The Curry Coastal Pilot

No creationism in public schools


Does every taxpayer support evolution?

Don't creationsists pay taxes too? Why is it that creationism is not taught in public schools along with evolution? Does that seem a bit unfair to anyone but me?

Melinda Riddle


Strengthening families program


The Curry County Commission on Children and Families would like to thank the partners who made the recent Strengthening Families Program Facilitator Training possible.

Southwestern Oregon Community College, Curry Early Childhood Team, and all the incredible participants made the training an unqualified success. We also appreciate the support of the Gold Beach Bethany Lutheran Church and the Curry County Fairgrounds, two community partners whose contributions help families throughout the area. Volunteers from across Curry and Coos counties attended the training led by Douglas County ADAPT Prevention and Training Director Pauline Martel.

The Curry Commission, through funding secured by the Curry County Drug Free Communities Coalition, was able to train 18 facilitators in this family-oriented curriculum. The partners for this project will launch pilot sessions in early 2010. Families with children ages from 10 to 14 will be encouraged to participate in classes, designed to foster and support communication, love, and limits between adolescents and their parents and caregivers.

If you are interested in more information about the Strengthening Families Program, or other parenting support opportunities, please call the Curry County Commission on Children and Families, 541-247-5600.

Again, thank you to all those who attended the training and all those whose support made the event possible. Our county continues to show its commitment to healthy families and its passion for our communities through people like you. Thank you, Curry County.

Bronwyn Greathead,

prevention specialist,

Curry County Commission on Children and Families

Gold Beach

Forest is a most valued resource


In response with respect to "Cutting Trees is Murder" (Nov. 18): The tree is a giant.

The forest is one of the most valuable and precious resources in the Garden of Eden available to human evolution.

A garden can be perpetual if managed properly and respectfully.

Such as every other resource or commodity we have put a price on the tree, therefore creating a dynamic of corporate enterprise where a higher bottom dollar is the objective and market manipulates.

1982 was a good year; we Oregonians came up with what was called the Sustained Yield Program. It was a sensible format of practical managing and harvest program. Wyerhauser, the largest timberland owners in the west along that same timeline (1982) harvested the last of their ripe timber.

A ripe, ready-for-harvest, old growth stand can product 20- to 80-thousand board feet of product.

Now that the corporations have to harvest their younger smaller timber, they would have to log 10 acres of ground to produce the same footage as the 1 acre of ripe, ready- for-harvest timber. Now that they have cycled their lands and controlled the markets, they are logging stands only 20 to 30 years old, taking 100 acres to produce the same yield as that 1 acre of ripe harvestable timber. Needless to say, the Sustained Yield Program never became a reality.

While environmental controversy secures the corporations it creates an environment disaster of immense proportion affecting future harvests that were planted for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. No regard for the true cycle and balance of nature and gardening dynamics. The forests need a selfless and true advocate, someone to re-instill common sense and down-to-earth practice, re-edifying the benefit of sustained yield harvest practice.

Kenneth VanderVoorden Gold Beach

Respect, support our local youth


I am writing this letter in response to the article you did about my son Dustin Lial andndash; not Justin (Pilot, Nov. 4).

We moved here from Las Vegas two years ago and one of the deciding factors for the move was the attention your paper gives to the youth in this town. Therefore, I thought it was a good idea that I share the story about my son, Dustin, with you and the whole community. I am very proud of what he has accomplished in his motocross racing.He loves to do this sport even though there is great risk in the sport he loves. That is why I am so upset about the non-professional article that was written about him. If you weren't sure on the facts and the names you were writing about you should have made a phone call so you could be sure of the story you were about to write.

If you had gotten his name right after three to five times telling you what his name was, I would not be writing this letter. There is no one else that can ride the bike for him. This is something he has to do by himself. It's not a team sport where if you're tired or not feeling good you can have a teammate help you out.

That is why I feel it is important to at least respect our youth who are trying to be somebody in today's world, and at least get their name right.

Just my opinion, a very proud dad!

Larry Lial


Inflammatory letter to editor


You go too far.

What would you call someone who seeks the death of our President? Unpatriotic? Or maybe a traitor? A terrorist?

There are some in our country, and sadly our community, who cross the line with their speech. Mr. Laskey crosses the line with what perhaps he thinks is an inside joke when he asks us to pray for our president with the psalm that says "Let his days be few;" and let another take his office. "Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow?"

Do you really want some unbalanced person to assassinate our president? Are we not a civilized country that changes elected officials through the rule of law and the vote of the majority? Please Brookings, turn down your rhetoric while we still have a country that gives us the right of free speech and peaceful descent.

The tone of the letters to the editor has been getting more and more ugly. Shame on you once again Pilot for printing such an inflammatory letter. Please take responsibility for what you print. And please citizens, please don't make a mockery of our Christian religion. If you want to pray for our president, pray he makes the right decisions for us and for our country. Thank you.

Kathleen Tomko


Applaud co-op board, workers


I applaud the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative board for delaying a rate increase that was scheduled for spring, and for placing freezes on salaries and hiring.

With most families today struggling to pay food, fuel and medical costs, this is welcome news.

Now contrast the behavior of the co-op, which is a corporation collectively owned by us, with the recent behavior of stockholder-owned, for-profit corporations, especially those in banking and financial services.

Though banks and credit card companies can now borrow money at rates close to zero, they are charging us interest rates and fees that until recently were considered "loan sharking" or "usury," crimes that in biblical times were punishable by death.

My, how times have changed. Today, credit card companies charge rates at or just below 30 percent-and fees as high as $50 for missing a payment by a day. And then, even higher rates and charges can kick in.

To add insult to injury, managers of multi-national banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms continue to collect enormous salaries and bonuses. Have they no shame?

Aren't these the same firms that we the people just a year ago bailed out to the tune of a trillion dollars or more?

Pray that our electric co-op never becomes a stockholder-owned, for-profit corporation. And, come to think of it, wouldn't it be great if we also had a similar, not-for-profit health care system?

Pete Chasar


Using Bible to promote hatred


Please reference "Help for our country's chief," theheadingaffixed to the letter to the editor from Richard Laskey, Brookings (Pilot, Dec. 28).

If the Pilot had taken the time to read Psalms, Chapter 109, Verse 8,they would have read, "May his days be few."

Using the Bible, a holy book for many, to put outa treasonous message is worse than cowardice. Hiding your evil wishesbehind words plucked from this book does not lessen the intent of your message.What's it going to take for those opposed to a duly elected president tounderstand that in this country, majority rules? If you don't like what's happening, work through the system to make the changes.Otherwise, you are promoting anarchy.

S.J. Hyatt


Elks grateful for all the support


The Brookings Elks Lodge 1934 extends an outreach of gratitude to all the individuals, businesses and organizations providing the generous gifts of support, supplies, money, time and energy in mutual projects to assist our veterans in the community and our armed forces at home and abroad.

Our community is a splendid place for teamwork and mutual caring. It is reflected every day in the spirit and the pride of accomplishments to benefit all of our friends, visitors, and citizens.

Garry Downing, exalted ruler, Brookings Elks Lodge 1934

Stealing a child's 'Happy Feet'


This morning my grandson, who is 2 years old, got up to watch Mickey Mouse.

Like every morning, I opened the blinds and the first thing out of my grandson's mouth was "Happy Feet, no Happy Feet." Someone had taken his penguins from our front yard during the night. They also took a blue gift box from under the Christmas tree outside.

When you take from children you must be the lowest animal God put on this earth.

Clara Walker