The Curry Coastal Pilot

Smith River resident Michael Ray Perry, 49, was arrested Monday on 10 counts of animal abuse in connection with malnourished and injured horses found and taken from a Brookings property that same day.

The Curry County Sheriff's Office received a call from Brookings resident Michael Moss reporting the neglect of 10 horses left on his property by Perry. Moss said it appeared as if the horses had not been fed or watered regularly.

Sheriff's deputies went to Moss' property and determined it was a case of animal neglect based on the condition of the horses and their living conditions, said Undersheriff Bob Rector.

The horses had been in small pens for almost three months with thick mud and feces, eating dirt and the entire bark off of the trees due to not being fed or watered regularly, Rector said.

Later that afternoon, a veterinarian from Town and County Animal Clinic determined that the horses were in need of medical attention. The horses were taken into protective custody so they could receive care.

Perry was located later that day and arrested on 10 counts of second degree animal neglect.

Court records show that Perry was convicted of similar charges inDecember in Deschutes County, related to neglect of a horse.

It is not yet known whether these are any of the same horses that were involved in the Deschutes case, Rector said.