The Curry Coastal Pilot

See the play, help the shelter



I just wanted to let everyone know that the tickets are at the South Coast Humane Society (SCHS) shelter for the next benefit performance at Brookings-Harbor Community Theater.

The performance of "The Princess Parade" (which benefits SCHS) will take place on Sunday, Aug. 9, at 2 p.m.

The tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for seniors and children.This performance is coming pretty close on the heels of the last one, so we need to try to sell as many tickets as possible. The fact that Dori and the theater are willing to give us all of these performances as fundraisers is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Dori could have chosen any non-profit and we are all extremely appreciative of Dori for choosing us. If you see Dori, please make sure that she knows how much we all appreciate what she and her actors are doing for us. These performances will end up amounting to thousands of dollars toward the (SCHS) building fund that we otherwise would have had to work a lot harder for.As it is all we have to do is sell a few tickets and enjoy a great play!

Hope to see all of you at the performance and please make sure all your friends know that tickets are available at the (SCHS) shelter and (SCHS) thrift store.



Find crab pots and report them


This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at after reading an article which says that they are going to administer a program to identify and remove derelict crab pots with $1 million awarded to them from stimulus money for this purpose:

In a recent article, the Medford Mail Tribune ran a story about stimulus money directed to the removal of derelict crab pots.

We have a considerable number of those in the area of the Port of Brookings-Harbor and they present a safety problem for boaters.

Is there a contact where we can send coordinates of the pot buoys that we see while boating? Most of us have a GPS aboard andit would be simple to log their locations and send them to the appropriate people.

I encourage allboaters to contact them since thesqueaky wheel gets the grease!

Bill Rogers


Thanks to all at Safety City


Recently our grandson Syruss has had the privilege of attending "Safety City" with Dan Palicki and many other volunteers.

Monday we met Officer Dustin Watson and his drug sniffing dog who loved all the children and they loved him!

I would like to thank Sgt. Terry Murray and Officer Watson for the excellent job they are doing. Tuesday Curry Electric was there warning about the dangers of electricity. We thank you also.

The children had fun riding go carts also today! We are looking forward to the rest of the week and the great people who take time to help our children in this beautiful City of Brookings!

Lee Burch


Brookings hits a homerun


As the manager of the Crater Lake 16-18 Babe Ruth League, I want to thank and congratulate the players, coaches and individuals from BrookingsBabe Ruth and the Brookings Booster Club for the nice job they did in hosting our state baseball tournament over the weekend.

Having served as tournament director for three state tournaments and a Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament held in Klamath Falls, I fully understand the work and effort that goes into such an event, and Ken Olsen, Keith Wallin and everyone else affiliated with the tournament did a nice job.

Our task now is to represent South Oregon well at the regional tournament that begins July 30.

To the Brookings players, best wishes for the future. Play hard. You have a good club, and I hope that we can play often in the future. We enjoyed the experience.

Steve Matthies,

president, manager

Crater Lake 16-18 Babe Ruth

Klamath Falls

How much do we really know?


Recently, a concerned citizen wrote how we, as a community, should "always question authority."

Of course this is justified by one's own questioning. Surely when presented with statements referring to one's status quo as far as being an "upstanding citizen" or not when printed it seems undeniably true. But let's question the validity of such slander. Perfect example: Mr. Drake Bettinger. From what was documented someone briefly states "Known felon, known drug dealer." Well, who knows this? How does one come to this conclusion? Also stating how Mr. Bettinger hasn't changed his ways. What ways? Honestly, did Mr. Bettinger ever get a chance? Please.

As a community let's consider Mr. Bettinger's family. His children. His friends. How can we refer to a fellow citizen as such? How does this affect the children? Hearing from their peers such ludicrous accusations about their father.

We need to question ourselves as to what kind of community we are. Personally I've known the family of Mr. Bettinger and have befriended him for over 20 years. Maybe he has made mistakes. We all have. Without knowing anything in regard to his current circumstances or the validity of the claims against him who are we to judge?

Personally I think we definitely should "question authority."

Wendy Priest


Hunger issues in Curry County


Oregon Coast Community Action wants to thank all who participated in South Coast Hunger Awareness Week.

This week-long celebration of food emphasized ongoing issues of hunger and food insecurity in Curry County and throughout the South Coast.

With the help of OSU Extension's Family Food Educators, local families and community members were able to access nutrition information when they visited the Curry County Fair, July 8.

Partnering with Chase Bank, Brookings Harbor Community Helpers received 120 pounds of food. A special thanks goes to Julie Davis for her diligent work to make this food drive successful.

Oregon Coast Community Action feeds, houses, warms and educates vulnerable children and families throughout the South Coast. For more information, visit

Mary Schoen-Clark, CEO of Oregon Coast Community Action

Coos Bay

Good people in Brookings


The other day my car quit running right in the middle of (Highway) 101.

This gentleman came out of nowhere and pushed my car out of the way. Then he looked under the hood and found the problem. I thought this man worked at Dan's Auto (and Marine Electric) because he had pushed me into the parking lot of Dan's. Come to find out he was just a passerby.

This gentleman's name is Jerry Jackson. I wanted to let everyone know that there are still good guys around.

Thanks again, Jerry.

Donna Clark


Another great Kite Festival!


The 17th annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival was a huge success this year, bringing thousands of visitors to Brookings and Harbor.

This would have never happened without the support of everyone in our community. The list of sponsors for the festival is too big to mention in one letter, but their financial contributions are what brings the world renowned flyers here and makes the festival happen. Everyone on the organizing committee did a fantastic job taking care of the many details, and the volunteers that came out on the weekend to help were fantastic. All the hard work paid off, and we saw one of the best, if not the best, kite festival ever.

We will begin planning for next year's festival in a few months. Again I would like to thank all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work and invite anyone who would like to become a part of the 18th annual festival in 2010 and help us have another great weekend to e-mail us: .

Steve Blasdell,

2009 chairman

Southern Oregon Kite Festival


Search for an honest man


If I never find an honest man, the search has enlightened me.

I learned those of you who voted for the Democrats think Bush is still president and don't realize Democrats have controlled Congress for two and one half years. You have three and one half years to figure it out.

One of those I talked with was a zealot, but even those with him acknowledged he couldn't convince anyone of anything.

Did you know? Civil servant and public servant are defined the same way. Not that it matters; they have no idea we pay them.

The gentleman who collects my trash is a real public servant.

Seniors on Social Security are not going to get a cost of living adjustment this year, (COLA for you at the Pilot) as someone has determined there was no increase in the cost of living.

The only thing that is cheaper is gas, oh! and maybe toilet paper; you don't need it when you can't afford food.

I found a half dozen words that describe people who raise their wages, then lay off underlings. Or people who won't negotiate their contract in times of need, but the Pilot won't print them.

Did you know anyone can be a Christian but only those who practice make perfect. The average I.Q. of people who talk on their cell phone while driving is 10.2. The search continues.

Clifton Siemens


Grazing deer love Brookings


Overheard on Memory Lane: Two deer were talking and one said, "That was a nice breakfast; now let's wander up to Spruce Drive for lunch."

"OK," said the other deer. "We can snack along the way. When we get to Spruce Drive I know a yard that has nice, tender flower buds. We can enjoy those and lie down in the shade for our usual nap. No dog to bother us andndash; no fence to jump over."

"Perfect," said his friend.

Reine Bramlett


Imposter in the White House?


When John McCain began his campaign for the presidency, the press immediately raised questions about his eligibility, since he had been born in the Panama Canal Zone.

This was laid to rest because his father was an admiral in the U.S. Navy and both his parents were U.S. citizens. When Barack Obama began his campaign for the presidency, the press, along with Congress, the courts and most Americans, had nothing to say. Yet a few people did question his citizenship, since his own grandmother stated he was born in Kenya. Quickly a "Certificate of Live Birth" surfaced from Hawaii, but this was clearly not a bonafide document, since it contained neither the name and specific location of the hospital nor the name of the attending physician. Attempts to obtain records to verify his true place of birth, his enrollment at Occidental College, records of his work at Columbia University and Harvard, even his achievements as a member of the Harvard Law Review have failed.

They have failed because Obama and his administration have reportedly spent over $900,000 to conceal these records. Several dozen lawsuits have been filed in the courts by various citizens and attorneys. Each has been mysteriously dismissed with no public notice. Attempts continue to get at the truth.

The true eligibility of the man who has been elected president of the United States is of vital concern to all Americans. We cannot allow an imposter to govern our nation.

Warren Roepke


Fire department is top rate


Citizens of Harbor are indeed fortunate to have their fellow neighbors serve them so well.

I'm talking about the all- volunteer fire department in Harbor. Why am I bringing this to your attention? Let me tell you. Our fire department is rated in the top 6 percent in public protection. This not only means we will be properly protected in event of a fire, it means our home- owner insurance rates are lower than they otherwise might be. Our volunteers meet the same training standards as paid firefighters in other communities.

At 23 cents per thousand, our fire department is one of the lowest, if not the lowest cost of any fire department in the state. An average of eight firefighters interrupt their families and employment to keep us safe an average of 300 times a year.

If you know a firefighter, thank him or her. If you know their employer, thank them as well. Without civic-minded employers and understanding families we would be paying 10 times as much and possibly not receiving the dedication and service we now receive.

We should all be thankful for our Harbor Volunteer firefighters.

John Daggett


Why we are in trouble


The conservatives are trying to blame Obama for all our troubles, but they are wrong.

These problems have literally been growing for decades and now the "cows" are coming home.

"Both" parties have been under the control of the corporations and the very rich for decades.

They favor endless growth, growing consumption, have fought against everything that would have stopped population growth and pushed through trade agreements that have destroyed American manufacturing.

Now with declining resources, growth will be forced to end.

We need higher tariffs, higher taxes on corporations that moved our jobs overseas, we must end immigration of all kinds, we need sex education, birth control, and we need universal health service, not private for-profit health insurance for basic needs, and we need to stop giving corporations the status of personhood.

Corporations are not "persons," they should have no right to lobby our representatives. We need public funding for people running for political office so that the politicians will represent the people andndash; not the corporations as they do now.

We also must stop sprawl as with the decline of oil, transportation will become much more difficult and expensive. We need to become more self sufficient in our agriculture and goods; we need to consolidate our businesses into compact "malls" to lessen travel.

Last year's run-up in oil prices are just the beginning of a long, unstoppable rise in the cost of everything.

Sheila Chambers