The Curry Coastal Pilot

Local Lions Club guys are great


I would like to express my thanks to the Lions Club of the Brookings-Harbor area, for the financial help to me and my daughter when we needed help in getting new glasses and hearing aids.

Thank you. You guys are great.

Bill West


Volunteer for Humane Society


South Coast Humane Society andndash; I want everyone in Brookings to know just how generous and kind the person that runs South Coast Humane Society (is) along with her staff.

When my pet was in dire need of treatment she did not hesitate to set us with an appointment with Veterinarian Jeff Tribble, who was so very professional and kind. We cannot thank them enough for all their help.

I urge anyone who would like to help others (to) think about volunteering your time in helping the local humane society. They truly deserve it.

Mike Waters


Vocational classes needed


On behalf of the young people who are not bound for college and who have an interest in working with their hands, I would like to invite members of the community to join me in urging Brookings-Harbor School District to consider the reinstatement of those vocational programs that were recently terminated.

Of particular interest are the wood-working and metal-shop programs.

In this depressed rural community, which has experienced the decline of both its timber and fishing industries, it is vital our young people have vocational opportunities, which will allow them to support themselves and their families. Programs available in schools are vital and instrumental in enabling students to acquire needed vocational skills they will use in the future.

Not all students are able to attend college. For those who do not have the financial resources or do not have the interest or ability to go on to higher education, those in charge have an obligation to recognize the need, make it a priority and offer a variety of ways for those young students to learn vocational skills.

Fortunately, all the equipment for wood-working is still available. Please contact the superintendent and members of the school board and request ways that funding might be found to reinstate the shop programs.

Jocelyn A. Gates


Itzen worthy of commission post


I am endorsing David Itzen for Curry County Commissioner Position No. 1.

I have been acquainted with David and his family for many years.

David graduated from Brookings-Harbor High School then worked his way through college by working as a janitor at nights and at Brookings Plywood during school vacations. He earned a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Oregon.He built a successful career as a teacher and principal in Washington state.

David then returned to Curry County to work with his family in building a successful Easter lily business. More recently he and his family developed Emerald Coast Estates, a high-end manufactured home community in Harbor.

David's list of community involvement is extensive.He served 13 years on the Brookings-Harbor School District board of directors, is a past- president of the Del Cur Supply Cooperative and has been on the Board of Directors of Coos Curry Electric Cooperative.This experience shows his ability to work well as a team member to accomplish the tasks at hand.

David is a fiscal conservative who will work to help Curry County in these times of reduced resources and greater needs.He is one of the most well-qualified people to ever run for Curry County commissioner and we would be well served by electing him to this position.

Walt Thompson,

58-year business owner and resident

of Curry County


Read it on tea party website


I recently came across an informational document postedon the Internet website of the Brookings tea party,

The document contains a list of 31 of President Obama's newly appointed "czars," close advisors and government agency heads, together with brief descriptions of the policies these people have advocated in the past.

Even allowing for the fact that some of the descriptions may be biased and filled with terms like "ultra liberal," "no training or experience," and "American Communist Party member," it is my opinion that it should be of interest and concern to every American to know who these "czars" are and what they stand for.Here is a sample of some of their ideas as expressed in the document:

Confiscate and destroy all private weapons. Castrate men convicted of domestic abuse.Monitor all e-mails. Open borders for illegals. Special rights for homosexuals. Split Israel into several smaller territories. Limit free speech for the "common good."Disband the American military.

Oh well, the president chose to listen for 20 years to the hysterical anti-American ranting of his chosen pastor.Maybe he just feels more at home with people like that around him.

John Cupp

Smith River, Calif.Vets' memorial in Gold Beach


After eight months of discussions, plans are being finalized for a veterans' memorial to honor all men and women of Curry County who served their country.

There are questions on both sides of the issue on whether to erect a monument to honor our military personnel. The answer is very clear.

Memorials are for the living. A memorial is sacred ground. Before taking that first step, one may hesitate with some trepidation. Even if an individual doesn't know anyone named; they all wore a uniform; they stood side by side; ready to serve. They were prepared to defend our country and some died doing so.

That emotion; that devotion to our men and women in uniform is what makes us proud Americans. Memorials throughout the country are allowing families and friends to honor and remember their loved ones. It's time Curry County did the same.

The permanent memorial will be built on the Port of Gold Beach grounds, overlooking the scenic Rogue River where it meets the mighty Pacific Ocean, and in view of our majestic mountains. It's there for all the branches of service.

The Curry County Veterans Memorial Association (CCVMA) is requesting donations to fund this project as we also pursue grants from various, state, federal and private resources. The community's financial support is a requirement in order to qualify for those grants. The CCVMA is also in the process of requesting a formal 501.3c non-profit status so Curry County residents' generous donations will be tax deductible.

Veterans, we need drawings, handwritten descriptions, pictures of existing memorials or whatever veterans have to share. So please help. Send ideas and donations to CCVMA, P.O. Box 24, Port Orford, OR 97465 or call for information: Phil Colozzie, 541-332-6490, or Sam Vitale, 541-469-6443.

Phil Colozzi

Sam Vitale


Compassion for people, animals


With the good publicity recently given to the animal shelter and the needs of its homeless dogs for basic care, I was pleased to see the article (Pilot, April 17) about the South Coast Friends of the Curry County Homeless Coalition.

This group is working to help the basic needs of homeless or displaced people: whether the problem is job loss, illness, overwhelming medical expenses, abuse, a house fire, or other misfortunes that can happen to anyone. There are times when we all need help or support, some more than others.

The South Coast Friends freely distributed cold weather gear and other necessities on April 17 to anyone who needed it. They actively support other groups and agencies in this area who work with people in need.

It's just good to know that we live in a community of compassionate donors and volunteers, whether for needy animals or distressed people. Thanks!

Mim Lagoe


Bad information at visitor center


Early afternoon on April 20, we stopped at the new Oregon visitors center at Crissey Field State Park south of Brookings-Harbor.

There were two staff members behind the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) counter and we asked where we could find tourist information about Port Orford.One of them said the "Travel Oregon" counter was not staffed, but showed us to the information racks containing south coast travel rack cards.

When we could not locate anything at all for Port Orford, she asked why we wanted to travel there anyway.We told her we were traveling north and had heard that Port Orford was a quaint old town.She immediately countered with and emphatic "but there is nothing there!" Her colleague added that Port Orford businesses died a few years ago and the town was just recently revived when a marine research institute began operating there.

I commented that I found an attractive-looking resort called WildSpring in Port Orford on the Internet.She replied that she never heard of a resort in Port Orford, so it had to be far inland, since it could not possibly be on the ocean.I told her that their website included ocean views, so it was definitely on the ocean.

As we were leaving, one of them called out after us to be very careful driving into Port Orford, since it is a nationally known speed trap, since this is the only way Port Orford makes any money.

This incident raised several questions:

andbull;Why does this center not have any tourism information about Port Orford?

andbull;How does the U.S. Forest Service train their staff for interaction with area visitors?

andbull;Why would USFS employees express personal opinions about a place they admitted not to have visited?

andbull;How are our area visitors served by this kind of ignorance?

How will our chamber and AWRC representatives correct this image problem?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Emily Francona

Port Orford

La Bontandeacute; will serve us well


I have been a resident of Curry County now for over 10 years.My employment has taken me to all areas of our county and to some of the residents with the greatest need at times.

I currently have the pleasure of working with many of our businesses and am a supporter of our shop local efforts in Curry County.

Lucie La Bonte serves on the Curry County Human Services Advisory Board and I have had the opportunity to see her ability and knowledge in problem solving first hand.

She is dedicated to the future growth of Curry County and is a progressive advocate for our County.We need to see her return to the Commission to help us in fiscal responsibility and future planning and social justice for Curry.

I encourage all residents to get out to vote and elect her to serve our county in this capacity.

Elaine Lortscher, M.S.

Gold Beach