The Curry Coastal Pilot

Using dollars instead of blood


This letter is a reply to Gary Del'Abate's letter (Pilot, Feb. 27).

O si yo (hello) Gary, to hi tsu (how are you). I too am native American and I too am saddened that our ancestors were killed and driven from their homelands.

However, you should be very grateful that you were able to purchase your homeland with dollars instead ofblood. History has shown us thatmost all land at one time or another has changed hands by an act ofwar and the purchase price was blood and the lives of innocent people.

This said, I would like to say that I see no bigotry in Brookings.I see a land that I believe is as close to heaven as one can get on earth.I do not believe that any living American has ever seen land in our wonderful country change hands by war so you reallydon't have a valid claim to the land you speak of.

Please give up these thoughts of bigotry and hate and enjoy life as a free American!

Wa do (Thank you)

Jim Fulton


Missing details in Pilot stories


I was re-reading the (Pilot) edition from Wednesday, Feb. 24, recently and when I got to the back page I was wondering do you, editor, make it to the back page?

From the top, the picture with Daryn Farmer: I believe those are girls in the background, not boys. And down the page, "6 wrestlers are going to state".... which 6? Then the article regarding paving Fir street: just what dollar amount is "$3221,480"? To interject my opinion of paving Fir street: I walked that street home from school in the 1980s and did a lot of puddle-jumping even then!

I'm pretty sure the churches, the low-income housing project, the schools and Azalea Park will not contribute financially even though they use it more then the homeowners. Just saying.

Meri Cuthbertson


Look at the whole picture


It's funny to me that people think because it snows in winter, global warming is not occurring.

Scientists are talking about a worldwide average increase of one degree. Obviously, one degree is not going to affect whether or not it snows in winter. In fact, the unprecedented snowfall in the east is exactly what scientists said would happen. Storms will become more intense and drop more perception. Furthermore, it is a fact that January 2010 was Oregon's warmest January on record. Anyone notice the daffodils blooming a month earlier?

I would suggest to those who make ignorant comments about the snows in the east to study the facts and look at the whole picture

Janice Crotzer


School's garden gate vandalized


During the weekend of Feb. 20-21, the Kalmiopsis school garden gate was severely damaged.

How sad it is that the inappropriate actions of someone have to have a negative impact upon a community project.

The Brookings Master Gardeners, part of the Curry County Master Gardeners Association,(CCMGA) have been working very hard on providing a fruitful and meaningful project that the school and community can benefit from. The local food bank received lots of garden produce to distribute to the needy this last summer, and the school teachers and their students are becoming involved in a variety of projects to enrich their educational experience. Just recently the Pilot posted a wonderful article and pictures on the "Naming the Garden Contest."

The Master Gardeners and the school desire to continue this very worthwhile project. Shame on the party/parties responsible for the vandalism. Let's hope that this will be an isolated incident.

Take pride in our many wonderful community projects. If you observe anything suspicious going on at the garden let the school, CCMGA, or the police know right away.

Brookings is a wonderful place to live and a great environment for our children to receive an enriched education. Let's all continue to work together to provide these opportunities.

John Caldwell

Kalmiopsis Elementary School Garden Committee


Against interests of Brookings


Why would any local citizen want to work against the interests of Brookings and its residents?

Apparently, the local tea party people do, but why?

First, Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution (which I know is very important to tea partyers since at the last meeting it was referred to over and over) mandates a census be conducted every 10 years. So why is this important to Brookings and Oregon?

For each person counted we bring $1,333 in funding per year to our state. Also, our population determines how many representatives we have in both our state and federal government.

What questions are asked on the census which is mailed to each household? There are 10 easy questions but none dealing with disabilities or income. However, in the most recent e-mail distributed by the local tea party, the reader was directed to a You Tube video where the speaker says that census questions on disabilities and income are indeed asked. This is a lie. Why are they continuing to lie? Why must they use fear tactics? Do they not want to earn our trust and some credibility? I guess not.

Check out You can ask for yourself; I did and got an answer within 24 hours. Get educated people!

Anne O'Dell


Do something for local animals


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone that voted for Kalmiopsis Elementary School. Great job!

Now, can we please do the same for our Curry County Animal Shelter? At the same time, we would be helping to feed millions of hungry animals around the nation at no cost to us but a few moments of time.

The Animal Rescue Site, along with and their sponsors, provide free food to shelters and sanctuaries throughout the nation. All have to be legal and certified before receiving anything.

Go to, where you will find a page that asks you to "click here" for free food,

Then opens a page thanking you and asks you to "vote" for your favorite shelter (upper right corner), you click on that, it opens a page: $100,000 SHELTER CHALLENGE, with the spaces for the Curry County Animal Shelter Gold Beach information. Once you fill that in, you click on "vote" and it will open the final page to confirm your vote by asking you to identify the animal in the picture, once confirmed, it's done for that day.

This could mean a grant of cash to our shelter of $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of votes. What a blessing this could be, especially after the terrible storm damage of last year.

My daily vote can't do it alone. Please help me do this one small thing for the real victims of neglect and abandonment that our society continuously provides to the overwhelmed shelters. By joining together, we can do this for our animals, just as we did for our children. And it would be a grand way to show our appreciation to the good people who volunteer so much of their time and labor at our county shelter.

Thank you and get clicking, please.

Patricia Aboud


Prepared for an emergency?


Now that your attention has been riveted on the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and remembering our own Curry County eight-hour blackout, have you asked yourself "Am I really prepared for an emergency?"

If you haven't, you should. The types of emergencies that we are prone to in this area are tsunamis, earthquakes, HAZMAT spills, wind storms, winter storms, land and mud slides, wildfires and housefires to name just a few.Do you know what to do in each of these emergencies?Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Haiti and Chile had subduction zone earthquakes. The Cascadia subduction zone will produce the same effect, both earthquakes and tsunami.Current research says that we are long overdue.The Brookings area is only about 50 miles from this subduction zone.We will feel the effects in a matter of minutes.The entire coastline from Eureka to British Columbia, riversand valleys will be affected.It has been estimated that help from outside the areamay not arrive for up to three weeks due to the magnitude of the event.

The American Red Cross, the Oregon Department of Geology, NOAA, the state of Oregon Emergency Management Department, and the Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association urge you to be prepared.Be prepared to shelter in place and have an emergency kit with three weeks of basic necessities for each family member and pets.When the ground starts shaking (8.5 to 9.2 magnitude) stop, drop, and cover.When the shaking stopsand you are in the inundation zone, grab your kit andhead for high ground. Take satisfaction in knowing you are prepared and that emergency personnel in our county and across the northwestare creating a plan to meet the needs of the people in times of disaster.

For more information, come see us at the Brookings Home Show or log on to

Terri Bangs, American Red Cross


What exactly is a 'real crime'


I've been following the John Cowan case and I must say that I am surprised that the D.A.'s office had time for this relatively minor case.

Back in 2007, I presented evidence to the D.A.'s office showing clearly how a Brookings contractor had committed fraud and theft against us amounting to well over $200,000. We lost our life savings, our home, and our dream of living on the coast. (Your paper printed our story on the front page in April, 2007).

The D.A.'s office threw our plea for justice out stating that it was merely a civil matter and that they were too busy fighting "real crimes." So, where is the line defining "real crime?

Blake Phillips


Volunteer for local Red Cross


International headlines these days are full of the catastrophic news of earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

We, here on the Oregon coast, should be reminded that, according to experts, we are 60 years overdue for "the big one."

When (not if) it happens, our first responders are trained and ready to take immediate action. Not far behind them, your local Red Cross-trained volunteers will be setting up shelters in Brookings and Harbor in order to feed and provide emotional support to victims. Our community may be in for a wait of up to 10 days before help will arrive. Right now there are perhaps 10 to 15 local Red Cross volunteers who are trained and experienced in opening and operating shelters. With our current population at more than 10,000, you can see they are going to be spread way too thin. In order to be able to respond when needed most, we need more volunteers to step forward.

March is American Red Cross Month. Our 60,000 volunteers worldwide touch the lives of millions of people every year. Locally we respond to house fires and other disasters where people have lost virtually everything. We also provide training in CPR/AED/first aid. While many of the training courses are available on line, we have a crucial need for instructors to teach hands on classes.

This is a great time to get involved in a challenging volunteer position with the American Red Cross and our local Disaster Action Team. You can either log on to for more information on volunteering or locally call either Jim Emerick 541-469-3530, Terri Bangs, 541-469-7822, or Joy Middlebrook 541-469-8899.

Joy Middlebrook


Simple way to run new center


Manning the visitors center is super simple and cheap.

Build two slabs, close to the building, provide power, water, cable TV, Internet, phone, sewer hookups for two full time RVs to park (each would have time off days) and train them to man the center, do light maintenance, provide security and report problems. Thousands of public facilities all over the U.S. are manned by volunteers with outstanding results. Advertise and establish a waiting list for volunteers and the visitors center will be manned and maintained all year. I put in nine winters of camp hosting which is similar and it was fun, interesting and useful.

Contact me for experienced recommendations for planning. Do it!

Bob Douglas

Smith River, Calif.

Political whining and sniveling


It isn't bad enough to deal with the pathetic arrogance of Barry Obama and Nancy Pelosi ever since the Democrats took over the entire government over a year ago, but now we have to hear all these Republican bootlickers on the radio talk trash ever since Scott Brown took over Ted Kennedy's senate seat.

I can tell that the Republican bootlickers on the radio are every bit as good at whining and sniveling as their Democrat Party opponents.

It turns out the GOP is every bit as paranoid about Independent candidates as the Democrats are.

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are still sniveling about Ross Perot supposedly handing the White House to Bill Clinton in 1992.

I don't think so, Scooter. I actually voted in that 1992 election and I remember it very well. George Bush, Sr. was getting his butt kicked by Bill Clinton before Ross Perot jumped back into the race.

The way I remember it everybody outside of the Republican Party hated George Bush's guts, and a lot of good people thought he was a war criminal and a terrible president who couldn't care less about the average person.

Exit polling for the 1992 election showed that 38 percent of the Perot voters would have voted for Bush if Perot wasn't in the race. 38 percent would have voted for Clinton. 24 percent would not have voted at all.

Why are they still complaining about the 1992 election anyway?

It was Bill Clinton that made it possible for the Republicans to regain control of Congress for the first time in 40 years in 1994.

We all know what a great job Newt Gingrich did as Speaker of the House, wink wink.

Joe Thomas, Pacific Regional chairman, Reform Party USA


Good luck in helping the U.S.


This is meant as somewhat of an apology to Teri Dalrymple (Pilot, Feb. 27).

I absolutely get it! We are spending too much. I am led to believe that our spending has only a discretionary component of around four percent. The rest has to be creatively financed or borrowed.

What I feel is sympathy for, and a sort of sadness with the disjointed fright component in our beleaguered ole U. S. of A. We are not just in trouble, we are in enormous trouble. I sure don't have any answers but it occurs to me that the terrorists seem to have made enormous inroads on our chance of returning to a somewhat sanguine society.

So hang in and I hope that you guys can be instrumental in advancing our society. I truly wish you luck with your endeavors for our country.

Jim Hyslop


Home health hospice is great


Ihave just recovered from a two-month bout with pneumonia.

At age 92, it has been no simple experience. During it,I was introduced to the Curry County Home Health/Hospice. This organization sent hospice nurses and medical workersto my home to check my vital statistics and personal needs.

A more capable and caring group does not exist. I heartily recommend them

Rob Lucas


Put empty space to good use


Brookings is beautiful!

Thanks to the efforts of the Evergreen Bank President Brady Adams and the Brookings branch manager John White, we enjoyed "Bear Enchantment."

Let us create more enchantment in our main street windows. If our owners will donate their empty windows for a two month trail run thanking local businesses and organizations for the job they do. For example: The U.S. Coast Guard, Manley Art Center, the garden clubs, Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce, the pet population support people, the Pilot andndash; serving Curry County since 1946.

Let us use these empty spaces to let our visitors know how wonderful our people and our Curry County is.

Betty Grant


Their agenda is political suicide


It's always about the money!

Obamacare will never provide one band-aid. All the taxes, fines and fees confiscated in the first four or five years, with no health care, is not going into some lock box to be spent the following six years on health care. This money will go into the general fund for redistribution.

Americans are becoming much more politically aware and they see our president and his buffoons as they really are. Is the president or any of his guys doing anything to get Obama reelected? They know their agenda is political suicide. So why worry about saving health care money for the next administration in 2012. The next administration will campaign on and be tasked with tearing this legislation down. I'll bet many of the costs won't. At least they can blame the prior administration.

Steve Carlson