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Elks' Ribs 'n Chili Cookoff thanks!


This thank you is too big to be published in the Letters to the

Editor. Please check the advertisement in this issue of the Curry

Coastal Pilot. You will see who your friends, neighbors and businesses

are that help to make our community great.

Phil Cox


Driving our country directly to the dump


The GOP has done a wonderful job since they lost the Presidency,

House and Senate. A wonderful job, that is, in trying to get us to

forget the job the last administration did, as stated in Wm. Harlan's

letter. Similar to but different tactics from the White Water Papers


The GOP and their fellow T.E.A. Party activists would like to see the

clock turned back a couple of years so they can put even more money in

the pockets of the wealthy class.

They do know how to drive and they proved it by driving our country,

educational and economic systems and personal freedoms directly to the


To name a few:

Cut taxes for the most affluent that turned a balanced budget into trillions of debt.

Wanted to convince everyone to put their life savings in stocks and do away with Social Security.

Plunged our country into war with a sovereign nation for the first time in our nation's history.

Dare to refresh your memory of GWB's first three years at

It takes much longer to repair a broken system than it takes to break

it, and it took eight years of GWB policies to get our country to its

lowest point since the depression. We need a progressive congress to

continue the repair work, rather than the repressive congress known as

The Party of "No" which has been blocking progress at every turn making

it considerably more difficult to repair the damaged system.

Don't get conned again. Vote for progressive candidates, especially if you clear less than $250,000 a year.

Gordon Clay


Humor based on mistake on my part


I've really stepped in it now.

My recent "letter to the editor" in which I tried to make a point about Fox News being about as "fair and balanced" as a duck.

I made assertions, intended to be humorous, that were based on a mistake on my part.

And it's put me in hot water with people I never heard of before, or would ever mean to hurt.

But I have hurt their feelings and I want to apologize.

Here's what happened: I was contacted shortly after my letter was

published by some most impressive individuals who set me straight. It

appears the Neanderthals did not "die out" as is popularly believed.

They've been right here with us all along. And I insulted them by

suggesting they're Republicans and they watch Fox News. I'm told they're

"totally" progressive and are big supporters of our president. For

news, I was told they read the New York Times and watch Rachel Maddow.

And that they find Fox News "juvenile" and fit only for Troglodytes. (I warned them about "stepping" in it like I've done.)

Anyway, for my arrogance ... I apologize.

I wasn't kidding about a common genetic mutation we share with the Neanderthals. I found that in "Scientific American" magazine.

But in a more obscure scientific publication, I found research

revealing all sorts of odd connections like, "the more you watch Fox

News the more likely you are to have warts."... Who'd of known?

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Kill them all and let God sort it out


In his letter to the Pilot of August 28, "People not evolving

spiritually, morally," Jim Schultz reveals unto us his vision of the one

true path to salvation: acceptance of the coming one-world government

of Jesus Christ. Mr. Schultz backs up his claim with a slew of Bible

references, so who could possibly doubt it?

What Mr. Schultz neglects to mention is that according to Biblical

prophesy this wonderful new world is to be reserved for only a very few

of the chosen elite. I believe the prophesied number is 144,000. All the

rest of us "goats" are to be consigned to Hell.

Of course, the famous Christian plan to care for all those who do not

find themselves among the chosen elite was proclaimed in the 13th

century by Pope Innocent III: "Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet."

Roughly translated from the original Latin, this means "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

John Cupp

Smith River

Sometimes we just make it worse


Knee jerk: I've seen many bumper stickers lately saying re-elect no one.

I know many people only look at the ballot 10 minutes before they

vote. Wouldn't it be better if we all spent just a little more time to

examine the people and issues we are voting for?

Sometimes if we don't make an informed choice we could just make it worse.

Hank Robertson


Keep pets safe when disaster hits


It's been five years since Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast and, while homes and even communities have been rebuilt, the beloved animal companions who were lost or killed in the storm can never be replaced. As we remember all who were lost in Hurricane Katrina, let's also make plans to ensure that all our family members are safe if a disaster strikes. Here are some tips:

Always take animals along in evacuations. It may be weeks before you can return home, leaving animals stranded without food or water.

Scout out places where you and your animals can stay during an evacuation. Friends, family, and hotels are good options.

Make sure animals are current on vaccinations and are wearing collars with identification tags.

Assemble an emergency kit: Include leashes, bowls, towels, blankets, litter pans and litter, and at least a week's supply of food and medications.

If you must leave animals behind, leave them indoors, with access to upper floors and at least 10 days' worth of dry food and water (fill sinks and multiple containers). Place signs in windows and on the front door indicating the number and type of animals inside-rescue teams may be able to save them.

Visit for more emergency-preparedness tips.

Lindsay Pollard-Post,

research specialist

The PETA Foundation

The dark side of Art Robison


Judging from Art Robinson for Congress signs you see around the county and the enthusiasm of his supporters, you would think Art Robinson is the most enlightened, intelligent human being on the planet.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware or choose to ignore the dark side of Art Robinson.

Art Robinson's strange beliefs could fill a book and are well documented. This letter contains only a tiny sample. For example, based on articles from his website "Access to Energy" he apparently believes that nuclear waste should be dumped in the oceans and that ocean marine life is "starved for" crude oil. One article enthusiastically titled "OCEAN DUMPING? YES!" states that "ocean dumping is a solution for waste disposal."

He opposes public schools and calls public education socialism. No surprise, since he made a small fortune selling home schooling materials. These mostly contain non-copyrighted material from the 19th and early 20th century, including the McGuffey reader, the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, and a "wonderful collection of historical novels written by G. A. Henty. "This passage about native Africans from one of Henty's "wonderful" books gives you an idea about how un-wonderful this literature really is: "Living among white men, their imitative faculties enable them to acquire a considerable amount of civilization. Left alone to their own devices they retrograde into a state little above their native savagery." This is the kind of literature he wants our young people to read!

This just barely scratches the surface, but it will give you an idea of what the real Art Robinson is all about. Do you want this person to represent you in Congress?

Tomas Bozack


Thank you from the Little League


The Brookings-Harbor Little League board, on behalf of the coaches, players and all involved, want to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to the community for its support and generous contributions toward our program.

Brookings-Harbor Little League was represented at the District All Star tournament by five teams. Three of those teams (Minor Softball, Major Softball and Junior Softball) won their district division and advanced to the State All Star tournament. Our Junior Softball team won the state tournament and advanced to the Regional All Star tournament in Arizona.

The community's generosity provided enormous support towards the expenses incurred by these teams as they advanced in each division. We are privileged to live in a community that provides such tremendous support to the youth programs in our area.

Thank you to each person and business that has supported our program and the many other programs in our community.



Little League board

Where is the budget, DeFazio?


I attended the DeFazio town hall meeting on Aug. 24, and found that the people at the meeting listened and asked questions in a polite manner.

There were five police officers attending the meeting and I was not aware of anyone being evicted from the meeting for disruptive behavior.

One of the two main functions of Congress is to create and pass a budget every year. I asked Mr. DeFazio why a budget hadn't been created especially considering the bad financial straits we are presently experiencing. He said: "I would say political timidity is the reason." He also said: "We are not following the regular rules as adopted andndash; it's not a regular process but the process has been more abused than followed." He further stated that "it's a complicated process." Politics is not a good enough reason for not creating and passing a budget andndash; we should expect more and get more from our Congress.

When a family is experiencing financial difficulties, one of the first things they do is look very closely how they are spending their money and they create a budget that reduces that spending. Instead, our government is increasing spending at an unprecedented rate and they are not creating a budget for political reasons even though there is a large Democratic majority. This makes no common sense in these financially unstable times.

As a country, we need to get back to fiscal responsibility. If we are going to accomplish this, we need to elect representatives that will be supporting this concept with actions not just words. That is one of the reasons that I support Art Robinson for Congress.

Sue Gold


Time to abolish two-party system


I would like to respond to, and perhaps enlarge upon, the letter from William Harlan (Pilot, Aug. 25) in which he advocated, "Vote all new people into office."

I agree with his idea in concept, but just replacing the people with others that would perform in the same or similar manner would accomplish nothing. I believe that most of our politicians do not think, or vote, for themselves. Rather, they perform as directed by their party. If one simply wants change, vote for a Republican to replace a Democrat or vice versa. Changing from one Democrat or Republican to another will have little effect. The change will be predictable based on that candidate's party philosophy.

Politicians today appear to have loyalty only to their respective party, not to the voters who got them into office. In order to get real change, it seems we need to get rid of the "two party system," i.e., every politician should stand on his own and proffer and vote on bills based on his own beliefs of what is beneficial to his constituents. Not based on what his party wants him to do.

The term "bi-partisan" would be lost from the esoteric language of politics, and each politician would be accountable only to his constituents andndash; not to a party. I suspect there would also be a lot less money spent on campaigns.

Robert L. Chambers


Hypocrisy typifies Robinson campaign


According to an advert in the Aug, 28 Pilot, it was announced that Fourth District candidate for Congress Art Robinson would debate Congressman Peter DeFazio on Tuesday, Aug. 31, and a venue was included.

In view of a letter to the editor published on the 28th I telephoned DeFazio's office to determine whether the debate would take place as announced. I was informed that it was not on his schedule, and that the supposed debate on the 31st was published by the Robinson people knowing that DeFazio could not be present owing to his responsibilities in Washington, D.C.

In other words, Congressman DeFazio was doing what he has been elected to do even while Robinson was announcing a "debate" in which he likely would accuse the unable-to-be-present congressman of not doing his job. This all amounts to an unethical dirty-tricks campaign by Robinson and complicity on the part of the party who sponsored the advert.

Further, it appears from the advert that it is an attempt to attract people who are undecided or who lean toward DeFazio to a function in which Robinson could then accuse DeFazio of being a no-show and unwilling to debate, and in effect bribe them with coffee and donuts as well as reviling DeFazio's job performance. This sort of deviousness and hypocrisy apparently typifies Robinson and his campaign. If he were to be elected, one should expect the same behavior while in office. There already is far more than enough of this in our nation's capital. Do people actually want to vote for a person whose approach and tactics evidently are meant to deceive?

Incidentally, DeFazio's office said that DeFazio will in fact debate Robinson on dates in September, which the lady who responded to my query said will be announced.

Jim Hansen


U.S. politics: Hollywood style!


Some say life imitates art. After decades spent scarfing Milk Duds in theaters as dimly lit as Al Gore's brainpan, I say lifelong Marxists ape artsy horror flicks. Obama's treacly twaddle (stop me before I alliterate again!) appears to be lifted from Ed Woods cringe-inducing oeuvre. Yeah, the Hollywood auteur who had this funky foible (oops) of wearing silk undies and fuzzy sweaters. In fact, Pelosi's legislation eerily resembles Ed's masterpiece, "Plan Nine from Planet X." Pffft.

They can't snooker us classic chiller buffs well schooled in the machinations of boogeymen from God-knows-where and adept at ferreting out invasive freedom snatching Obamapods hidden amongst the media dreck.

We will survive by laser-like focused hocus-pocus. Except granny who, according to the Hitchcockamamy Health Care Kill Bill, will be frog-marched into Norman Bates' fruit cellar. The weaselly Democrats say they wouldn't hurt a fly. ...

Grace Laskey