The Curry Coastal Pilot

Our crumbling bridges, roads


Hello fellow citizens of Brookings/Harbor.

Did anybody see the History channel on April 5? It was about our nation (Crumbling of America.). How is our infrastructure, regarding highway and bridges?

The program showed how the bridges and highways are crumbling. The average lifetime for bridges is 50 years. How about our bridges in and around Brookings? Are they safe'? How about our fire hydrants, are they safe and working? If your house caught on fire, would you like to know that there is water to fight the fire? How about our power grid, are the poles and towers OK or will they fall down due to aging. Is the wiring OK or is it being destroyed also?

How are our dams in Oregon. Are they safe from collapse? Are we protected from a major earthquake? If you are in the port area, would you know where to go to escape a tidal wave? We need to have more signs erected to direct our citizens and visitors.

When the traffic lights are working on the new North Bank Road and the red light is on for northbound traffic will the backup of' traffic and log trucks on the Chetco bridge cause the bridge to collapse due to overloading?

This program sure opened my eyes to our nation crumbling.

Doug Pendarvis


It's business as usual for sheriff


I find it interesting, to say the least, to read of all the issues and activities that our county, our commissioners, department heads, and departments are engaged in to balance the budget. Except, as it would seem, for the sheriff's department. They seem to be doing "business as usual."

As reported in the paper, the sheriff's department presented a budget proposal to the Curry County Budget Committee that did not show a 10 percent cut as requested. Their priorities don't include the animal control. They require the county to spend $25,000 to clear land to "truly see" about building storage sheds. The jail needs eight showers repaired. Deputies need training. But nowhere do there seem to be any budget cuts. Promoting a person to enforcement officer from the 911 staff andndash; was a new person hired to fill that vacancy?

It would seem that the sheriff's department is already spending money from a Law Enforcement Levy that is going to be on a ballot in November. It also seems that whenever questioned on issues that affect the budget, the boogeyman is waved: "The budget situation is not pretty, cost are skyrocketing, increases in training requirements!" We the voters haven't had pay increases. We, too, are subject to costskyrocketing andndash; groceries, gas, utilities, taxes, rent, and everything else.

What about consolidating police and sheriff? What about inmates clearing the land? What about Tent City Jail? What about solutions to these challenges as compared to more taxes? What about cutting back?

Bruce Warren


The causes of political insanity


Whenever I read the opinion page of this newspaper I am reminded of a book advertised on my favorite online news site,

The book is titled "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness," authored by Lyle Rossiter. No, he is not a right-wing blogger, tea party person or a commentator for Fox news. He is a board certified forensic psychiatrist with over 40 years experience.

The book explains why the kind of liberalism being practiced by some Americans can only be explained as a mental disorder and has a lot to do with the denial of human nature. I am also reminded of a rare but interesting book about the fall of Cuba to communism called "Dagger in the Heart" and authored by Mario Lazo, an American-born Cuban lawyer who barely escaped being murdered by Castro's psychopathic killer "Che" Guevera.

Mr. Lazo had this to say about liberals. "What motivates them? How do you account for their actions. The liberals of my youth were nationalistic and patriotic. They wanted the United States to win. This no longer holds true. Present day liberals are more internationalist, less patriotic and more inclined to pacifism. Essentially he has renounced patriotism for ideology."

This book was written over 40 years ago and liberals have only gotten worse. They are more than willing to see the destruction of our founding documents, the only thing separating us from complete totalitarian rule. Now, tell me that is not a mental illness!

Arthur D. Larason


No second chances


A rape victim is a victim for life.

No second chance andndash; No takebacks.

Jo Fisher


Thanks for a great egg hunt


Brookings Elks Lodge 1934 held their annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 3, in Azalea Park.

Members hid more than 3,500 eggs before it started to rain.It was still raining when the more than 100 children started arriving.By the time 9 a.m. came around, the rain stopped and the children had a great time looking for the eggs.The eggs were all collected, candy and prizes were given out and then the rain came again.

I would like to thank all the Elks members and Emblem ladies who helped me with this event and a special thank you to the following merchants for their donations: Fred Meyer One Stop Shopping, Grocery Outlet, Ray's andndash; in Brookings and Smith River, Shop Smart, Azalea Lanes, Spotlight Video, Umpqua Bank and Wild River Pizza.

This event would not be possible without the help from our wonderful merchants.

What a great town we live in.

Garth Sovey