The Curry Coastal Pilot

According to Lt. Donnie Dotson of the Brookings Police Department, a communication outage has been reported Wednesday evening in both Curry and Coos Counties due to a fiber optic line being "cut" just outside of Myrtle Point. The outtage affects the ability to call long distance from land-line phones, cellphone coverage and Frontier cable subscribers.

Crews are working at fixing the outage and estimate communications issues to be resolved in four to five hours.

Currently, there is very little service for land-line phones calling long distance and that there is only a slight chance of the call going through. Local calls are still functioning at this time.

Cellphone coverage appears spotty and may or may not work depending on your location. Dotson states that the coverage does not appear to be affecting any specific cellphone provider, rather the coverage of certain cellphone towers irregardless of the cellphone service provider.

Lt. Dotson informs the public to keep their options open if they are unable to get cellphone coverage and need to contact the authorities. Dial 911 in case of an emergency. If that fails he states to contact the Brookings Police Department at 541-469-3118 extension 0, or via email at