The Curry Coastal Pilot

Tort reform for health care


As you study the new health care plans being proposed you might want to consider these two items: If Congress is really serious about bringing the cost of health care down they should start with tort reform.

Texas enacted tort reform with fantastic results. They are even getting hundreds of new doctors moving into the state. I have a relative whose career has almost been ruined by frivolous lawsuits. Many states are already experiencing a shortage of Ob/Gyn doctors as a result of lawsuits. Correcting this problem helps in a number of ways. One is to lower the cost of malpractice for the doctor and the other is doctors will not order as many tests just to protect themselves from being sued for not doing enough. Result andndash; lower health care costs.

Another proposal, apparently being put forth, is to lower the reimbursement rate paid to physicians by insurance, much like that paid to doctors for Medicare patients. Medicare is great for the patient, but it is not good for the doctor supplying the care. If all doctors are paid at the Medicare rates it is my firm belief that many doctors will quit or there will be less students going into medicine.

There are many physicians that now refuse to take Medicare patients. They just can't make a living and still pay for all their schooling and overhead on what they get paid by Medicare. One must remember that doctors have a minimum of eight years of formal schooling, plus three to six or so years of training in their specialty, before they even begin practicing.

If you are concerned about these items as I am, write our congressman!

Myron Whiting


Learn about boating safely


The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will present a Boating Class for the public Aug. 25, 26 and 27.

This class, "About Boating Safely," provides a variety of information including: General information concerning boats and maintenance; information to make your boating experience safer and more comfortable; tips on how to be a more courteous boat operator; and laws and regulations to which you must adhere.

In addition, for those who need the Oregon Boater Education Card, we will review Boat Oregon requirements and provide attendees the opportunity to take the Oregon Boater Education test.

Classes will be given at the U.S. Coast Guard Station, Chetco River in the Auxiliary's Flotilla office. Cost of this three-day class is $25. This fee covers your training materials. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a non-profit organization. Classes will be conducted from 1800 to 2100 (6 to 9 p.m).

For further information, or to sign up for this class, contact Steve Graves at 541-469-7550 or Howard Tingley at 541-412-3229.

Howard E Tingley,

Flotilla commander


It's about control of free people


Make no mistake andndash; the healthcare legislation working its way through the "belly of the beast" in Washington D.C. has little to do with healthcare but everything to do with the conflict between freedom vs. tyranny.

When government assumes, in this case through healthcare legislation, the rights our country's founders fought to guarantee us, life, as we have known it is lost. American citizens' freedom to make choices are stolen.

Our very cool, pop-culture president has said, on numerous occasions, he wants a single-payer healthcare system for all Americans andndash; except for Congress and his family, the elite andndash; and is willing to get there step by step.

The first step to his government takeover of healthcare is a government payer component, even a small piece to begin will do. With such a component, most experts agree that within five years a government-operated health system will drive the private insurance plans out. The private sector simply cannot compete with a government entity that can print money, or reach into your pocket through its power to tax. So don't be distracted by the chatter of what is in this bill. It doesn't matter. And there are over 1,100 pages of this stuff!

It is not about heathcare! It is about the control of a free people! Are you willing to sell your liberty and freedom for a bit of bogus healthcare? Perhaps the people of America have become sophisticated andndash; soft andndash; just as our European forebears we left behind more than 350 years ago!

Latte anyone?

Sue Adams


Oppose new tax increases


Heads up andndash; Tax watch dogs.

Oregon Legislature and Governor Kulongoski have signed into law tax increases up to 13 percent. You are going to pay for this tax increase during an economic downturn when our state should be "tightening its belt" like the rest of us.

Local people and Americans for Prosperity have prepared two petitions that need to be signed to get this tax increase on the November ballot.

One petition deals with your personal tax increase. The other is a business tax increase.

We need to get this on the November ballot or the taxpayer will not have a voice. Come to a get-together to find out more on Aug. 13, at 6:30 p.m., downstairs at the Chetco Activity Center, (550 Chetco Lane, in Brookings).

Sandra Ensley


Beware! The giant is waking


The continuing brouhaha about government imposition of a health care plan reminds me of Jonathan Swift's classic, "Gulliver's Travels" but in today's version, Gulliver represents the American people and the Lilliputians are congressionalDemocrats and RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) such as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham and Colin Powell who are attempting to add another binding (law) to the sleeping Gulliver who appears to be stirring and sees the Lilliputians with ropes in their hands.

Beware Lilliputians, the giant appears to be waking up and he's not completely bound yet!

Martin Sullivan


Naziest concept of healthcare?


Two writers used leftist reactionary language in their Aug 8 Pilot responses to my letter: Fear and hate (Pilot Aug. 1).

The fear of facts and the hate of chanting racism when there is none. Have they read the 466 pages of the bill? If so, they did more than Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid andndash; all admitted "their people" read these things.

House Resolution Bill 3200: America's Affordable Medical Health Choices Act of 2009, now being called "Health Care Reform" in its grossly bloated 466 pages was written by people who are exempt from that bill, then to be approved by others exempt from the bill!

This bill calls for federal appointees to decide who gets what medical services from Uncle Sam. They are all picked by Obama and The Comptroller General of the U.S. (who works for Obama) and chaired by the Surgeon General (appointed by Obama). Obama has said that older Americans must get used to less services, and get pain killers instead of medical procedures. Does it then matter if specific words saying go out and die somewhere are in the 466 pages when Obama appoints who he wants and states such a Naziest concept? Words are truer than a phone book of rules.

We should all be among the first to read this bill at

That includes the two writers who decided to attack instead of read. There is much, much, much more in this unnecessary bill. This is supposed to be about saving money: It does not nor will it ever.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Concerns about healthcare plan


Health Care Reform Act: The largest and most radical government program to-date that affects 70 percent of the U.S. budget, is presented in a 1,000-page government health care reform act that is being rushed through Congress (haste makes waste), without many lawmakers having read it or getting input from the public.

It is of particular concern that health care will be rationed to those most deserving, and for older citizens (beginning at age 55!) health care will be re-directed preferentially to younger patients without appeal. And, can you name one government program that comes in under budget or even on budget?

We've been told for years that Social Security is broke and its future uncertain but our elected leaders haven't been able to fix it. The "cash for clunkers" lasted only four days before running out of money. The government's Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac enabled people with unqualified credit to purchase homes and almost brought down the world banking system. Government entitlement programs andndash; once started andndash; take on a life of their own. Our free enterprise system is not "of the government and by the government" but rather "of the people and by the people."

Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. Let your concerns be heard at the Brookings town hall meeting, Thursday Aug. 13, from 10 to 11 a.m., rooms A and B, at Chetco Activity Center, 550 Chetco Ave., held by Peter DeFazio U.S. Representative 4th Congressional District Oregon.

Bill and Cindy Ruth


Demand reform of healthcare


Ya know, I'm wondering why the citizens of this country aren't demanding healthcare reform.

Perhaps it is a lack of education, and the fact that the folks that want status quo are trying hard to prevent their "gravy train" from being replaced.

Insurance companies are spending a lot of your premium dollars to scare you. Do you know where much of your insurance premium goes? Millions go into the campaign coffers of senators and congresspersons. Politicians, and their minions against reform, are using scare tactics and mob violence to stifle debate. They say reform will kill you. Funny, I don't hear newscasts about people being killed in other countries by their "single payer" systems. The dreaded "socialism" word is used to make folks fearful. Many of us already participate in "socialist" programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Banks, unemployment compensation, etc., etc. All I can say is that those of you that are partaking in our current "socialist" programs and are afraid that they will kill you prematurely; please withdraw and buy your own coverage plan.

"Pea Brained" Americans are saying the most outlandish things. Palin says the administration has a "death panel" that will kill her son. Where did that come from? Others say people over 65 will be euthanized. Where did that come from? Whatever happened to civil discourse and debate? And, why are the "little people" shilling for the corporations? Are the town hall mobs being paid?

Hmmm, I wonder.

Mike Schrum


Gloria doing well, thank you


Regarding Gloria Winkler: It was my privilege to be sent by our church's congregation this past week to visit with Gloria as she is undergoing rehabilitation in San Francisco after her stroke.

She is doing well and was delighted to see me and I was so very happy to see her. I was able to bring back a good report and some photographs to share with the church. When I asked her if she had a message for her many friends in the community her answer was "Yes, tell them I love them and thank them for all their prayers."

So, to all you believers in Jesus Christ andndash; the "great healer" andndash; keep praying for Gloria. You know she is praying for you.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Pastor Carl Smith

Christian Community Church


Restrain dogs to keep them safe


It is sad that in a country where many people own dogs, and profess to love them, they are still so badly treated!

There are the big dogs, often two or three, in the back of pickup trucks, unconfined or tethered andndash; illegal, according to the DMV. If the truck brakes suddenly, goes around a corner too fast, or is involved in an accident, they can be thrown out, and badly injured or killed.

Then there are big dogs inside a vehicle, also unrestrained. If there is an accident, the flying body/bodies are dangerous to others riding in the vehicle.

More numerous are the little dogs inside a car, usually unconfined, and even on drivers' or passengers' laps andndash; also illegal according to the DMV. They are likely to be injured, or to injure others in case of an accident. If injured, they are a threat to rescuers, also.

Almost worst of all are the ones left in vehicles while their owners go shopping or attend meetings. There is usually no water, or open windows, so they can die of heat and dehydration. Plus, there is no way for them to eliminate, if they need to. Many feel they have been abandoned, and they cry and cry until their owners return.

These are all cruel ways to treat anything, but especially animals we claim to love!

Doris Burck