The Brookings-Harbor Lions Club donated a security alarm system to the three schools at Brookings-Harbor School District.

The new device is a remote control alarm that contacts 911 dispatchers immediately without having to make a phone call, working similar to a silent alarm at a bank or store. Once the alarm is pushed, police can arrive in minutes, increasing police reaction time.

Each school has one fixed alarm that is located at the front office desk and another remote control device that can be carried by a school district employee. Each alarm cost $330, for a total of $990.

"We are always working on improving security system and this worked right into what we are trying to do," said Superintendent Brian Hodge.

Lions Club treasurer Jim McLain said that many other schools around the country have similar devices.

"The schools are one of the Lions Club's priorities," McLain said. "It provides sight and hearing screening at the elementary schools and scholarships."

Hodge says he knows he can come to the Lions Club for help.

"We can always count on the Lions Club," Hodge said. "They are very helpful and pleasant people to work with."