The Hazardous Materials Team was called out from Coos Bay on Wednesday after two 10-year-old boys mixed chemicals at 939 Pioneer Lane.

The boys found chemicals at the unoccupied residence and mixed them together producing a toxic smoke, said Brookings Fire Chief Bill Sharp.

A neighbor noticed the smoke and called the police. The boys tried to run, but he detained them until the police could arrive, said Chief Sharp.

The fire department was notified and Fire Lieutenant Steve Nagel responded.

Nagel found what firefighters describe as a witches brew of chemicals that was giving off a toxic vapor-like smoke.

Chief Sharp was alerted and a crew of firefighters was set up to stand by and restrict access to the area.

Chief Sharp notified the Oregon Emergency Response Agency to request that the Oregon Haz-Mat Team be dispatched from Coos Bay.

The team was dispatched to the scene, neutralized the chemicals and packaged them for disposal.

Chief Sharp said the chemicals are used in making and repairing guns, but it is unknown exactly what the chemicals were at this time. They are not illegal chemicals, he said.

The Haz-Mat Teams fee is $1,000 per hour per person. The team sent eight members to the house on Wednesday.

Ownership of the home is in dispute at this time. The home was recently foreclosed on by a bank.

The fees for the Haz-Mat team will have to be paid by someone, said Chief Sharp. If no one is found to pay, the teams fees come out of the Haz-Mat Superfund, which is paid into by taxpayers.

All emergency responders left the site at 3:30 a.m. Thursday. The Department of Environmental Quality sent out a contractor Thursday to finish cleaning up the site.