The Curry Coastal Pilot

School staff deserve kudos


Response to unqualified school employees: If you have a problem with the school system now, you should have been there when I was enrolled at Brookings-Harbor High School.

We had a vice principal who was an alcoholic, just to start with the many problems surrounding the system at that time. Yet, we were all smart enough not to blame everyone of our educators who tried so hard, spending their time off to help many of us become successful in our future endeavors.

Now that I am in my 50s I find myself in college with a degree plan of becoming an educator myself, and working for a school district near Portland. I find that many of the people that help our students learn, are of very high quality, and deserve our respect, support, and thanks.

Wesley Shipp


Mission of Red Cross


Our mission in Red Cross Disaster Services is to help the community prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

The Red Cross receives no funding from any entity and relies on donations from businesses and the general public to further our goals.

As another year ends, the American Red Cross, Brookings Disaster Action Team would like to thank our local business donors who have been so generous with their time and money. While attempting to prepare for a local catastrophic event, these businesses are doing their part to ensure help and support for the community:

andbull;Shelters: Brookings Harbor School District and Lighthouse Assembly of God;

andbull;Outreach and shelter supplies: Chetco Federal Credit Union, Gold Beach Lumber, Fred Meyer, Ray's Food Place, Grocery Outlet, Radio Shack, Curry General Hospital, Curry Coastal Pilot, Walmart, Home Depot, Wilson and Ow Storage, Sterling Auto and Kerr Ace Hardware;

andbull;Administrative andndash; Evergreen Bank, Mory's, and Coastal Copiers.

Please support our local businesses.

Terri Bangs, for the

American Red Cross,

Brookings Disaster

Action Team

Decline in retail shops at port


My family and I have been visiting the beautiful town of Brookings for many years.

We love this area so much, we purchased a vacation home here a couple of years ago and travel over as often as possible. What has prompted me to write is that for awhile now I have been saddened to notice a decline in the small, retail businesses available at the Port. It has always been a favorite stopping place for us and it appears that, as these wonderful little shops have been closing or relocating, they are being replaced by commercial offices.

I wonder why the Port is not being more aggressive in attracting/retaining these unique retail enterprises; they can only benefit the Port itself by continuing to attract the tourists as well as the locals ... who wants to stop by and stare into office spaces?

Blair Loftus

Montague, Calif.

Don't trash our community


Brookings is a place of considerable beauty.

Many people come to visit this beautiful location. Many people choose to live here.

I would like to ask the people, be they visitors or residents, who chose to leave their beer and soda cans by the remains of their fire on Sporthaven Beach Tuesday evening to think about cleaning up after themselves so others can also enjoy the beauty. Don't trash our community. You owe me.

Kathleen Teague


Many support tennis project


A new tennis backboard has been installed at Bud Cross Park.

Tennis is a lifelong recreation that can be enjoyed by players of any age. The backboard provides the easiest tool for learning the game as well as a partner when no one else is available. It is a great focal point for meeting other tennis players. Come out to the park, take a look at the new tennis backboard and give it a try.

A project like this cannot be done without the help of many people. The biggest thanks and appreciation go to the Rotary Club that put up the seed money required to kick start the fund raising. Don Tilton, Dr. Doug Walker and Moira Fossum represented the Rotary Club, provided support and worked with me through their process. John Cowan (Public Works director), Tony Baron (parks commissioner) and Bob Schaefer (Public Works foreman) reviewed the technical aspects of the project and suggested changes that were implemented into the installation. Robin Clyde collected and tracked all of the contributions. Finally, thanks to all of the tennis players, former players and parents of players, who provided encouragement, support and all of the rest of the money that was required to complete this project.

Let's play tennis. I want to encourage drop-in tennis on Saturdays at 9 a.m. For new players I will be there to play or to provide some help to learn the game of tennis.

Rich Hayashi

Cape Ferrelo

Name calling achieves nada


What a sorry state our country is in, when the office of the president commands so little respect!

When President Obama announced his speech on education and invited schools to broadcast it in classrooms, there was apparently much suspicion and distrust among some parents and even some school administrators. I think it was a wonderful opportunity for children to see their president in action, to hear his message to them on the importance of education, and perhaps be inspired to serve their country some day.

If you disagree with Obama's views or specific legislation, that could be a teaching moment with your children.Ask them what they heard him say and listen to them.Then if you have other ideas, tell your children how you see an issue and why.

How I'd love to see intelligent, respectful discourse among people, whatever their views, instead of the name-calling we so often see here (recent letters called individuals "racist" and "Nazi".Calling) names achieves nothing except animosity.

Our democracy was built on the belief that we could have reasonable differences and still find ways to work together. Do share your thoughts with your representatives in Congress or the State House. Research issues and base your statements on fact, not propaganda from corporations invested in promoting their own agendas.

Let's find our way back to showing respect for one another, and for those in public office who are doing their best to lead our country.That's being a responsible citizen, an American dedicated to our democratic principles.

Marcia Olsen


Government isn't the problem?


The blog handicappers are active again.

Obama's national speech to schools originally contained an upfront glorify the leader through drawing his image and writing how each could serve him. This pre-WWII European practice was only stopped when knowledgeable people and organizations complained: It would not have without that protest, period.

Government isn't the problem?

-The FAA couldn't project necessity for new radars and was 10 years behind need before they caught on.

-FDA bows to powerful government pressure to release drugs prematurely then blames the makers when they kill and maim people. Transversely, won't approve excellent and important drugs used for years in Europe without an American copyright?

-FEMA provides feel-good services like trailers that almost immediately are full of fungus and cannot project future needs of displaced families.

-HHS can't manage its fraud cases even when pointed out to them.

-FCC could not catch Madoff, the biggest fraud case in world history with eight years of warnings about him.

-VA was directed by Obama to reinstate the Death Book for returning combat wounded vets with an End of Life Planning Document: welcome home?

-The Census Bureau, under Commerce guesses how many illegal and minorities live in the U.S., but not for long, ACORN (in some guise, but still under criminal indictments in many states) and the White House will now do the guessing for us.

-H. Clinton at State lied that we provided a preponderance of illegal guns to Mexico.

Those are the easy ones.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Obama at odds with mainstream


Re: Republicans are scaring me (Pilot, Sept. 9): I find it interesting that the author of this letter is afraid of Republicans because they questioned the motives of Obama's speech to schools.

However, it was not just the motives of the speech that concerned people but the lesson plans that first went out to the schools. Nowhere did anyone promote prohibiting children from hearing the speech. No forced tactics were advocated or used. To claim such action to Nazi Germany is ludicrous.

Yes, there are extreme people on the right that are scary, but one must keep in mind it is people in the Obama administration that want to control talk radio, that believe and support Marxist concepts, and that are pushing for legislation that will give government more control over our lives. It is the Democrats that won't debate the issues, but rather shut down debate and resort to name-calling. They denounce the people attending town hall meetings, saying it is organized protest, yet it is the Democrats who attend these meeting by the busload with their prepared signs, not the Republicans.

Obama himself scares me, for he is the one that seems to think America needs change to a more socialist government. He is the one that kissed Hugo Chavez on the cheek, praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega, sided with Chavez and Castro against Honduras, hired tax cheats as part of his administration, went around the world apologizing for America's foreign policies, has apparently sided with the Palestinians and Hamas over Israel, etc. And he has surrounded himself with advisors who promote ideas very much at odds with mainstream America.

Obama himself has said to judge him by his associates. Well, just look at his associates now and over the years. If that isn't scary you are not paying attention.

Myron Whiting