The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thanks for rescuing our stranded son


We sincerely thank the Curry County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Rope Team and the Harbor Fire Department for rescuing our son Torsti after he became stranded 20 feet from the top when climbing over a difficult cliff south of Sporthaven Beach. He was most grateful and praised the volunteers for their time and jobs well done.

Beware of climbing on our dangerous oceanside cliffs. The possibilities of stranding, injury or death outweigh the adventure.

Carl and Leslie Rovainen


Keep murderer behind bars


This is the letter I sent to the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision in Salem regarding inmate Marvin Dennis Sherman.

I hardly know where to begin to write this letter and I am crying as I do so. Dodi Antunes was well known in our small community, one of the local kids. At the time of her murder I had children around her age and was also a reserve deputy sheriff of Curry County. When she disappeared from a party in Agness, upriver from Gold Beach, one of my children was also with friends in that area. As a parent, I was so frightened thinking of what might have happened to Dodi and that it could have been my daughter. As a reserve deputy, I was assigned with other deputies to search for Dodi. I both wanted to find her safe and OK, and was afraid that I would find her dead. Although I was not the person who found her, all of us on the search were horrified and sickened by what had happened. Such a vicious and mindless tragedy. This community has known the Antunes family well, and Dodi's death was very personal for everyone. A family, and a community, can never be healed from such senseless violence.

Now, Marvin Sherman stands to be released. He should have received life without parole, at the very least, and all sentences should be served consecutively. There is no way to bring Dodi back, but at least her family and this community should have the very small satisfaction of knowing that the person who murdered her will never be part of our society or community again. Marvin Sherman needs to pay for his crime with the original sentence given him. Please consider Mr. Sherman's needs and desires against the tragedy he forced upon the Antunes family and this community. He is not wanted here andhellip; ever.

Barbara Eells

Gold Beach

Creationism vs. evolution rebuttal


I appreciated the letter from Karen Holmes in the Pilot of June 30, "Creationism vs. evolution again," written in response to my earlier letter and the letter of Mr. Pomerville on the subject of evolution and creationism.

I am a little curious to know which one of us Ms. Holmes found to be "wrong" and which merely "not right"?

I thought I had a good knowledge of basic physics and cosmology, but I must admit that Ms. Holmes used some terminology in a way which is completely puzzling to me and even sounded (to me) a bit like New Age mysticism.

For example, I am quite familiar with the meaning and measurement of "frequency" in relation to electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, but nothing to explain its meaning as the earth moves from one "dimension" to another. How does Ms. Holmes define "dimension"?

I also have a good understanding of the difference between absolute and relative time in Einstein's theory of Special Relativity published in 1905, but I will need a little more clarification to relate it to the "Rapture" and the "shift" of subatomic particles.

I suspect the editor would not appreciate any letters filled with mathematical equations, so I will try to find some of Ms. Holmes' books and will certainly watch for ads for her new publishing company, "On the Rainbow."

Welcome to the dispute!

John Cupp

Smith River, Calif.

Fix damage to Japanese bomb site


We had a teenage grandson visiting us and we thought that it would be nice to show him some local history, so we took him to see the bomb site.

The Forest Service has done a really good job, although I wished that there were more benches along the trail! I was ashamed that he also saw the damage that had been done to the Forest Service's efforts. I have never understood vandalism, especially that done to things that are meant to keep us safe, inform us, or convenience us, and which are usually put up by volunteers or with our tax dollars.

Mr. Fujita at least tried to apologize for the damage he caused, which was actually very little. He gave Brookings his family sword, he donated money to our library, and he gave the carp flags which are sometimes flown. It would be nice if those who damaged the bomb site would also apologize. They could send the Forest Service money for repairs, or even volunteer to help repair the damages. I doubt that either will happen, of course!

Last of all, the Garden Club, or the Extension Service might label some of the many interesting plants that we saw along the trail, but had no handy guide books to tell us what they were!

Patricia Graves


Truly awed bythe Moving Wall


I'm a Vietnam-era veteran, and I have never had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and probably will never have that honor.

I want to thank anyone that had a hand in bringing the Moving Wall to Brookings. It is so wonderful in its simplicity and directness, and we are a better community for having it available for the short time it was here. I was truly awed by the experience.

A very special thank you to the lady who was sitting in the front each time I was there and thanking vets for their service. Bless you, madam.

Lance Badger


Shutting down Chetco is scary


Dredging season is almost here! Yahoo!

It is almost time to put our dredges in the water and go for the gold. Gold dust, gold flakes, gold nuggets, it all glitters and it is GOLD! Dredging season is July 15 through Sept. 30. Not too long of a season for all the areas we would like to check out.

Is the Chetco River going to be invaded by hordes of out of state dredgers? No, I don't think so. I imagine there will be a few more dredgers on the river, but hordes, no. How many of you have even seen a dredge on the Chetco? Most miners are already set up in areas where the season opened earlier.

The talk of shutting down the Chetco to dredging is a scary thought. This time they want to take "just" 5,300 acres. How much are they going to take from us next time? Is it going to be your favorite fishing spot or maybe where you love to camp and hunt?

Those of us who love our freedoms and rights need to stand up and say something. And yes, dredging is a right. Mining law of 1872. "All citizens, 18 and older, have the RIGHT to locate a lode or placer mining claim on federal lands open to mineral entry." Many people say that this is an antiquated law, but how about our Bill of Rights, 1779? Antiquated and largely ignored, but still our rights.

Do you want to be remembered to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren as the one who stood by and watched our freedoms be taken away from us and our rights eroded until there is nothing left? I personally want to be remembered as one that stood up and said, "No more!" No more land grabs and no more useless laws.

Dianna Blazo, dredger, hunter and fisherman


Pilot missed key part of ceremony


We attended the Moving Wall opening ceremony andndash; what an emotional experience.

It is a wonderful tribute to our fallen heroess and so very well deserved.

We have read and re-read your coverage via the Curry Coastal Pilot on the Moving Wall. The Pilot had a very large omission in their coverage andndash; a V.I.P who wore and continues to wear many hats and contributed greatly to the success of the Moving Wall at the Port of Brookings Harbor, and when she read the poem "Behind the Wall" by Patrick Camunes, oh my, there wasn't a dry eye to be seen.

As always, great job Pat Piper.

The Pilot's omission has angered many residents in our area, and leaves us wondering: Why would you omit such a crucial part of the Moving Wall tribute? Shame on you.

Bob and Betty Mears


USA now hardlyworth fighting for


On Dec. 17, 2009, I suffered a stroke, at which time I was taken to a hospital.

I spent 30 hours in a 6-foot wide small room or hallway, after which time I was transferred to a hospital in Eugene.

The hospital billed Medicare and Aetna (My supplemental insurance) a bill for $6,250. With the insurance covering the majority of, leaving a $75 balance. I was paying the hospital $25 a month. I have paid, so far, the sum of $50, leaving a balance of $25. Apparently, the hospital has turned this over to a collection agency for the $25 balance.

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that this country has no respect for its citizens and is hardly worth fighting for.

Ed Shumaker,

a Korean veteran


Obama a liarand a braggart


I have been listening to Obama's speech this morning.

In my opinion he is a braggart and a liar. He has such a cunning way of trying to convince the people that what he brags about having already accomplished andndash; is a lie. When a lie is repeated enough times andndash; people do begin to believe it.

His speeches are redundant, to say the least, and full of promises he has not fulfilled. You can fool some of the people some of the time andndash; but you can't fool all the people all the time.

Deanna Gill


Beware 'blocked brain syndrome'


Because of some opinions I have seen online and in this newspaper I believe that there is a new medical condition Americans should be aware of.

I call it BBS or "blocked brain syndrome." People afflicted with this disorder apparently lose their ability to think or reason. They have no desire to seek out information but instead give blind-faith trust to one entity.

An example of this condition can be witnessed from the letter by Gary Davis (Pilot June 26). First he castigates BP and rightly so but then he says he is proud of Obama for what he is trying to do regarding energy. What!

Apparently he is not aware that Obama and BP are, let's say, buddies. BP was a founding member of the fraudulent Cap and Trade scam Obama wants to force on Americans and if passed BP will reap billions of dollars. I guess some people are proud that Obama is doing everything he can to stop oil production in the U.S. but sends $2 billion dollars to Brazil so they can build offshore rigs there. Maybe he can explain how that will get us off of foreign oil as I am not that smart. And then there was of course Mr. Larry Scheiter's absurd attack on the tea party people and his claim that we never stopped standing for the ideals in the Declaration of Independence. What!

There is a lot to be said about that but unfortunately my 250 are all used up.

Arthur D. Larason


God bless you all for your help


I personally want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the fantastic and wonderful friends I have in this great town of ours andndash; Brookings-Harbor.

I played a little part in helping promote the Second Annual Car Show, for the Fourth of July Celebration, held down at the kite field in Harbor. I only did a drop in the ocean, but your help made me look like I was hanging 10 out there!

The V.V.A. and A.V.V.A. Chapter 757, Brookings, went all out to make sure this Fourth will be a smash, and we couldn't have done it without all the generous and patriotic merchants in this town, and great people like you with hearts of gold! You know who you are and God bless you all for your help.

Gidget Blair

Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757


Question Obama's handling of spill


I question anyone who appreciates Obama's handling of this oil disaster situation.

Our president has showed incompetence and a lack of common sense from the very start. He gave BP control of the cleanup even though it was obvious they were criminally negligent. He is demanding that BP pays for the cleanup and at the same time he is trying to cripple the company financially. Wouldn't it make more sense to wait for them to pay for the cleanup before trying to ruin them?

Obama has also refused much needed international aid from countries like Saudi Arabi. According to the Shell company Saudi Arabi offered skimmers that could have cleaned up 90 percent of the oil but until recently, he refused their help. Obama is obviously prolonging this disaster in order to further his agenda.

In the words of Obama's chosen White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, a politician should "never let a good crisis go to waste."

Janice Crotzer