid most

of the time for the work they do.

It appears that Art and his children (as I look over his home-school

curriculum; yes, he does sell one) believe in this Christian-based

schooling. As someone who believes that organized religion is for the

most part destructive to society, this curriculum would be the last

thing I would have used to educate my six children. Furthermore, if I

wanted to live in a country run by religious fanatics I would just move

to Iran! Not everyone in our country is a Christian; many of the most

generous, giving, honest folks I know are not religious. They choose to

get their reward here on earth by doing for others.

Anne O'Dell


Biggest speech of Obama's career!


A Great Day Has Dawned that wasn't a speech it was the truth and it was done with articulation and resolve.

President Obama just gave the biggest speech of his career and, as I expected, it was powerful and true in the way he spoke .

I am proud to support him in this time of despair. We can only hope

those Americans who feel the need to say NO to any policy shall fail,

and our great nation shall rise from the Hate and Fear, and threats of

WAR, and begin to awaken to the truth he just spoke of .

We as a nation shall endeavor to persevere. His presidency will bring

us out of our economic strife and we shall rise once again to

greatness. Our economy and the middle class shall, too, become solvent

and secure.

Gary Davis


Election's coming, are you ready?


Were you watching, Curry County?

Our tea party members on the east coast certainly proved to the

country who's charged up, and ACORN (Association of Community

Organizations for Reform Now) had nothing to do with the feeling

running through the veins of a united America on the right of moderate.

Glen Beck's Martin Luther King Jr. memorial held in D.C. was

remarkable, and every time a liberal makes a derogatory statement about

the event proves what hypocrites they truly are.

Most of active voting Curryites are center right and we can't control

who will win the house seat 5th District, but let's take care of home

base and let the rest take care of itself.

Those of you on the left who plan on voting for DeFazio and Wyden

realize that you're happy with the economy, healthcare, Social Security,

25 percent bigger government this past year, and higher taxes for those

already paying 85 percent of our federal taxes. If you said yes you

deserve Pelosi, Reid, and Obama's ideology that could bring our country

down. Call me a bigot, racist or whatever pleases you, but it's your

country, too, and remember this plan of Obama's has never worked and

it's been tried plenty of times throughout history.

Art Robinson is a bright man and understands what we need to clean up the mess accumulated by a Democratic House and Senate.

It took eight years for the elite press and liberals to vilify the

Bush adminstration. It took the same people 18 months to embarrass

themselves and their party.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Never-failing effort to help the needy


Once again a big thank you to our community for your support and

donations to our food drive on Aug. 14. Over 800 pounds of food was put

on our shelves.

It is no big surprise to us that almost all of it is gone!

We have seen record increases for our services this year. Thanks to

the generous people of Brookings-Harbor we have been able to keep our

doors open; however, there are times we do not have the amount or

variety of items we would like to offer our families.

Winter is upon us and budgets will be stretched even further to pay

costs for heating, clothing, etc. in the cold, rainy months ahead.

Please remember that we offer services all year, no matter the season, and the need has never been greater.

Times are tough our there folks, and we need your help to continue to feed our less-fortunate friends and neighbors.

You never fail to help meet our needs and we truly appreciate your continued support.

Maureen Kee, volunteer Brookings-Harbor Community Food Share

DeFazio on right side of the issues


It is true that Peter DeFazio has done some disappointing things, the last few years.

He should never have voted for that stupid Obama Health Care bill and

I was severely disappointed when he did not support the border patrol

agents Ramos and Compeon, and when he did not support the impeachment

drive against the war criminals known as Bush and Cheney.

All that being said, I feel that Art Robinson and his supporters have

simply not made the case for kicking DeFazio out of office.

Peter DeFazio should absolutely be re-elected.

Congressman DeFazio has been on the right side of the immigration and

trade issues when traitors like Obama, Clinton and Bush have been

stabbing us in the back for decades.

DeFazio voted against the treasonous TARP (Troubled Asset Relief

Program) bailout bill for Wall Street when idiots like Obama, McCain,

Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin were all for it.

Peter DeFazio was an early supporter of the Ron Paul bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank.

Too bad that anti-American creeps like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd chose to water down the bill.

I would love to see the Democrats get dumped on their backsides and

lose control of Congress in November. They deserve to lose, just like

the Bush-league Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008. Peter DeFazio should

be re-elected, though.

He has been far too good a Congressman for far too long for us to turn our backs on him now.

Jim Hyslop raised some concerns about Art Robinson's views on women and minorities in the Aug. 18 edition of the Pilot.

How come there has been no response?

Joe Thomas


Heartbreaking changes at mission


My heart is broken. Why? Because of the changes that have taken place at The Gospel Mission.

I arrived homeless in Brookings on Jan. 24, 2008. I am not the

typical homeless person. I still had a car. I had been addicted to

prescription pain pills, went thru detox, and tried to work for a year. I

have a failed back surgery, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

If His Haven had not been there, I would have been sleeping in my car

(which I did one night).

2008 was the coldest winter with temperatures as low as 36 degrees.

Debbie Peterson was the manager at His Haven and from the time I

arrived, I felt not only her love, but the love of God. While I was

there from January through August on and off, there were 14 women who

were helped, two with children.

From the time Emma resigned and then Chuck and Ray, things have

changed, and I am very concerned. Where do women and children now go? I

saw Debbie cry many times when she had to turn women away for different

reasons. She definitely had a heart for the homeless and God's work, as

did Ray. I never really knew Chuck personally, but as he was the

director at the time, I would have to say he was definitely a man of

God. What now?

Wake up Brookings! I married the love of my life in August 2008, got

approved for my Social Security disability in December 2008, and yes,

Debbie, Ray and Chuck changed my life and my husband's, Robert Silva. As

some of you know he passed on February 20, 2010, from heart failure and

I have temporarily left to help some of my family members.

A huge thank you to all of you that helped me! And, you know who you are.

Donna King Silva

Daytona Beach, Fla.

Questions about Robinson abound


Ad in your paper Aug. 28, 2010, stated "Art Robinson will be debating Peter DeFazio. ..." Aug. 31, 2010, in Brookings.

What a crock!

Typical of Robinson and his supporters to imagine things that are not

going to happen. He tells people who might look at his website to

homeschool to protect their children from society (paraphrase). He sells

a set of CDs for home schooling and his major reference books included

in the curriculum: nearly 100 year old encyclopedia and dictionary. The

only things that will do is perpetuate the ignorance of the people who

choose to buy it and save Robinson from having to pay copyright fees.

Poor, deluded followers put his signs on their pickups and vans.

Check it out. Where did he get his education? Did any of his children

attend public institutions of higher learning? Is not that public


How many people of the estimated 200 showed up to see a debate? I saw

no protest that the advertising was false. Mr. DeFazio has agreed to

four public debates in September and October.

Chuck Weller


Robinson is the wrong choice


With your background as a scientist, people expect that you're

dedicated to sound information and accuracy. So it was a surprise to

find your brochure loaded with mistakes and inaccurate information.

For example, you say Americans "buy 30 percent of their energy from unstable nations abroad."


We get most of our imported energy from Canada andndash;yes, Canada.

Then there are your claims about Ronald Reagan.

Yes, he cut taxes andndash; once! But he raised taxes four times after that,

including higher business taxes. On top of that, our national debt

tripled during Reagan's two terms, not because he lowered taxes andndash; taxes

are actually lower today andndash; because he dramatically increased government


And your claim, "U.S. nationalizes medical industry" is completely

untrue. Only one major nation has nationalized medical care andndash; Great


And here in the U.S., we don't even have price controls on

prescription drugs, which is why so many are forced to turn to Canada or

other countries for their drugs.

Also, you state: "Nuclear power andndash; the greatest technological advance

in human history." Wrong again. There are at least a half dozen more

important historic advances, including agriculture, the wheel,

mathematics, the compass, the automobile, the airplane, and the


Candidate Robinson, you're obviously the wrong choice for Congress.

Jim Hyslop


Public forum without merit


In Mike Rockey's recent public forum his aversion to increasing our

taxes to fund the Sherif's Office is understandable but the rest of his

article is shameful nonsense and generally without merit.

To assert that the face of Curry County will change terribly if the

law enforcement levy is successful is foolish.The list of

bad-things-sure-to-happen looks like a script from a third rate

Hollywood disaster movie. The writer is probably correct however that

the Sheriffs Office personnel don't possess an abundance of academic

degrees and high-powered training. However, they do possess the

qualities needed in order to successfully fulfill their public safety

responsibilities: Courage. Years of experience in successfully

addressing criminals and criminal behavior in our community. An

exceptionally well-developed street sense. A positive and productive

attitude in the face of often lousy circumstances. The desire and

ability to do good for others.

Certainly the academics and degrees are critical and our local law

enforcement community does possess such qualifications. But academics

are not the foundation of good law enforcement. Finally, to criticize

the physical size and fitness of the sheriff and his deputies is

downright childish. I have a suspicion that if you were ever in a

tug-a-war with a bad guy you'd much rather have a big hombre like the

sheriff pulling with you than a skinny guy like me.

Well, think about it Mike. This recent forum demeaning county law

enforcement is a genuine load of newt manure. Law enforcement in Curry

County from all departments makes a pretty effective team.

Cam Lynn


Pilot public forum a cheap shot


The Public Forum in Saturday's (Sept. 4, 2010) Pilot was a cheap shot andndash; low blow.

Mike Rockey was making some valid points about the law enforcement

levy in the beginning of his piece, but his personal attacks against our

district attorney and sheriff were irrelevant and uncalled-for. What

does a test score or a persons weight have to do with the ballot

measure? Nothing!

Rockey's comparison of the Curry County Sheriff's Office with the

Oregon State Police is like comparing the Brookings Police Department

with the F.B.I. It's apples and oranges.

Mr. Rockey questioned the education and qualifications of our D.A.

and sheriff, two elected officials. I'm sure their resumes will be in

the voter pamphlet should they run for re-election. Read it!

The Pilot should have edited Mr. Rockey's piece for being tasteless.

Jim Brock


Complete trust in Sheriff Bishop


I feel that our Sheriff John Bishop has gone from the bottom to the top in 25 years of law enforcement.

I know for sure that he is street wise. Because of his experience

alone I have complete trust in the job he does. Whether or not he has a

college degree doesn't matter to me. I've seen people with lots of

degrees and education and they couldn't find their way out of a phone


I do a lot of volunteering in this county and I've had the privilege

and honor of working with Sheriff Bishop and his staff. I am a Vietnam

veteran. John Bishop and his department can come in my foxhole anytime.

I've seen his people at work and they are very professional.

As far as saying that John Bishop is obese, I would feel sorry for

the person that would challenge him. They would think they'd been hit by

a Mack Truck. You know the old saying "you can't judge a book it its

cover." I would like you to tell a 350- pound pro-football lineman that

he is obese. I've found that these linemen are very quick and in good

shape. I know that John Bishop cares about his people and the people in

this county. I would follow this man to hell and back.

As far as replacing sheriff's personnel with civilians, this would be

a total cluster screw up. I have a brother who retired with 28 years in

law enforcement in Rockford, Ill., and a brother-in-law with 35 years,

and a son who has been a deputy in California for 10 years. So I have

grown up with law enforcement. I thank you Mr. Rockey for your service

(Pilot, Sept. 4). Things are tough all over (in) this country and we

need to come together to fix the problems instead of worrying about

obesity and degrees.

Sam Vitale


That Ira Tozer makes me smile


Thank you, Ira Tozer, for making me smile. You are special.

Vicki Cooley


Too petrified to argue effectively?


I have a proposition.

How about, in order to edify the constant debate in our letters

section, we all make an effort to cite quoted sources, and use effective

argumentation? For instance, if your idea of world peace doesn't

include Christian concepts, discuss what specifically is wrong with the

Christian concepts. Stick to the topic at hand without throwing in

logically weak devices.

One letter writer squished two unrelated biblical references, ignored

the context, and made a jab completely irrelevant to Pastor Jim

Schultz's peace discussion. In addition, Schultz's argument for world

peace in Christian perspective has nothing exclusively Catholic in it,

so the uncited, random quote from a pope didn't affect his argument.

Nothing was proven except that the writer is willing to flail air in an

attempt at victory.

I am Catholic and am neither disturbed nor amused by random quotes of

dubious origin. Show me that you have read John Paul II, Leo XIII,

Benedict XVI or any other pope on peace, charity and social justice and I

will be impressed.

Another letter writer charged Art Robinson, digging a racist quote

out of a book on the candidate's school reading list and somehow tagging

the man with the attitude. Really? Then can we judge the mindset of our

school board or public school teachers by any and all content of their

high school literature reading lists?

Beware that your preconceived notions do not render you too petrified in opinion to argue effectively.

Valerie Cowan


Your vote is only thing they hear


Mr. Gordon Clay, you are wrong about me wanting to have everyone forget about the last administration and all its faults.

I actually stated I know Bush was a big problem for this Country and

caused a lot of the problems we have now. I simply think it is like

beating a dead horse to keep bringing it up. We all know and don't need

to be reminded. I am simply stating that in my opinion the present

administration has not helped the situation any either. The money keeps

flowing and the unemployment lines continue to get longer.

I just think that none of the politicians in office now are listening

to WE THE PEOPLE. They have gotten fat and sassy off of you and I. And I

see only one way WE THE PEOPLE can send a message to them. Vote them

out of office. We can't do any worse. And they sure don't listen to your

or my opinions being expressed all over the country right now.

So what else can we do to help America ? I know all the problems. And

am sick of hearing about them. So give me some solutions instead of

flack. Just like the parties, fighting each other. They and we need to

work together. Let's send that message. And your vote is the ONLY thing

they will listen to.

William Harlan


Supporting a one- world government


In his letter to the editor of August 28, about our world peace plan,

Jim Schultz noted his concern about mankind's sin, how we must rely on

Jesus for world peace.

My organization understands the message Jesus taught, and in fact, we

are taking the message to the higher level. The World Peace Plan is

based on spiritual teachings, but it is a secular concept. The

application of the principles.

We are creating an international government based on the teachings of

all the avatars. There is one overview concept, and that is "We Are

One," and no one can be left out of the whole. The spiritual teachings

are shrouded in mystery, and it is hard to understand their application

in the "real world." We are opening for debate the concept of the

proposed international government. People in 38 countries already

support the plan. Read about it at

We have an economic stimulus plan to start small businesses that even

the Republicans will vote for. Who said miracles don't happen any


Karen Holmes


Appreciate the day off


As a full-time caregiver for my family member I would like to commend

the wonderful program offered by the Brookings Activity Center.

It is held every Monday and run by a lovely lady named Sally Bogner

and her caring volunteers. The participants play games, are treated to

music and lunch and sometimes an excursion in the bus to the port for

ice cream.

It is a win-win proposition. A fun day of companionship for the

participants and a day off for the weary caregiver. Thank you so much.

For more information call the Brookings Activity Center.

Joy Jackson


Vacation Guides a gift for locals, too


Thank you Curry Pilot and the Triplicate for printing your wonder-filled semi-annual Vacation Guides.

You may think only tourists read them, but I can assure you that

there are plenty of local residents who take short mini-trips around our

area using your Guide as a roadmap.

Why, just as an example, over the Labor Day weekend, with "Coast" in

hand, my significant other and I filled up the car's gas tank and headed

for Crescent City. We have been here for 18 years and never yet taken

Howland Hill's bumpy, dusty, unpaved, pothole-ridden and winding road

into Stout Redwood Park. Your article in this latest "Coast" Guide

convinced us it was a scenic trip worth the effort. What we saw was some

of the most awesome scenery this side of Heaven, and the only downside

was the incredible amount of dirt that had accumulated on the sides of

my car. Still, not nearly the amount of dirt our politicians will be

throwing at each other from now until November, and at least we have

several great local car washes which can almost instantly get us clean


We just would like everyone who reads this letter to check out the

Vacation Guide and go off on a spur-of-the-moment mini-trip to seek a

place of Wonder whenever they are faced with Worry, Stress or Anger.

Jan Norwood