The State Police continued to refuse comment on Tuesday regarding the situation involving County Commissioner Lloyd Olds.

But the sheriff took his gun permit temporarily.

Olds reportedly drew a gun on a Harbor resident while delivering tax contact forms at Sunshine Cove Mobile Home Park.

County Treasurer Patty Ingersoll said she asked Olds if he would be willing to deliver the contact notices.

Im sorry there were any problems. It had nothing to do with taxes, said Ingersoll.

The investigating agent is Lt. Dan Durbin of the Oregon State Police Office in Medford.

Lt. Durbin said he was assisting Trooper Jed Stone with the investigation.

Durbin said he was assisting to avoid conflict of interest and to ensure a fair and impartial investigation for all parties involved.

Olds said in a recent commissioners meeting that the incident was unfortunate, but he would do the same thing again.

Olds added that he would explain more fully at a later time.

Sheriffs Department Capt. Mark Metcalf said the sheriffs office is not involved with the investigation because it is not appropriate for it to be involved in the investigation of an elected county official.

Sheriff Kent Owens said Olds concealed weapon permit was seized. Owens said this is standard practice.

Anyone involved in criminal activity, we will seize the permit until the investigation is complete.

He added that if the person is charged and found not guilty, he gets the permit back.

District Attorney Pat Foley said he could not comment because it is still under investigation. He said he expects the investigation to be completed in a couple of weeks.