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The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has made it easier for people in the region to find a career closer to home.

In a move to go digital, the CDCR has moved its application process online.

Applicants will be accepted on a continuous basis as the CDCR tries to fill correctional officer vacancy gaps created by retirements, separations and promotions.

It is specifically targeting prisons that are harder to fully staff, especially Pelican Bay State Prison.

"(Pelican Bay) has always been difficult to fill vacancies," said CDCR press secretary Terry Thornton.

There are two other prisons, High Desert State Prison and California Correctional Center, which have a high demand for correctional officers. High Desert houses high-security inmates in Susanville.

California Correctional Center provides housing for minimumsecurity inmates and is one of two state prisons responsible for training and placing inmates in prison fire camps. It is also located in Susanville.

There are 34 state prisons in California, but those institutions with the greatest need will usually be filled first.

The online application process address listed at the end of this article will provide information necessary for potential candidates before they fill out their applications.

Applicantswill have to undergo a written test, qualifications assessment, physical fitness test, background investigation and medical and psychological screening during the selection process.

Once those are successfully completed, candidates must undergo a 16-week academy training program in Galt, during which a correctional cadet will earn at least $3,050 a month.

Upon becoming a correctional officer, the pay scale ranges from $3,774 to $6,389 a month.

It is anticipated to take about nine months from application to assignment to become a correctional officer.

Applicants are given a choice as to where they would like to work, said Brian Daly, a public information officer for CDCR.

"They have a job promised to them when they complete the academy," said Daly, adding that listing Pelican Bay as a top choice will help attain placement there.

There are currently 53 correctional officer vacancies at Pelican Bay. An academy ended Friday with 59 candidates, of which six will receive positions at Pelican Bay.

Pelican Bay currently has 752 correctional officers.

To apply go to: