The Curry Coastal Pilot

Curry County appraisers are reassessing the values of residential, farm, forest and commercial properties in the north end of the county, a process that is expected to take at least a year.

According to County Assessor Jim Kolen, assessors will be working in and around Agness, Ophir, Nesika Beach, Pistol River and from the southern end of Port Orford's city limits to the Arizona Beach area.

The process involves examining recent property sales in the area, then going door-to-door to physically inspect land and buildings. Appraisers will often visit 20 or more properties per day, knocking on doors to request permission to review the property. The assessor does not havetime or the resources to contact property owners in advance to schedule time for a visit.

The first areas to be reappraised will be in Cedar Terrace and Hubbard Creek, followed by Ophir to the Hubbard Mound subdivision. From there, they'll travel to Agness and Pistol River.

Because the process takes so long, the earliest property owners can expect to see any change in their property tax statement will be on their2015-2016 statement. Others might not see results until they receive their 2016-2017 tax statement in October 2016.

Questions can be directed to Kolen's office at 541-247-3294, or toll free at 800-242-7601.