Bob Hagbom has received the endorsement of the Curry County Board of Realtors in his bid for reelection as mayor of Brookings.

Hagbom spoke to the realtors about the proposed Brookings Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) at their meeting last week.

Hagbom was also interviewed by the Realtors and answered a battery of question prior to the boards decision to support his candidacy.

In his speech about the Urban Growth Boundaries, Hagbom told the realtors the opposition has stated that approval will cost property owners $150 million.

He explained that developers are required to pay the development costs of infrastructure and home owners are charged for system development to new homes. Those costs are not born by current home owners.

Those are just scare tactics, he said. The intent, as far as the city council is concerned, is to continue to have developers and home builders pay those costs.

It is better to have controlled growth rather than uncontrolled growth, and that the city is required to make projections for 20 years growth, Hagbom said.

He urged the realtors to attend the Nov. 8 Urban Growth Boundary remand meeting at the Best Western Brookings Inn Conference Center.

In other business, the Curry County Board of Realtor selected officers for the coming year.

Board officers elected Thursday were, J.B.White to another term as president, Sharon Huff as president elect, and Becky Watwood as secretary.

The treasurers position is still unfilled. White said the board may appoint a treasurer.

The annual board installation dinner and Christmas party is scheduled for Dec. 9.

The meeting concluded with a continuing education program, Understanding Mortgages, Trust Deeds and Contracts.