The Curry Coastal Pilot

Think water conservation


In light of the fact that nearly one in six people lack access to clean drinking water, and 3,900 children die each day from water-borne illness, I was disheartened by your headline "City Officials: Water Saving Measures Not Necessary andndash; Yet," (Pilot, Aug. 8).

The city has implemented a leak detection program, a water conservation rebate and incentive program and a new landscaping ordinance that rewards new home builders for incorporating water conservation methods into their building plans. I wish you had taken the space to mention those programs in your story.

We all need to be thinking about water conservation every day. It's truly our most precious natural resource.

Alex Carr-Frederick


Disgusted and outraged


After reading last Wednesday's article about the woman who drowned the puppy I am disgusted and outraged!

Why the need to tell all the gory details? Who was the cowardly witness who watched and did nothing to try and stop the woman and/or save the puppy? To have such details it seems as if the witness was standing only a few feet away. How else would they have been able to see the woman "put the pup under a rock?" I would also like to know how it is that they have the woman's name and picture, but are unable to locate her? What is this world coming to?

Sarah Kirk


Thank you, Red Shirts


I would just like to publicly thank the Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts for their support of the troops.

A couple of weeks ago I received several packages filled with goodies, and hygiene items that are often needed on deployments. It wasn't only a pleasant surprise, but a very big boost in morale, not just for me, but for the ones I serve with here.

It is such a blessing and comfort to know that there are still loving and caring groups of people in the United States, especially in my "hometown" who take the time to remember the troops serving our country.

It is a reminder to me of the reasons I am over here in the first place, to defend the country that I love, filled with people who make our sacrifices over here worth it.

Thank you again.

Senior Airman

Kerstin E. Pieren

United States Air Force

Kirkuk, Iraq

Proof DeFazio is not listening


I saw you today at the town hall meeting, standing, making notes.

The furious scribbling made me wonder how you would report what you saw and heard. Well, here's what I saw and heard.

Mr. Pete DeFazio early on asked the people there, "Do you want the truth? Or do you want to listen to Fox News?" Lot's of boos and more boos followed. As he said those words, he grinned like a Cheshire cat. With that, he told us a trillion dollars worth of he wasn't listening.

Lots of people spoke. He didn't or wouldn't hear 300 of his constituency. The people were speaking, Mr. Editor. Won't you and good old Pete listen?

Can't you hear us?

Ronald Bodman


Great turnout for Safety City


Safety City is alive and well for 2009.

While we did not have an article in the paper, we want to let everyone know that we had a tremendous turnout this year. We set a new high for attendance this year. We had 64 attend and graduate. We want to thank all of the parents who brought their children to Safety City.

We also want to thank the 37 sponsors who gave their support for this year's program. We are hoping that prior sponsors will consider returning for the 2010 sessions.

Due to the continued support of our sponsors, Safety City continues to be free to all our 5-year-old students, who will be entering kindergarten each September.

Thank you again to the parents, sponsors, all the instructors and the volunteers who faithfully make the program a success.

Dan Palicki, coordinator

Safety City

Brookings Police Dept.

Raving over healthcare plan


Those same hypocrites who oppose national health care are the ones standing in line for the government's $4,500 credit towards a new car.

Have you ever been hospitalized with no insurance? People are losing their homes because of medical costs, the dumb Republicans are getting dumber; they rant and rave over a plan that hasn't even been laid out yet andndash; that's the Republican for yaandhellip;

Mike Walters


Ugly experience in Brookings


First, let my say that I love Brookings and the people who live here.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful it makes it a great place to call home. I live here and in Medford and constantly brag to all my friends about how people will smile and wave even if they don't know you.

I recently had an ugly experience at the Fred Meyer gas station that has left me very disappointed and hurt. I was waiting in line for gas, talking on my cell phone when out of nowhere an elderly lady came up to my window and yelled at me to get off my phone and move my car so I was not blocking the roadway for people to get out, and then turned and walked away. I was stunned, I could not believe that just happened! I was not blocking the roadway, cars were going behind me just fine. As for talking on my cell phone, I was waiting in line for gas. Patiently waiting. No hurry in Curry.

If she had come to my window and had asked me nicely to move because she did not feel comfortably going behind me, I would have moved with no problem. I did get out of my car and I did confront her by telling her how rude she was and that she had no right to yell at me like that. And all she could do was look at me like I was so stupid.

If you are reading this I think you should be ashamed acting like that in public and yelling at someone like that that you do not even know. I am a very nice person who cares more for others then myself and would give you the shirt off my back if it made life easier for you. I am sorry for writing this but you should be sorry as well.

And for your husband who flipped me off as you drove past me ... that was the ugliest bird I have ever seen and you should be ashamed of yourself as well.

Adrienne Wells


Don't rush the healthcare plan


Don't let DeFazio "hoodwink" Curry County.

Yes, he says don't listen to Fox News ... as they are the only broadcasters disseminating accurate facts about HR3200. If you think your health insurance is expensive now, wait until it's free. Any person or small business making over $250,000 will be taxed; where do you think those businesses are going to make up for that higher expense ... right, higher prices passed onto the price of their product and services.

You think waiting six months for your prescription is long ... with HR3200 you'll be waiting six months to get a request from the government review panel on whether you are "worth" the cost of the medicine or if that triple heart bypass you need has the "return on the government's investment"... if you're over 65 the answer will be no!

Yes, we need health care reform, but not the overhaul the White House and the Congress are proposing. Let's have tort reform, cross state line insurance competition, etc. ... that will be a start and lower costs of premiums.

Just say no to the present HR320 ... tell your representatives and congressmen to read the proposed HR3200, provide a bullet-point summary that the U.S. citizens can thoroughly understand and question, prior to their vote.

This is a major event; don't let them rush this through Congress!

Paul Tasin


Spay, neuter your pets


I wish I could put into words that could be printed andndash; but I can't andndash; concerning the drowning of the innocent puppy.

She is the lowest of low. If she could not afford to take care of it, no excuse, surrender the puppy at the shelters, and don't tell me you did it because you had a bad childhood either. Please, if anyone sees any abuse or neglect of a helpless animal, please call authorities and report it or better yet rescue them from their hell.

Now as for the witnesses to all of this ... I have one question: How are you sleeping at night?

I just have one more comment to make, to all of those peoplewho refuse to spay and neuter their pets: This puppy came from a litter and thislittle one suffered for a human's selfishness and a non-caring heart and so determined not to do the right thing. And for those who say, "I always find a good home for them," there is no guarantee that everyone is going to be in good hands; you can't makethat statement.Look at the litter you may have with you now, and one or moremay end up like that unwanted puppy or even end up worse. Think about it ... please spay and neuter your pets.

Beverly Duncan


We're hearing nothing but lies


Lately I have been hearing from conservative friends and watching other conservatives at town halls who do not believe the president when he says we will save money with health care reform.

A pundit stated that these critics are "cynical" with politicians and that is why they "suspend belief." I wonder why? Could it have something to do with the former administration?

They said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that is why we invaded the country. Lie.

They said we would be greeted with flowers as liberators. Lie.

They said the oil would pay for the war. Lie.

So now we have a president who is promising real change in health care, which is drastically needed. Without reform, those who have insurance will see their premiums go up by $9,000 in the next decade to a staggering $22,000! If you get your insurance from your employer, you and he/she will both suffer.

No wonder the CEO of United Healthcare Group, Stephen Helmsley, makes $102,000 an hour! Where is the outrage? Everyone was ticked off with the CEOs of the car companies, but nearly no one is uttering a word about greedy health insurance and pharmaceutical company CEOs! Unless you tune in to MSNBC you do not hear it!

However, we do get to hear lies from those who want to preserve the status quo: Grandma will be killed off; abortions will be paid by taxpayers; all of these town hall attendees are just local citizens; all lies again! Some of these "local citizens" were the same people who were demanding that vote counting be stopped in Florida in the 2000 election. Oh well, maybe that was just a coincidence!

Jim Hyslop and Anne O'Dell