The Brookings-Harbor Lions Club tested the sight and hearing of first through fifth graders at Kalmiopsis Elementary School earlier this week as part of its mission to improve sight and hearing projects.

"We are the vision screening for this area," said Janet Richey, Lions Club member. "If kids need glasses we can help, or if they break their glasses on the playground, we can have an optometrist fix them."

The club provides the service to the school district without charge. State law requires schools to test children for hearing and sight problems every year in elementary school and in seventh and 10th grade.

"We've been doing this for many years, doing hearing and vision tests at all the schools," said Joe Donahue, a Lions Club member.

This year, students' vision was tested with a new a machine that speeded up the process.

For students who need glasses or hearing aids but cannot afford them, the Lions Club can provide them to the students for free.

"We want them to have glasses and hearing aids," Donahue said. "We have the money. We don't want any child to have that problem."

In addition to collecting unneeded pairs of glasses to recycle, the local Lions Club also collects and recycles cans and bottles as part of its "Kans 4 Kids" program. The money raised through "Kans 4 Kids" is used for the club's hearing and vision program to pay for glasses and hearing aids for children in need.

Cans and bottles can be dropped off at several locations around the Brookings area: at the Ray's in Brookings, the Fred Meyer in Brookings, the Easy Manor Park on Easy Street, the Winchuck Fire Station and the Cape Ferrelo Fire Station.