All sorts of trinkets, doodads and treasures will be available today for bargain hunters and shoppers during the biannual Garage Sale Saturday.

More than 95 garage sales will be going on today and Sunday, starting as early as 7 a.m. and lasting all day.

A special Garage Sale Saturday map with a numbered list of every sale is featured on the front and back covers of the classified section of the Curry Coastal Pilot.

"It started as a circulation builder, and turned into a community event," Pilot Publisher Charlie Kocher.

Garage Sale Saturday is organized twice a year by the Pilot. The first one was held in the fall of 1997, and it quickly grew to a twice a year event. The dates are now the first Saturday in May, and the first Saturday in October.

A majority of the 97 sales will be in the Brookings-Harbor area, with some as far north as Cape Ferrelo, and as far south as the Winchuck River.

Harbor resident Carol Chiado, her sister, coworker and her husband, and Chiado's daughter and son-in-law of Grants Pass combined all of their items for one sale.

"We just decided that it was a good time to do it," Chiado said.

The sale, located at 16094 Kings Way, runs today and Sunday beginning at 9 a.m.

Friday was the dry run.

Two hours into the sale Friday afternoon, it was going well andndash; 50 to 100 people dropped by, Chiado said.

It's going "great, really great. I don't think anybody works anymore. They're either all retired or not working," she said.

Popular items Friday included golf clubs, motorcycle helmets, all kinds of sporting equipment, Chiado said.

Harbor resident Troy Clayton also held a sale Friday.

"It's going well so far," Clayton said. "You name it, we got it. If we don't have it, we can try to help you find it."

Within the first couple of hours, 100 people stopped by, Clayton said.

He decided to hold the sale to clean house.

Clayton's sale starts at 9 a.m., and will run through 2 p.m. today as well. It is located at 97975 Klamath Loop.

In addition to the residential sales, various groups and organizations such as the Brookings-Harbor Garden Club, Chetco Grange Hall and Ocean Park, a residential care facility in Brookings, will participate in Garage Sale Saturday, too.

"We did this for a couple of reasons," Brookings-Harbor Garden Club Chairperson Fran Watson said. "One is the majority of people are looking for something to do on that day, and we'd like to get the people out. And, naturally, the garden needs funds, and several vendors are selling their own plants and pottery. So it was just a combination of things that seemed to be working at the right time."

Members of the club will sell azaleas, noble firs, proteas, rare and unusual plants, bonsai, and home and garden pottery among other items at the Brookings-Harbor Botanical Garden area, located on the corner of Highway 101 and North Bank Chetco River Road.

"We'll be out there in full force," Watson said. "We look forward to seeing everyone come out and supporting our cause."

Chetco Grange Hall employees will participate to raise funds to maintain the Grange Hall.

"The building is constantly needing upgrades, and the money will go to keeping it open for community service," Grange manager Barbara Edmiston said.

This is the fifth year that the Grange has done this project.

Two people will rent the space outside the Grange Hall to have their own private sale as well.

"We are trying to make money for the building maintenance fund, to make upgrades to the building," private sale holder Dean McConnell said.

Finally, Ocean Park employees will give out free wheelchairs of all different sizes, walkers, canes, portable commodes, bed wedges and furniture to anyone who needs the items.

"The items are free," office manager Celeste Jerue said. "Anybody who needs it is welcome to come pick out any piece of equipment or multiple pieces of equipment that they need.

"We like to give back to the community, and the people who need it who might not be able to afford this equipment."

"Community Pride" events parallel Garage Sale Saturday, including a special recycling week offer with 10-10 Express Tow and Recycle, free Curry Transfer and Recycle (CTR) yard clippings pick-up and free CTR metal and yard debris drop off and the Brookings Litter-Be-Gone Day on May 12.

"A 10-second idea turned into a community event," Kocher said. "We enjoy it, people love it."