The Curry Coastal Pilot

So many people fall for this ...


The check I received was on Amer UN Svgs and Ln Assoc in Chicago Ill. in the amount of $3,975. The letter was from the San Diego office of Staffmark, which, according to the Web, is a legitimate temp agency.

The letter was time sensitive; I only had 48 hours to call a number and receive a code. I was then to cash the check, keep $200, spend $50 at Walmart, pay a $60 Western Union fee, and wire $3,665 back to them.

In red letters, it said that, due to confidentiality agreements with their clients, this must be handled with utmost professionalism and discreetness.

On the bottom was a list of affiliates such as Macy's, Circuit City, Sam's Club, Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penney, and TJ Maxx.

I showed it to a few people, and told them that this is why so many people fall for this. But as your article (Pilot "At the Helm," July 24) said, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Marty Glazebrook


Late Bloomer is greatful for grant


Thanks to the Festival Of The Arts Committee for awarding me a Late Bloomer Grant.

Thanks too to the committee for their contribution to the development of local artists and to the cultural growth of our community.

Janet Richey


Please support these fine girls


The State Champion Junior Softball Little League team did more than capture the first ever girls' state title for our area; they represented you and Brookings Harbor in a true spirit of sportsmanship and maturity.

These 13 and 14 year olds ranged from seasoned veterans of a try at State as 9-10 year olds to first year learners, and they all played outstandingly. This community can be very proud of them as young women as well as champions.

They need help. The next step is the Regional Tournament in Tucson, Arizona. With plane tickets, housing, food and van rental, the budget is well over $5,000 for just the players and coaches. There is no fund in District or State Little League to help out, and our local League is pretty well tapped out after sending six teams to district competition and all three girls' teams to state. The players and parents are out soliciting donations, holding car washes, and planning a tri-tip dinner on Friday with the help of the Elks Lodge. Please support these fine young girls in any way you can. We need cash, air mile donations, companion tickets ... you name it. And we need it fast ... the tickets go up and the seats go down every day.

Please call me at 541-661-3204 if you can help in anyway. It has been a pleasure to be the "gramma/coach" for these great kids.

Peggy Goergen

Brookings Harbor

Principle of Taxed Enough Already


Every once in a while there are letters that just boggle the mind.

You either understand the simple principle of Taxed Enough Already or you don't.

For you who don't know how to use or don't own a dictionary, the definition in Webster is as follows.

TAXED: To make onerous and rigorous demands on, or a heavy burden or strain, or to require a person to pay a percentage of income to support government.

ENOUGH: Sufficient or to fully meet demands needs or expectation.

ALREADY: Prior to a specific or implied past present or future time.

Unless you haven't paid any taxes lately what part of ENOUGH doesn't anyone get.

The politicians are dictating to us (We The People) what they want NOT what we vote for or otherwise know as (The Will of the People). The politicians have forgotten they work for us. The Tea Party is what is going to remind them.

Naoma Fick


Kindness gives hope to the living


Is the gulf starting to heal?

When we see all the destruction and damage to the environment and all the animals that have suffered and sacrificed their lives for human greed, it is heartbreaking and sobering. The unbelievable suffering that has been put on people's lives and to completely take away what they have known all of their lives is unspeakable. Some will have to move away from their only homes they have known all their lives and leave the memories of better times behind and to start anew. They have already given up so much. The strength of their will can and will see them through this.

I have to give so much credit to those who have given so freely to help all the animals that have been caught up in this mess. Some couldn't be saved but so many have and that is a blessing. Also, it is heartwarming to see the outpour of compassion not only to the people but to the animals they had to leave behind. So many are there to give them a second chance in life. The pets feel the turmoil and the uncertainty just as their owners feel, and the reality of knowing they have to leave their best friend behind just adds to the heartache, the sadness and the loneliness they already have in their lives and that certainly includes their pets feeling the same.

To everyone who has shown such compassion and love to humans and animal kind, I thank you so much and the ones you have helped will always keep you in their hearts. All of your kindness has given hope to all the living. Sometimes it takes a disaster to bring out the human spirit and if there is a positive to such destruction, let this be one of them. Thank you!

Beverly Duncan


Food bank needs community's help


Community Helpers Food Bank has a special need: our 40-plus year old double door refrigeration unit has broken and is irreparable. Unfortunately we lost quite a bit of perishable products last week due to this breakdown and our remaining single-door unit is also very old.

We have requested a grant from Oregon Food Bank and they have visited our site and agree that we need new units. To replace these units, the total cost is $4,500 delivered. We need to raise $2,000 in order for OFB to grant us the balance toward these new units.

In July alone we have already spent $2,800 in food product purchases and year-to-date over $15,000. The number of hungry families in our community increases daily. Please help us to purchase new refrigeration units by sending your donation to: P.O. Box 1415, Brookings, OR 97415. Make a note stating "refrigeration" in the memo section.

Your continued generosity will help us to serve our families in need. Thank you for your support.

Jan Fox, board chair

Community Helpers Food Bank

Thanks everyone for the donations


South Coast Community Resource Center would like to thank everyone for their recent donations of products and cash for the non-food pantry.

Volunteers have been out selling the cookbooks and making cookies made from the recipes to sell and promote book sales. We have gone to the farmers markets in Brookings, Port Orford and now in Gold Beach to let people know that we are working hard toward stocking the non-food pantry. The volunteers have been giving out information pamphlets at the markets to explain our organization's mission and giving a better understanding how we are helping our communities of Curry County.

Thanks to all the wonderful donations the non-food pantry is now here to help those who need our help. We have helped many families in Curry County since beginning this program in December. With your donations we hope to be able to continue to reach out to many more families.

One of our best resources is the parenting class that is being taught weekly in Brookings and Gold Beach. If anyone is interested please call 541-247-2412.

Sandra Gilkey, for

the Board of SCCRC

Emblem Club appreciates support


The Brookings Emblem Club would like to thank Matt Galli, manager of Fred Meyer, for his generous donation of a station at our Holiday Christmas Wraps and food products for our various fund raisers over the years. Also to Hal Panter of the Grocery Outlet and all of his team members for all his donations and help with our Fourth of July Bake Sale.

You have always been there to help our community; we really appreciate all you do. It's a wonderful feeling knowing our community merchants are so willing to help our various charity fundraisers.

Thank you all for all your help.

Carolene Archuleta, for

The Brookings Emblem Club #265

Question proximity of mobile homes


Who thought up the idea of putting all those mobile homes in the recent fire in Harbor so close together?

I sympathize with the victims whose homes and cars burned. I also realize that the much-loved man who died probably caused his own death: I pity him and his loved ones.

But why has nobody questioned the greed behind putting so many homes and vehicles so close together? The rapid spread of the fire to other structures and vehicles, I bet, has something to do with lack of zoning regulations and/or landlord greed. The last two homes at end of the fire are at most only about 10 feet apart. It looks typical of the rest of the park. "Setback" is the term for distance structures are built from a property line. Eight feet seems to be a minimum standard for even the stingiest developers. Thus structures would normally be 16 feet from each other. It appears that the owner allowed or, heaven forbid, PLANNED it for much less.

Setbacks vary: some in Brookings are as much as 16 feet (32 feet between houses). Most zoning laws also require a fire resistant wall between garage and home. At the site of the fire, nothing except a couple of feet, separated the vehicles and/or the structures they were parked between. Collateral damage could have been minimized with decent planning or enforcement of zoning regulations if there are any.

Chuck Weller, concerned citizen


Residents pony up $2K for fire victims


Congratulations Brookings-Harbor andndash; you ponied up over $2,000 at the fundraiser last Sunday for fire victims.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, some folks were surprised. I was not. This is a caring community with a few old grumps and I know all both of them.

Special thanks to Dennis Knauert and the Mission gang (thanks fellas) Scott Graves and the Pilot, Boondock Band and all the musicians that showed up and gave their time to make this event happen (thanks gang). Thanks to the new group Spectrum Sounds (tasty). Of course nothing goes as planned andndash; one group cancelled at the last moment. Again thanks to all who had a hand in this event.

Any comments, suggestions, feedback etc., let's hear it: .

Soup kitchen, you're next.

Rudy Glen Spence Brookings