Scott Graves
Curry Coastal Pilot

A Brookings family of six is homeless this afternoon (Monday) after a fire destroyed their house and threatened nearby residences on Rustic Road off Parkview Drive.

Firefighters from Brookings, Harbor and Cape Ferrelo responded to the fire at about 2:49 p.m. only to find the manufactured home engulfed in flames. Nobody was inside the house, although the family dog was missing. The firefighters successfully kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes and a wooded hillside above the house.

Owner Ryan Moon, whose wife was not home at the time, said he had set off "bug bombs" in the house and walked down Rustic Road to a bus stop on Parkview to meet his four children coming home from school.

"I was waiting at the bus stop when I heard explosions; it was popping like gunshots," Moon said. "I ran back to the house and it was on fire. I went inside and grabbed as much stuff as I could and got out."

When asked what was possibly exploding in his house, Moon said it was ammunition.

"I have a lot of ammo in there," he said.

The children arrived shortly after and were rushed to a neighbor's home. Moon, who was joined by his mother, watched as firefighters sprayed water on the house. He was worried the family dog, a black pit bull named Gunner, had died in the fire.

"I just want my dog," Moon told his mother at the scene.

He got his wish about an hour later when his dog was located in a neighbor's yard about 200 feet away and the two were reunited.

The state fire marshal was called to investigate the fire, but wasn't expected to arrive until later today or tomorrow.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), total release foggers, also known as "bug bombs," are pesticide products containing aerosol propellants that release their contents at once to fumigate an area. These products are often used around the home to kill cockroaches, fleas, and other pests.

The EPA's website said that "because the aerosol propellants in these foggers typically are flammable, improper use may cause a fire or explosion."