The Brookings mayoral and city council race has suddenly begun to heat up with just two working days before nominations close.

Brookings Elections Officer Gail Hedding told The Pilot Friday afternoon that two more candidates have entered the race. Former Brookings Mayor Fred Hummel has filed his petition for Council Position No. 2, along with businessman Tim Patterson, Hedding said. Council Position No. 2 is currently held by Larry Curry.

Hedding said Patterson has qualified to be on the ballot but Hummel had not.

Mr. Hummel has turned in his petition, but the county elections office has not yet confirmed his signatures, Hedding said.

Curry, long-time council member and council president, qualified this week to be on the November ballot, Hedding said.

Last week, Hedding said Don Nuss, who had also filed for Position No. 1, had several signatures on his petition by people who were not residents of Brookings.

He wound up one short and submitted two additional signatures for verification, Hedding said.

Friday afternoon Hedding reported that Don Nuss has also qualified to be on the November ballot.

Hedding said Victoria Marsh-Nuss, who is running for mayor, has qualified for the November election.

Don and Vikki Nuss were not available for comment Friday evening, but in a letter to The Pilot Don Nuss addressed concerns regarding my wife and I both filing to be on the ballot for mayor and council position No. 1.

These are different times. Partners have to work as a team to realize their goals. At business, it takes both of us working to make a living. At home, it takes both of us to raise a family ...

Because of our shared business and home, we have shared interests. One of those interests is our community. As teams, husbands and wives elected or employed at the county, schools and cities are combining their efforts to make a living and make our community better.

Candidate Fred Hummel, president of Citizens for Orderly Development, said he thinks Its wonderful that all these people are filing. Thats what democracy is all about. Its a long time since weve had competition for the council positions.

Hummel has disagreed with the incumbent council on the Urban Growth Boundary and growth issues. He has led the opposition to the growth boundary, maintaining that it is excessive, and opens too much area for development.

Filing for the November election started on May 8.

Candidates must have been a resident of the city of Brookings for 12 months prior to Nov. 7, and be a registered voter of the city.

To qualify to be on the ballot candidates must submit no less than 20 signatures of legally qualified electors who are registered voters of the city.

The completed candidacy for nonpartisan nomination form with the signatures of 20 voters must be filed no later than 5 p.m. on Aug. 29, to qualify for the general election.

Hedding said Brookings City Hall will be open an additional half hour on Tuesday to accommodate any late filings.