The Curry Coastal Pilot

Flip a coin and pick a religionEditor;Yay! Now that election season is over for the moment, we can get back to the really interesting arguments like the letter "Evolution an easily refuted notion," (Pilot June 23.Evolution) is only easily refuted for true believers like Mr. Pomerville.In all my reading about evolution, I have never seen it specifically denied that God might be the ultimate creator of it all. God is simply not mentioned because supernatural ideas are not relevant to the subject matter of science. That is for the churches. Science is not concerned with "Who did it?" Science is concerned with "How was it done?"If you want to know who did it, flip a coin and pick a religion. There are plenty to go around! I like the one about the giant turtle, myself.I suggest to the creationists that they talk to their God, whoever he may be, and get a little more technical detail about the creation processes he used before they try to get it taught in our schools. Did he use a magic wand, like Harry Potter? Who created God?I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Pomerville about the technical details of creation. I am a lot more than 7 years old, and have enough physics and mathematics to follow any technology he may care to share with me.John CuppSmith RiverBP oil spill andndash;never again!Editor:No more BP disasters!We must make sure a catastrophe like the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf never happens again. I want Congress to take steps immediately to hold the corporation accountable for the damage.I worked in power generation maintenance and construction and I know how the inspection system works ... it doesn't.The valves that failed should never been authorized to be installed. Punishment needs to be applied, like jail time.Crushing of the well casing about 25 feet below the valve bodies will stop the flow. BP doesn't want to loose the well head. The government needs to seize all of BP's assets and do what ever it takes to stop the flow.Big business is laughing in our face, and they don't think the government has the courage to do anything. They need honest people like me to inspect these companies. I have a record of being honest when it comes to telling the truth about someone trying to hide x-rays on steam pipes. I worked on a project and during the project an employee tried to cover up a weld inspection. I was the G foreman and told the project manager the truth when I found out and actually saved my job, so I can say telling the truth does work.The industry has gone to hell in a handbasket. Time to stop this way of doing business; plus, when people get killed over some jackass's profit margin makes me sick.I am proud of what President Obama is trying to do. I urge Congress to pass a comprehensive clean energy plan now, so our nation's energy security and environment are not held hostage to foreign oil producers.This is about taking back our future from the giant energy and oil companies, and making America a leader again.Gary DavisHarborThank you Trash Dogs for the effortEditor:On my way down Carpenterville Road Wednesday morning I was taken aback by the number of Trash Dog volunteers working diligently to "de-trash" this beautiful old highway.This organization obviously cares about cleaning up after the rubes who dump all sorts of trash and household items. It was astonishing to see the piles and piles of junk loaded along side the road for pickup! We who drive Carpenterville every day are most appreciative of the efforts of these wonderful community members, and I for one say Thank You!Julie DavisCarpenterville RoadBrookingsMaking light of gulf oil spill?Editor:Hatch's photography (Pilot June 23) was truly gifted, especially the wildlife feature.Then I saw the, um, cartoon by him. I respectfully ask that he, and anyone who found it amusing, to imagine those animals drowning in a toxic soup, frozen and helpless. I refer to the Gulf Coast tragedy. The loss of human life and resources from Texas to Florida has been declared the worst environmental event in America's history. In that light, how could anyone trivialize it?Perhaps that was not your intent when publishing. I certainly hope not. However your sad message is evident. My hope is that Hatch and your publication will address this abhorrent, seemingly mocking juxtaposition.Jaki RobersonBrookingsGold Beachgone badEditor:As a young boy I had very fond memories of coming to Gold Beach for our annual Summer Family Vacation.One thing I remember in particular is the excitement of watching the sea lions, cormorants, osprey, and gulls go about their daily activities.This summer I decided to bring my family to Gold Beach so they could possibly establish some fond memories to carry with them through life but unfortunately all we found were people shooting deafening explosive devices at the sea lions which in turn made all the other sea life scatter.We also heard about the plan to eradicate the cormorants so we packed up early and will have to find some other place to establish some fond memories.Good Luck Gold Beach?Dr. James ThompsonMedford