Children from Great Beginning Preschool endured a winding ride up Mountain Drive to meet pigs Monday morning.

The 2-month-old oinkers, owned by Chuck and Tracy Gage, got a little coaxing to greet the pupils from Courtney Gage, 19 months.

Courtney, who appeared to have no fear of the pigs, joined them in their shed, giving them encouragement to head outside.

Once the pigs were out in the sunshine, the preschoolers visited them in groups of two and three.

The pigs were brought home in dog carriers, but theyre bigger now, Tracy told the children.

Four were in one and five in the other, she said.

The pink ones, Yorkshires, are brothers and sisters and the black and white ones, Hampshires, are siblings, Tracy said.

The children shared scraps of vegetables with the pigs, while Chuck gave them chunks of watermelon.

On the Gage familys deck the preschoolers looked down a hill at the chicken coop.

While viewing the poultry the children discovered chairs made from old tractor seats mounted on large rusty springs.

The chairs seemed to be regarded as an amusement park ride by several of the students.