The Curry Coastal Pilot

Alarmed by DeFazio opponents' behavior


My husband and I attended the Town Hall Meeting by Peter De Fazio Tuesday at the Senior Center.

We were disgusted and alarmed by the behavior by those supporters for the other person in the Congressional race for Congress. They had big signs all over the place, clapped at the wrong places, talked during his answers, and had chickens at the back of the meeting hall.

How could so called thinking adults behave in such boorish and disrespectful manners to someone of the other party? These actions by local fanatics show that the Republican Party is going to the "dogs."

And it "ain't" pretty.

Maggi and Arthur Moore


Address concerns about Robinson


Let me address some of the concerns raised by Jim Hyslop in his letter in the Pilot on August 18 concerning Dr. Art Robinson. Dr. Robinson is running to replace Mr. Tax You Til You Squeal, Pete DeFazio in the U.S. Congress.

Hyslop derides Dr. Robinson for advocating home schooling. Dr. Robinson, after his wife died at age 43, home-schooled his six children. Three have P.H.Ds now, and three are working toward that goal. Not many families that publicly schooled their children can say that.

A headline on the front page of the same Pilot reads, "Federal report card shows district fails to improve test scores," and then goes on to state that students at Azalea Middle School and Brookings-Harbor High School are failing to meet federal standards.

Hyslop states that Robinson would like to eliminate the Department of Education. The decline of our educational system began when local control was taken away by the states and federal government and huge expensive government agencies sucked the money out of educating our children.

Mr. DeFazio has had 22 years in office to fix things. All he has done is raise taxes and increase the size of government, vote to take our rights away under the Constitution, vote for ObamaCare socialized medicine and destroy our successful way of life in this country for our children. His environmental, tax and spend, union and lawyer support programs have driven jobs out of this country.

Eighty percent of his campaign funds come from unions, lawyers and PACs and very little from common people. These people own him and although he talks a good story, he doesn't give a rip about you or me. He only cares about getting re-elected.

Vote for Dr. Art Robinson and vote for smaller, more accountable government.

Ralph Martin


People not evolving spiritually, morally


I took Karen Holmes' advice and read about the World Peace Organization's Plan for a one-world government and want to comment on it.

Like Holmes, I strongly desire to see peace on earth. But the way to accomplish that is at issue here. Holmes appears to assume that everyone and everything is God and we are evolving spiritually so that more of us become more conscious of our godhood and can thus unleash our power to create a better world.

However, recent human history is littered with the evidence that human beings are not evolving and improving morally and spiritually, much less evidencing inherent deity. The very problems in our world Holmes and other New Agers want to solve are caused, not by ignorance of self-divinity, but by the sin nature in every human being and our failure to love and obey the personal God who exists outside of ourselves andndash; not to mention our failure to love others as ourselves. Because of this sin within us, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Holmes' assumption that it will take God to solve the problems is correct. But we will not find Him by looking in ourselves. Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the only one qualified to be the King of Kings. Jesus will set up a one-world government when He returns to the earth (Isaiah 9:1-7, Revelation 19-22). He will resurrect us and renew the heavens and the earth to live with us here forever (Revelation 20-22, 1 Corinthians 15). He will also enable us to assist Him in His rule of the earth, as we were originally designed to do (Genesis 1:27f., 2:1-12, Revelation 20:1-6), but we will need to be purified by Him first (1 John 3:2-3).

Until then, of course, we are called to work for peace and justice on the earth, but our hope rests in Jesus, not ourselves.

Jim Schultz


Get informed and then vote


Knee Jerk: I've seen many bumper stickers lately saying re-elect no one.

I know many people only look at the ballot 10 minutes before they vote. Wouldn't it be better if we all spent a little more time to examine the people and issues we are voting for. Sometimes if we don't make an informed choice we could just make it worse.

Hank Robertson


DeFazio doesn't say what he's done


After listening to Mr. DeFazio I do not remember him telling us what he has done, just what he plans on doing.

I have not decided on who to vote for in regards to any position, but

I want to know if you are in office what have you done? Not what you

would like to see done. We have had too many promises from the

government that have not been fulfilled!

As to letting the tax cuts stay he wants some or all eliminated. Is

this going to improve the job situation? So many businesses are coming

and failing. Let's not punish the ones who are succeeding!

Then there again the solution to the problem is always to raise

taxes! Now he wants to have people pay an unlimited amount of FICA taxes

to fund Social Security. We would not have the Social Security problem

or Medicare problem if the government had not stolen $3.5 billion from

these programs since their inception.

Looks like the same old "trust me with your money and I will take care of you" scheme!

Carl Cooper


Using dirty political tactics


An open letter to Art Robinson: Mr. Robinson, I attended the DeFazio

town hall this week and saw all your signs, your children dressed as

chickens and several people holding signs that said "Debate Robinson."

Perhaps the audience was unaware that you have given "debate dates"

to DeFazio when you knew that Rep. DeFazio had to be in Washington for

work. This of course results in an opportunity to use "dirty political

tricks" to try and make Rep. DeFazio look "afraid" to debate you. Why

don't you run on your positions and beliefs instead of having to stoop

to this type of activity?

Mr. Robinson, Rep. DeFazio is not afraid to debate you. Your

positions are so outlandish and crazy to most of us, DeFazio will stand

out as he is: an extraordinary, dedicated representative for those of us

who live in the district. In fact, here are the dates that Mr. DeFazio

will gladly meet you for debates:

andbull;Friday, Sept. 10, from noon to 1:15 p.m., Eugene Hilton;

andbull;Monday, Sept. 20, 5:30 p.m., Corvallis Library;

andbull;Monday, Oct. 18, from noon to 1:15 p.m., Douglas County Fairgrounds.

andbull;Date to be announced, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Coos County.

Please make every effort to attend these debates so that the voters will be able to make an educated choice in November.

Anne O'Dell


16th Amendment controls money


In his letter to the Pilot of Aug.25, "Time to get back control of

our lives," Myron Whiting proposes a question to be asked of all

political candidates: "Where does the Constitution give you the

authority to do what you propose or have voted for?"

Here is the answer to Mr. Whiting's question: The 16th Amendment to

the Constitution of the United States, passed on Feb. 25, 1913:

"The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on

incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the

several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

The founders of our country rightly feared the tyranny of a powerful

central government, and so gave the federal government only very limited

powers and a very limited budget, measured in thousands of dollars

instead of the trillions of today. All that changed in 1913 with the

passage of the Federal Income Tax.

There is an old saying: "Put your money where your mouth is!" Well,

the federal government has had full access and control of our money

since 1913, so it doesn't much matter where our mouth is today.

John Cupp

Smith River, Calif.

TEA Party hypocracy


TEA party: I happened to be searching YouTube footage when I came

across a video of our wonderful local TEA Party-goers demonstrating

whatever they demonstrate against (do they even know) and noticed

someone I have met here in town; I won't give his name but I'll call him


These folks are against government handouts, healthcare, welfare and

anything that helps people in need. Meanwhile John is begging and

pleading with the federal government to keep his home from foreclosure.

Please don't tell John those funds he so badly needs come from TAXES!

Oh the hypocrisyandhellip;go gettem TEA Party!

James Wahlberg

Gold Beach

Accurate assessments


Hats off to Thomas Schelter (Pilot, Aug. 14) for his accurate assessments of Rush Limbaugh and the tea party.

I have not seen Tom for many years, but I remember the first time I

ever heard Limbaugh was about 15 years ago when Tom and I were listening

to the car radio while on our way back from assisting a needy family

somewhere in Curry County.

What a stupid, dishonest, loud-mouthed jerk Limbaugh was, then and now. Keep it up, Tom, and don't let them get you down.

Ralph Crawford


Future looks bright for art community


Art has bright future in Brookings/Harbor.

Congrats to the Festival of the Arts and all their great volunteers

for a wonderful event. If you missed it you can watch on You Tube.

And on behalf of the Stout Mountain Railway Club I would like to

express our thanks to Janeen Vick and her very talented young artists

for painting the Art Walk Boxcar which represents the Second Saturday

Art Walk and the Manley Art Camp for Kids andndash; another bright spot on the

local art scene. And thanks to those who stopped by to visit.

Two videos were made from the Art Walk set up: "Art Camp Boxcar" and

"White Pass at Art Walk." These and more available on the Stout Mountain

Railway Channel on YouTube.

Tony Parrish


'For Sale' signs can't be restricted


I have had the opportunity to read Valliant Corley's article about

the Court of Appeals' decision upholding the Curry County Circuit

Court's decision in the Emerald Coast Estates v. Davis case. (Pilot,

July 31).

I am the attorney that argued the case for the Davises and there was a

big error in the story. What the Court of Appeals did was to affirm

Judge Margolis' decision that the "For Sale" sign could be placed

anywhere on the home and not just in the window. The Circuit Court did

not uphold Emerald Estates' right to prohibit a sign.

Judge Margolis issued a well-written opinion holding that Emerald

Coast Estates could not restrict the sign to just being in the window of

the manufactured home.

When the Oregon Appellate Court issues an opinion affirming the lower

court without issuing an opinion itself, that represents a feather in

the cap of the lower court judge as the opinion written by the lower

court judge stands on its own without any correction by the Appellate

Court needed.

This case represents a victory for manufactured home park tenants who

want to sell their homes as the rule limiting the placement of a "For

Sale" to the window by Emerald Coast Estates was considered to be

unreasonable and unenforceable.

David S. Tilton,

attorney at law

Coos Bay