The Curry Coastal Pilot

Though off-year elections lack the excitement of a presidential primary, the men and women who will be elected next month to help run everything from fire districts to school boards help keep the wheels of local government moving smoothly. Meanwhile, the agencies they oversee have a direct impact on the daily lives of many of us. As is true in any election, every vote counts in determining who will fill those jobs.

Ballots for May 19 will be mailed out starting Friday, May 1. There are contested races for positions on the county's school boards and port commissions. In addition, park districts, fire districts, road districts and other service districts all will fill openings on their governing boards.

Once voters have filled out their ballots, they have until 8 p.m. May 19 to get them back to the Curry County clerk. Vote early and you can mail your ballot; put it off and you'll have to take it either to the clerk's office in Gold Beach or to special drop-off locations. Ballots received after 8 p.m., even if they're postmarked earlier, will not be counted.