All that is needed for this weekends kite festival is the wind.

Organizers of the event, Larry and Lynn Goodman, said they are heading down today (July 12) to finish planning for the event scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, July 15 and 16, at the Port of Brookings-Harbor.

Larry Goodman said he is hoping for wind.

Its been windy here (in Coos Bay) Goodman said. Its been so windy here I put out a bottle to catch the wind. Im putting a cap on it and bringing it down.

The bigger kites have trouble flying when there isnt a sufficient wind to support them. The lack of wind has been a factor in the past, but past festivals still have been enjoyed by big crowds.

Through the years the festival has had favorites who will be back for this months show. Among them are the Bay Area Sundowners from San Francisco, and Al Washington of Portland. The Sundowners fly colorful red, white and blue stack kites. Washington is a big man with the physical proportions of a football player who virtually dances as he flies his kite to recorded music.

Most of the performances are to music.

Newcomers this year are Rod and Cindy Thrall of Hillsboro, who are bringing big kites with them. One of them is 450 square feet, Larry Goodman said.

Bob Serack, also of Hillsboro, is bringing a 45-foot soccer ball, Goodman said.

Others making return appearances are Steve Bates of Portland and Carl Bragiel of Amity.

The individually crafted kites are works of art. Ron and Sandy Gibian take pride in their kites. They are coming from Visalia, Calif.

In all, 40 fliers are scheduled to participate in the exhibition.

Every year the port designs a logo for the festival. It appears on t-shirts offered for sale at the show.

This is the eighth year that Brookings-Harbor has hosted kite fliers from around the country for the two-day show.

Paid for by sponsors, there is no admission fee for the event. People bring lawn chairs, and sit around the field at the port where the fliers display their unique kites and their talents.

The festival was started by the Goodmans as a promotion for Crescent City radio station KCRE. When they sold the station, the festival was passed to the port to serve as the promoter.

The Goodmans moved to Coos Bay, missed last years festival, but are back this year assisting the port.