"Be early and carry a lot of dollar bills," is the advice that yard sale organizer Mary De Armond has for bargain hunters participating in today's communitywide Garage Sale Saturday in Brookings-Harbor.

Armond, who is overseeing the sale at Brookings-Harbor Christian Church, is among the scores of people, who spent the last few weeks preparing for the event.

As of Friday, more than 100 people had placed ads in the Pilot's Garage Sale Saturday locator map, included in this issue.

For many, its an opportunity to find new homes for used goods and make some extra cash in the process.

"It's kind of like a green thing," said Tiffany Hicks, a graphic designer in Brookings and yard sale host. "If things haven't used up their lifespan, then I think that it is great to find another happy home to go to and get more life out of things before they end up in landfills."

The Pilot launched Garage Sale Saturday in 1997 and promotes the event twice a year on the first Saturday in May and October. The event draws hundreds of people from as far away as Port Orford, Crescent City and the Rogue Valley.

Today, there are more than ten different organizations or businesses holding rummage sales to benefit a charity or cause. The remaining 90-plus garage sales are by homeowners in the area. The sales range from Martin Ranch Road north of Brookings to the California border.

"Look in the paper and if you are looking for specific items, then scan all the ads. Don't spend all your money at the first sale and if you see a large organization, try to hit them first," said Lance Knauss, pastor at the Brookings-Harbor Christian Church. "You can't make them all."

The church will mark items half off at noon and, starting at 2 p.m., will let shoppers fill a bag for $1. All proceeds will benefit the church's youth programs and other church projects.

"We have always had a great turnout and the community is always great," Knauss said. "Yard Sale Saturday in the Pilot works because it draws people from California, over in the Rogue Valley, the Roseburg area, so it is worth the effort."

The hours vary by locations and may be listed in ads accompanying the locater map. The church sale will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.

Cheryl Walz and her family stopped at the church yard sale Thursday because she saw the signs on the road when she was leaving town.

"We are finding more than we want," Walz said. "We didn't really need to stop here, but you know how it goes. You stop and you always buy when you can find a good deal."

Her family is used to shopping at yard sales but she has never taken part in Garage Sale Saturday.

"My son just moved towns and they didn't have anything and started from scratch. It was under $200 and they got everything they needed at yard sales and thrift stores," Walz said. "That is amazing,"

Hicks is holding a three-family garage sale and has participated for the past several years. She has a hard time deciding between having a yard sale and going to other sales. She even tries to convince her husband to watch her sale so she can go and shop at others.

"I have young kids and they are constantly growing out of things and changing their taste in toys," Hicks said. "We don't have a place to store it so we look forward to Yard Sale Saturday every year."