The Curry Coastal Pilot

Post Office has long way to go


When our present postmaster took over the job a couple years back she stated in the Pilot that she would evaluate certain problem areas and work to improve customer service.

I feel the service has deteriorated, and I'd like to hear what others think about the situation.

One problem area must have been the clock in the lobby. I believe it was taken down so people would be less aware of how long they had to stand in line.

Then the unlisted phone number, which too many people knew, was changed to another unlisted number. I believe that was done to thwart so many people calling in, asking why their mail delivery was late. That was probably because the regular carrier was off, and a substitute was running the route.

Why was the substitute carrier late? I see that problem stemming from a lack of supervision and proper training. If the carrier is late enough, then all your outgoing mail can be delayed a day or so from being delivered on schedule. Could that be why your birthday cards and bill payments arrive late? Of course.

We know the post office won't guarantee much of anything, but they have projections as to how long a letter or parcel should take to be delivered. Many people aren't aware of those projections so they really don't know what to expect.

This letter wasn't written on a whim. I've spoken with the postmaster about five times in the past two years about poor service I've gotten. Nothing has improved!

That's why I'm asking what other people in the area think about the mail service here. Maybe we can even get the postmaster in on that discussion.

Jack McMahon


Healing agency in community


I would like to thank the Redwood Memorial Chapel for putting on a wonderful and much-needed grief workshop this past Friday.

The lead facilitator, Lyn Prashant, offered a practical and well-rounded approach to the issue of loss. Mitch and Alan offered some artistic expressions of using grief.

At a time where we are experiencing many losses, from a sense of security to death, this workshop offered tools to deal with the process of loss.When we read the different expression of anger in the "letters," one might consider how loss and grief plays a part of the letters written to the editor.

I appreciate Redwood's effort to be a healing agency in our community. We are lucky to have them.

Dennis Knauert


Training to help youth, families


In these hard times, those agencies and organizations that rely on grants are finding it much more difficult to secure funding.

The Curry County Commission on Children and Families provided very successful basic grant-writing training, May 13-15, to an enthusiastic group representing many projects in the county.Thanks to a grass-roots grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust (not affiliated with Fred Meyer Stores Inc.), training will continue with follow-up grant writing assistance.

A collaborative group was formed as a result of the recent training and will meet on June 11, then quarterly.The purpose of the group is to secure funding by working with a team concept, tying similar goals with more than one entity co-writing the grant application.Future training, under the Meyer Memorial grant, will include board recruitment, training and retention.

For more information about the collaboration meetings or future training, please contact the Curry County Commission on Children and Families, (541) 247-7921 or 800-242-9478.

Barbara Eells

ABC grant coordinator

Gold Beach

What's up with trash service?


Am I the only resident of Harbor/Brookings that is not satisfied with the trash/recycling service?

The service goes through my trash, and what they deem not trash, they throw on the ground and leave it there. The recycling service does the same thing. Does it bother anyone else that someone is rummaging through your trash?

My biggest concern is the cost of trash going up, and yet they will not take everything. Why? What are we to do with the items the trash and/or recycling service will not take? Absorb more cost on gas and dump fees? What if you don't drive, then what?

I, a single-person household, pay $63 dollars every three months, for a trash can that is just (a) bit larger than my kitchen can. Am I the only one who thinks this is an excessive expense for the service we receive?

With the economy in the state it is, I believe that if we had a recycling center in town, other than Fred Meyer, that would accept "everything," people would not only save money, but take recycling more seriously, which in turn would keep Harbor/Brookings a clean and beautiful town.

Dee Justice


Hit-and-runs upsetting


It upsets me to think that there are people out there that are dishonest and would do something to harm another.

On Thursday, May 28, my son was parked at Curry Good Sam while he was inside working. When he went outside on his lunch break he discovered that someone had hit the side of his truck and just left, never reporting it.

My son is 19 years old and has been trying to save his money and pay off some of his bills. He just bought the truck less than two months ago; it was spotless when he bought it. Due to his age we keep his deductible a little higher, just so his insurance is more affordable. So now, because of someone else's dishonesty, my son will be out $780. Hit and run is a crime!

Be honest, please.

I also want you to know that two days after this incident, my son watched an older man back up in the Fred Meyer parking lot, hit another vehicle, look around to make sure nobody saw him and then proceed to leave the parking lot. The body shop said that this happens over 100 times a year here in Brookings.

Jennifer Peters


A salute to our military groups


On behalf of the members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 966, I would like to thank the members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757, the Marine Corps League Detachment 578 and the American Legion Post 195 for all the help and participation in the Memorial Day program.

It was wonderful to see the veterans working together and supporting each other on such a special day. You made it a day to remember for all of us.

I owe a special thank you to Mr. Frank Van Meter, the area Veterans Service officer, Mr. Sam Vitale, president of VVA chapter 757, and Mr. Charles Fuller, past state commander of the VFW. Mr. Robert Gilmore, national vice commandant northwest division of the Marine Corps League. It was a pleasure to work alongside such fine men and organizations.

To the Brookings/Harbor Garden Club and Brookside Florist for the beautiful flowers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To the Civil Air Patrol, the Emblem Club and the U.S. Coast Guard, you were all wonderful. Thank you.

The biggest thanks goes to veterans and the people of Brookings/Harbor for your attendance. It was great to see so many of you take time to recapture the true meaning of Memorial Day.

We will never forget.

Jim Thebaut

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 66


U.S. veterans deserve better


Veterans of this community are upset with the people who coordinate the Azalea parade.

Year after year, we veterans keep reminding them that all veteran groups start the parade andndash; it's only respect. But they continue to put fire trucks, Red Cross vans with sirens blasting away, etc., between the color guard and other veterans. How rude.

I do hope in the future someone can get it right.

Jerry Hartzell

Vietnam Veteran


Kudos to Head Start supporters


South Coast Head Start would like to give special thanks to Dr. William Morrell, D.D.S, for donating dental kits, Figaro's for pizza coupons, Cristi Garvin with Blockbuster for movie coupons, Shop Smart for movie coupons, McDonald's for ice cream coupons, Slugs 'N Stones for ice cream coupons, Spotlight Video for movie rentals, Dairy Queen for ice cream coupons, Ray's Food Place for the cake, Fred Meyer for food items, Curry Transfer and Recycling for coloring books, Sheriff's Department for safety, Fire Department for safety, Dr. and Mrs. Nichols for their pumpkin patch, Miss Dori for all of her reading with the children, Cindy Golding for speech, Cleo Curtiss with Coats for Kids, Lions Club for clothing, and Calvin E. Murphy Marine Corps League 578 for puppets, crayons, etc.

All your efforts and support have made this year a great year for our children.

Rachel Myrick, FA

South Coast Head Start

On Obama's popularity


His personal popularity remains stable at 63 percent and his Attorney General Eric Holder has called the white race cowards for not discussing race issues.

My niece married an African American and a better husband she couldn't ask for, so I feel qualified, without bias, to discuss this issue. When the pollsters ask how do you rate his performance so far a completely different number looms. After only four months in office he's down to 45 percent.

Politicians on the left usually accuse conservatives of racism, but the truth is racism will always be with us. Sonia Sotomayor couldn't prove my point any better when she said a Latina female would make a better Supreme Court Justice than a white male. If a white male made that statement he would be eliminated immediately for consideration. She will be approved because conservatives in politics are not racist but liberals proved they were when they dismissed a highly qualified Latino andndash; Miguel Estrada andndash; a Bush appointee. African American Justice Clarence Thomas was slandered with lies and bigotry of the worst kind.

Mr. Holder has been raised during a period of time when his race has received many more political considerations from the courts than whites. Let us forget a person's color and vote for his ability to lead.

Obama is failing fast and unless he stops his big spending the sacrifice he says we must all make will shatter our economy just as the politicians have ruined the housing and banking industry. It was under Bush but the driving force was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Grief workshop was excellent


Last week I attended the grief workshop "Healing Our Hearts," as well as the evening concert held in Harbor.

Both were excellent. Our community owes a big thank you to Redwood Chapel Director Jeannine Barnard for sponsoring these events and bringing a nationally known speaker to our area.

Judy Kaplan


Drive, explore the backroads


Re: Curry County four-wheel drive adventures.

This is an invitation to join others in exploring the remote regions around Curry County via 4x4 and non-4x4 vehicles. This small group is intended for mature, family-oriented people to explore back roads and suitable trails (no dangerous or damaging rock climbing). This is a non-structured, no-dues group that desires adventure, fun, conservation, safety and fellowship.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me at (541) 469-5729, or P.O. Box 6069, Brookings, OR 97415. We will get together and form a compatible group.

Phil Cox


Lawbreakers, thugs and goons


What national leader was believed to be a new vision and nation builder then surrounded himself with lawbreakers, thugs and goons?

This leader acted like a buffoon in diplomatic settings, publicly attacked those that disagreed with him and made puzzling, contradictory statements in public displays of arrogance, self aggrandizement and narcissism.

Well, first there was Mussolini, now Obama. The main difference seems to be Mussolini attacked other countries (always small ones) while Obama attacks his own country. Both of course are disasters to their country.

Don't agree? Check this out: A cult of personality driven by media support. Believes only one correct way is his way. Wants to help the small persons like us that aren't as brilliant as he. Media suppresses unkind facts and gaffs. One had the Black Shirt thugs, the other Acorn and Union thugs. Always "on-stage" and giving speeches. Blames others while attacking individuals by name. Makes believe they are athletic by being photographed topless or talks sports. Never really accomplished anything until becoming El Supremo. Bluffed way into bigger and bigger trouble without understanding what was going wrong. Claims opponents either are "small people" or not important. It's always about him. Theories are old and tired; proven wrong many many times.

What do you think now?

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach