A fire broke out Friday morning on an old fishing boat being salvaged in the Port of Brookings Harbor boat storage yard.

Harbor firefighters responded, and quickly brought the fire under control.

Russ Crabtree, executive director of the Port of Brookings Harbor, said the boat had no fuel on board, so the fire was not as serious as it might have been. He said the boat was being salvaged by Fuzzy Fitzsimmons of Crescent City.

Fitzsimmons said he didn't understand why the fire department was called. He said he put out the fire before the firefighters arrived. However, there was lots of smoke and firefighters used a ladder to crawl aboard. The fire attracted a lot of attention.

The road by the Best Western Beachfront Inn across the street was blocked by a hose that connected to a hydrant.

Fitzsimmons said the fishing boat AlleO has been around for 50 years, but has never had proper care. It has been abandoned in the boat storage yard for at least 15 years, Crabtree said.

The port is in the process of clearing the old boats from the storage yard. Others facing salvage in the near future are the Pegren, My Fair Lady and the Sea Wolf. They have little value. The fate of the sailing vessel Ali Babe is unknown. Crabtree said it is of European registration, so disposal with a clear title would be difficult.

The boat has historical value. He said it could be as much as $30,000, and he does not want to risk disposing of something with that value. The other old boats are worth no more than a few hundred dollars each, he said.