In preparation for the crowds that will be gathering on Sporthaven Beach to view Thursday's Fourth of July fireworks, a few people took a moment to clean up.

What did these people do with what they found? They made art and entered it in the third annual Driftwood Art and Fun Frenetic Sculpture Contest.

Sculptors displayed their creations Saturday afternoon at Fely's Restaurant. Visitors could vote for the nine entries in four age groups - 5 and younger, 6-9, 10-14 and 15 and older. There were no entries in the 5 and younger group.

Winning the 6-9 category was Tyler Jones, who created a minivan from driftwood. He won a bucket of ice cream from Slugs 'N' Stones 'N' Ice Cream Cones.

Using a piece of driftwood that had branches to form the legs, tail and torso of an iguana, Jaren Jones added two pieces of driftwood to form the head and crown to complete his sculpture. Jaren was winner of the 10-14 age group and was awarded a $20 gift certificate from Hungry Clam restaurant.

Doris and Richard Henderson won lunch for two from Fely's for their creation that not only utilized driftwood, but trash from the beach. The couple were in the 15 and older category.