Scott Graves
Curry Coastal Pilot

Call it the "Case of the Mystery Wedding Photo."

It all started one day, a few weeks ago, when Pat Forbes, a volunteer at the Brookings South Coast Humane Society shelter, found the photo laying on the seat of her car parked outside the facility.

"My guess is that someone found it on the ground and slipped it through the window, thinking it was mine," Forbes said.

She shared the photo with other volunteers at the shelter, but no one recognized it.

Fellow volunteer Joan Nichols showed the photo to a few friends, with the same results. Nothing.

As a last resort, Nichols brought it to the Curry Coastal Pilot, hoping that by publishing the photo in the newspaper might lead to the owners.

"It sure would be nice to find out the photo belongs to, and who these people are," Nichols said.

The photo shows a married couple, flanked by what appears to be the best man and maid of honor, inside a chapel. Based on the style of dresses and tuxedo, and men's hairstyles, Nichols guessed the photo was taken in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

The reverse side of the photo is designed as a postcard, with the imprint "Post-A-Photo" and bearing the date 1980.

There is no other identifying information.

"It certainly is a mystery," Forbes said. "Perhaps someone will recognize the people and let us know."

Anyone who knows any of the people in the photo is encouraged to contact Forbes or Nichols at the shelter by calling 541-412-0325.