The Curry Coastal Pilot

CRESCENT CITY - After raiding a north Crescent City home on Thursday in search of a local man suspected of several burglaries and thefts, authorities were able to apprehend him Friday.

David J. Rhodes, 27, was arrested in a residence in the Hidden Creek Apartments after authorities were tipped off he was in the area, said Sheriff's Commander Tim Athey.

Around 11:15 a.m., an anonymous tipster informed the California Highway Patrol that Rhodes was loading items in a red Dodge pickup on Scenic Creek Drive, Athey said.

The CHP and the Sheriff's Office mobilized, setting up a perimeter around the area, Athey said.

They found the truck and saw Rhodes running toward an apartment in the complex, Athey said. They found Rhodes hiding in a linen closet, Athey said.

They also arrested Jose Pena Jr., 37, on suspicion of being an accessory to a crime for helping to hide Rhodes. Two other women are being sought in connection with helping to hide Rhodes. The women, Stephanie K. McDonald, 28, and Fawn Ochoa, 26, fled from the apartment, Athey said.

Rhodes was nabbed after eluding authorities Thursday when an off-duty sheriff's deputy reportedly spotted him at a house located at 755 Vipond Drive.

Shortly after the deputy spotted Rhodes at the house, two people in a truck left, though they didn't get far as another deputy intercepted them at the corner of Vipond Drive and Lake Earl Drive, Athey said.

A woman in the truck was arrested on warrants for failing to comply with her probation terms, Athey said.

At the same time, authorities from the Sheriff's Office, California Highway Patrol, Curry County Sheriff's Office and Brookings Police Department surrounded the Vipond residence and, after securing a search warrant, raided the home in search of Rhodes.

After scouring the home, two men were detained and later released, but Rhodes was nowhere to be found, Athey said.

A police dog was deployed and picked up a scent leading from the back of the home, but the search was ended around 8:30 p.m., Athey said.

When Rhodes was finally captured Friday, he was arrested on three warrants - from Del Norte, Curry County, and Colorado, Athey said.

The Del Norte warrant was for failure to comply with parole conditions. The Curry warrant was for two burglaries and a car theft.

There are several burglary and theft-related cases in which Rhodes is a suspect, and they will likely be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office, Athey said.

The California Highway Patrol also is putting together cases for a rash of car thefts in Smith River that Rhodes is suspected to be behind, a spokesperson said.

"Thanks to everybody who aided in his capture and thanks to everyone who was giving us tips," Athey said.

Rhodes is on parole after serving a two-year term in prison for receiving stolen property related to a 2011 Smith River home burglary.